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[SHOT 2021] New N-Vision Optics HALO-X Thermal Sight

by Eric B in The Firearm Blog at 17:00, Thursday, 21 January

Recently TFB broke the news about the Nox Thermal Monocular from N-Vision Optics, and since it’s that time of the year again there’s more to be revealed. The3 models of their new HALO-X series thermal sights combine a BAE Systems sensor and the most demanded features like video recording and WiFi connectivity. The top model, HALOXRF, also […]

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A few SHOT Shows back I stumbled upon the DryFireMag and gave it a try at their booth. I liked it so much I went out and bought one for myself.  Back then it was only available for Glock pistols. Well, ...


The US Commission on Civil Rights contends they exist, but Commissioner Gail Heriot takes that apart.

"This report should not have been published in this form. When the results of an empirical study don't come out the way Commission members hoped and expected that they would, the right thing to do is usually to publish those results anyway. Why hide useful information?

Instead, the Commission sat on the report for years. Then it decided to discard the draft written by our staff and publish instead a transcript of the witness testimony received at our briefing that took place on October 17, 2014 in Orlando, Florida (along with Commissioner Statements like this one). In that way, the staff's empirical findings could be buried forever.
. . . . . .
Yes, it is true that a disproportionate number of those killed in Flor...

Two Sources

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 13:46, Thursday, 21 January

 The bullshit is coming so fast and furious out of the Biden administration, that I cant believe everything  I'm hearing.  Like John Brennan today,  said that the Biden intel pukes are coming after libertarians.

Here's the quote:

@JohnBrennan: Biden intel community “are moving in laser-like fashion to try to uncover as much as they can about” the pro-Trump “insurgency” that harbors “religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians”

PJMedia is reporting th same thing

So, here's the deal, Brennan.  I'm right here.  Really.  Anytime you want to talk, just come on by.  We'll have coffee, and I'll read the Constitution for you.  But, John, if you're looking for fascists, just read the definition out of the dictionary, then look in the mirror.

But, if you want to keep an eye o...

Biden's Hypocrisy

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 12:00, Thursday, 21 January

 I probably won't be able to point out ever single act of hypocrisy of our Creepy-in-Chief during the next four years.  (Of course, many don't think that he is going to be there for four years).

I learned as a new officer that I should never give an order that I was not willing to follow.  Set the example.  Lead from the front.

So, Creepy Joe signs an executive order mandating masks on federal property, and hours later we see this at the Lincoln Memoria.

Yep, no mask.  After ordering them for everyone.  As the troops might say, "What an asshole."


We see that corruption through an established Democrat political machine with reach far beyond local politics, one that had grown increasingly brazen in its confidence that it could get away with anything. That included stuffing ballot boxes with fraudulent votes, altering counts, intimidating, threatening, and assaulting opposition candidates and voters, and doing the same to poll watchers who tried to do their job. [More]

Sound familiar? Not just The Battle of Athens, but the in-your-face ...

Old Business

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 13:58, Thursday, 21 January

I just realized I neglected to post a link to my talk with Mark Walters LAST Thursday on Armed American Radio's Daily Defense. [Listen]

At least it gave me time to look up what I had written about Jennifer Mascia. If I'd know he was going to bring her up, I'd have remembered to refer to her as Meadow Soprano with Daddy issues.


Tech that rats you out

by Borepatch in Borepatch at 09:25, Thursday, 21 January

ASM826 is doing a great job on how the authorities use your cell phone location data to track you.  E.M. Smith wrote about burner phones (among other things; go read if you already haven't).  Here are some other personal technologies that collect all sorts of data on you.

Cell Phone apps, particularly Facebook and Google apps.  These companies are notorious about accessing all sorts of data that they really have no business grabbing (like location data).  Apple just changed the rules about what apps have to disclose about this to you.  Interestingly, Google hasn't updated their apps to do this, even after a month.  

Alexa, Google Home, and other voice-activated devices.  Don't ever let any of these into your house.  I mean, stop and think about it: they have to send all your voice recordings to the cloud for analysis.  How else will they know that you said "Alexa, am I a lazy bum?"  You have no control over what the...

Another Use For Cell Phone Proximity Data

by ASM826 in Borepatch at 08:03, Thursday, 21 January

 Let's say you are wealthy enough to purchase a property in a state that doesn't have state income tax. Then you establish residency in that state. Laws vary, but there has to be some rules about you living at that residence for enough of the year for you to claim that state as your primary home.

One set of rules is that, while you don't have to be there the majority of the year, you can't be somewhere else over half the year and still say that you live in the claimed, low tax, state.

If you come under investigation, your cell phone can be used to rat you out. If you are claiming Texas as your state of residence and your phone location data shows that you were in California for seven or eight months out of the year, you will find yourself in a difficult spot with both federal and state tax authorities.

 As Xiden's motorcade goes past, many National Guardsmen turned their backs to him.

Were they looking out towards potential threats?  There is no one that direction, and some are not even close to the curb.

Acting DHS Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli told Fox News’s “The Story with Martha MacCallum” on Tuesday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi requested more National Guards be sent to Washington, D.C., even requesting “crew-manned machine guns” – a sharp contrast between how she reacted when President Donald Trump wanted to use the military to deal with the violence from nationwide Black Lives Matter protests.

"Violence has no place and violence must be addressed," Pelosi told National Public Radio’s (NPR) “All Things Considered” in June 2020. "But there is no reason for the U.S. military to be called out for this."

because this kind of crap should not be tolerated.
One was a Twitter poll from November which stated: “ethical dilemma: if you have to grade a zionist students exam, do you still give them all their points even though they support your ethnic cleansing? like idk.” The two answer choices given where: “yes rasha. be a good ta” or “free palestine! fail them.”

Fox News Baltimore reports that “five days after the poll was posted, the teaching assistant tweeted further controversial commentary about students expressing pro-Israel sentiments. The tweets also mentioned several of the students’ races, and took aim at one specific Jewish student who had taken a Birthright trip to Israel.”
Now we'll find out if they have the guts to get rid of her, or if they'll do some weaselly coverup.

Yesterday I casually said it wasn’t even cold enough to freeze the chicken water, and then I went out into the cold wet wind to meet a propane guy at a neighbor’s place. Two hours later I lurched back into the Lair frozen to the bone and desperate to get the fire going again.

This morning…well, at least so far the wind hasn’t come up.

Other than that it’s doing the same thing. And it’s after nine in the morning and the fire’s still going, because we have no sun and no apparent hope of...

First moisture in like a month.

by Joel in The Ultimate Answer to Kings at 06:38, Tuesday, 19 January

Woke to high wind, which is probably when this wet white stuff dropped. The sky looks like it has cleared except for a high haze, won’t know for sure till the sun comes up. But it’s shirtsleeve weather in the Lair after less than an hour from the woodstove, and that hasn’t happened since maybe November. Outside temp never got below 30, if you can believe it.

Glad it happened this morning and not yest...

WHO (and CDC) Updates Testing Policy

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 08:00, Thursday, 21 January

 I notice that within an hour of the Biden Immaculation, that the WHO and CDC update it's Covid testing policy.  You can go read the whole thing, but basically what I got from it is that the tests are picking up a lot of false positives, and asymptomatic spread may not be as bi a threat as originally thought.

Timing is everything, even the timing of the end of the Trump presidency.

They aren't all in this picture, but I counted 17 turkeys.For those that don't recognize it, that's Psalm 118:24.

For me, on the first full day in New America, it's something to wrap my arms around and hang onto. They may have stolen the election and they may sit in the seats of power. They've already began reversing 4 years of progress. They'll do damage on a scale the we can't yet know.

Future generations will curse their names, i...

Sore Loser

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:39, Thursday, 21 January

McConnell, speaking from the Senate floor on Thursday, pointed to Biden's decision to rejoin the Paris climate agreement, cancel the Keystone oil pipeline and fire a Trump appointee as National Labor Relations Board general counsel. [More]

Says the guy who couldn't put enough distance between himself and the people trying to have extensive evidence of their claims fairly examined...

I'm sure Chuck Schumer will get right on it.

[Via Mack H]

The Company He Keeps

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:29, Thursday, 21 January

 He said the punishment was handed down by Archbishop Paul Gassios, who accused Hodges of being “guilty by association.” [More]

He should see some of the people Jesus associated with.

[Via Mack H]

Idiot Useful Again

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:17, Thursday, 21 January

Comey: 'Republican Party has to be burned to the ground' [More]

 We'll let you know what you can think and when you can think it.

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The Boy in the Bubble

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:10, Thursday, 21 January

 Chris Wallace: This was best inaugural address I've ever heard [More]

Don't get out much, do you, Chris?

At least he didn't say he got "chills." Or "thrills."

These people are every bit the provincials they accuse flyover "rustics" of being.

[Via Mack H]

Democrats led by President Biden have launched a war on domestic terrorism to “essentially criminalize any oppositional ideology to the ruling class,” investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald argued Wednesday [More]

Ah, the old Lavrentiy Beria trick. And they fell for it.

If they're going to make you an outlaw, be the very best outlaw you can be.


The Shirt Off Their Backs

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:33, Thursday, 21 January

 The new era in policing is here. No need for the police when you have SWAT - Social Workers And Therapists - to handle today's most challenging societal and violence issues. [More]

If there's a better way to convince a gangbanger that guns are not the answer, or a meth head to pull the knife out of his domestic partner and put it down, I'd like to hear it.

How's cotton on bloodstains though?

[Via DDS]

 Bowling alleys, roller rinks suing Michigan governor over lockdown restrictions [More]

What kind of greedy, disloyal Nazi would put his own selfish economic survival interests above total Democrat control?

Think Clausewitz!

[Via Michael G]

 Professor: The term ‘Nazi’ is ‘not strong enough’ to describe Trump supporters [More]

She farts in our general direction!

Such esteem from our friends across the ideology certainly inspires me to turn in my "assault weapons" when they ban them!

I say we encourage the crazy.

[Via Michael G]

Charge That Man with Treason!

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:08, Thursday, 21 January

 Sen. Ted Cruz Wears ‘Come and Take It’ Mask to Biden’s Inauguration [More]

What a "traitor"!

The Question of Our Time

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:49, Thursday, 21 January

 The Question CNN Never Asks Normal People: Why Do Americans Hate the Media? [More]


[Via bondmen]

The Enemies List

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:38, Thursday, 21 January

 Biden intel community “are moving in laser-like fashion to try to uncover as much as they can about” the pro-Trump “insurgency” that harbors “religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians” [More]

I love the smell of unity and healing in the morning...

[Via bondmen]

Watching Their Six

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:34, Thursday, 21 January

 HERE’S THE VIDEO — Did these National Guard troops turn their backs on Biden motorcade… [More]

Like one commenter noted, I can't tell the context of this at all, so who knows?

If they did, you can be sure they'll hear about it.

[Via bondmen]

Chinese New Year

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:27, Thursday, 21 January

Out with the old:

Meanwhile, over the weekend, Ratcliffe issued a letter to Congress explaining that the CIA, under Haspel, had also worked to cover up Chinese interference in the 2020 election.

[Via Jess]

In with the new:

Beijing Biden Appoints CIA Director With A 7-Year-Long Relationship with Chinese Communist Party

[Via ...

Burn, Baby, Burn!

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 08:48, Thursday, 21 January

 Antifa in Portland, Ore., continued to protest on Wednesday, taking aim at the Democratic Party of Oregon headquarters. Windows and doors were smashed, the building vandalized with graffiti that reads "F*ck Biden." [More]

You can do better than that, comrades. Come on, all us "right-wing extremists" are counting on you.

What "better" way of exposing the utter inability of "progressives" to govern not just the country, but leftist factions, and for all to see? There's no denying this will force many innocents to pay a terrible price, and that's a brutally efficient way for them to lose public support. And we know what Clausewitz said about that.

[Via ...

Speaking of Enemy Combatants...

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 08:26, Thursday, 21 January

 Failed Dem candidate and former Gitmo Prosecutor: “there’s far more evidence of Congressman Madison Cawthorn’s guilt than there was of guilt for 95+ percent of the detainees” [More]

So when do we put Mo Davis on trial for war crimes for his part in the kidnapping and persecution of what he admits are overwhelmingly innocent men?

[Via Michael G]

All the News That's Fit to Allow

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 08:08, Thursday, 21 January

 The Purge Continues: Twitter Suspends Michelle Malkin, Gateway Pundit And A Right Wing Broadcast Service [More]

What do we even need them for, when the DSM provides us with everything we're supposed to see and hear?

[Via Mack H]

Forget the Alamo!

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:55, Thursday, 21 January

Texas State Historical Assn’s Chief Historian Says the Alamo Was an ‘Insignificant’ Battle and Represents ‘Whiteness.’ What Do Texas History Experts and the Facts Say? [More]

If it's good enough for George P. Bush it's good enough for me! No?

Hey, when are we going to trivialize and dismiss the Revolutionary War as the Battle of the Racists?

[Via Mack H]

[SHOT 2021] Reserve Series O/U Shotguns from Mossberg

by Eric B in The Firearm Blog at 11:00, Thursday, 21 January


[SHOT 2021] New Shadow Systems DR920 Full Sized Pistol

by Eric B in The Firearm Blog at 10:00, Thursday, 21 January

Shadow Systems have released a new full sized pistol called the DR920. It is available in either Combat or Elite models, with the difference being in the slide features. One interesting feature is that it works with Glock G17 holsters and magazines. There is an option to mount most major brands of Red Dot sights directly to the […]

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[SHOT 2021] Browning X-POINT DEFENSE Handgun Ammunition

by Hrachya H in The Firearm Blog at 08:00, Thursday, 21 January

[SHOT 2021] Browning X-POINT DEFENSE Handgun Ammunition (1)For 2021, Browning Ammunition has a new personal defense handgun ammunition line dubbed X-Point Defense. This ammo is offered in the most popular pistol calibers – .380 Auto, 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 Auto and 10mm Auto. Let’s take a closer look. The X in the bullets of these cartridges is metallic, an extension of the […]


Internet Censorship has gone TOO FAR

by Weerd Beard in Weer'd World at 11:35, Thursday, 21 January

So one thing I’m VERY upset with modern politics is there appears to be a cabal of wealthy powerful people, mostly men, who can sexually assault people, especially minor children without question.
Is this the Q-Anon some people are talking about? I don’t know.
What I do know is that people KNEW Harvey Weinstein was a sexual Predator for DECADES, and only recently did people take any action. Bill Clinton had several allegations of rape before he even took office, and based on my understanding of modern Consent (that were being formed in the days when Clinton was President) his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinski was non-consensual. Kevin Spacey was known for years to be a pedophile, and only recently has that been discussed openly.
Of course we have Jeffery Epstein who was only a name you heard about in far-right-wing channels until he became national news. It was well-known he was a pedophile, and he had even been charged, convicted, and “Sentenced” for it. Of course the Sentence was served at his home with minimal supervision. It was also well-known he wasn’t just a predator, but a pimp of under-age girls (and al...


Southern states are not Red States. They are suppressed states. Which means the only way we are going to heal is through the actual liberation of southern states, the actual liberation of the poor, the actual liberation of working people, from economic, social, and racial oppression.

That’s the only way.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
January 13, 2021
[It appears she mistakes (giving her the benefit of doubt as to being stupid rather than evil) seeing people is a state of relative freedom as having that freedom forced upon them rather than having the comfort of a nanny state. And hence, they need to be liberated from that freedom.

George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four was supposed to be a warning about an impending dystopia instead of an instruction manual:


Tribal Media

by Tam in View From The Porch at 06:35, Thursday, 21 January

Nothing says "well-adjusted"...or is more emblematic of Twitter in general...than jumping into a debate between two total strangers (one that fizzled out four days ago at that) with a bunch of vitriol, straw-manning, and snarl words.

— Tamara K. (@TamSlick) January 21, 2021

Street Machine?

by Tam in View From The Porch at 05:02, Thursday, 21 January

The cool kid street photography cameras all seem to be super compact things with APS-C sensors (big for a pocket camera; the same as in DSLR's) and fixed wide-ish angle lenses in the 28-35mm range. This guy is using a Nikon Coolpix A, this dude used a Ricoh GR II, and this cat's a fan of Fuji's X100 series.

Thing is, those are all pretty spendy entrance ramps into a type of photography I don't know if I'm any good at or not. A used Coolpix A is gonna be at least $400 and the Ricoh GR series or one of the various Fuji X100 variants is going to be at least half again that for a tatty older one. They do tickle the wantsies but...a fixed lens?

Luckily I can simulate this with gear I have on hand! The original Canon EOS M body (available used for less than two bills) is small and smooth like a bar of soap and easily goes in a coat pocket while wearing Canon's well-regarded 22mm f/2 EF-M pancake,...

A recent report looks to see if laws restricting the right to keep and bear arms might have effects on homicides and suicides not caused by guns. They found no increase or decrease in non-gun homicides associated with changes in gun related homicides, and the data regarding suicides were too sparse to be useful. Their […]

a Farewell to Facebook

by correia45 in Monster Hunter Nation at 07:19, Thursday, 21 January

I wrote this a few days ago on FB, because I’m out. 🙂

I’m paring down my FB presence. For the last week I’ve only been on for a brief time each day. I’ll be taking that down even further. I’ll be posting links when I blog for the people who stick around. There’s a few groups I use here that I can’t get the equivalent resource anywhere else yet (but I’m currently banned from posting in all groups anyway). And that’s about it. Basically, I’m done being a content creator for those censorious pieces of shit.

Guys like me write stuff which gets shared hundreds of times and gets thousands of people commenting/participating. FB uses that free content to keep people corralled here so they can mine your data. And then when us content creators get uppity, they fuck us over with impunity while their ideological allies get a pass. But then we come crawling back again and again, like abused trailer park wives, because we don’t want to abandon the kids (as in the communiti...

Curtis Yavin on the Cathedral (And its Cure)

by JDZ in Never Yet Melted at 06:31, Thursday, 21 January

Curtis Yarvin (from his peculiar personal perspective in the hyper-intellectual Alt-Right) explains why our elite institutions (which he aptly calls “the Cathedral”) are currently so truly, horribly awful, and hints darkly at what must be done to effectuate reform. Not a terribly practical program, alas! but still a fun read.

An oligarchy inherently converges on ideas that justify the use of power.

I notice more people using this label, which I coined a long long time ago, and have always had ambivalent aesthetic feelings about. I used a capital C, but I see more of the miniscule and I think it’s better.

“The cathedral” is just a short way to say “journalism plus academia”—in other words, the intellectual institutions...

 On January 8 I wrote a post about how was magically going to get rid of the pandemic by looking at PCR tests and the cycles needed to get to a positive result since the inflated rates have done their work.

I didn't expect it to happen on Day 1 of the turnover in DC and I didn't expect it to be the WHO leading the way (since they, along with the CDC and Fauci can be considered to be one entity subject to the whims of the CCP, it kind of makes sense).  As a side note, the new guidance was written and ready to go on January 13, 2021--makes the timing of the official release even more suspect.......

They are now saying that the Information For Use (acronym IFU, oddly apropos) should be looked at closely since the PCR test is only one of several things that should be considered before tagging a positive result.  You know, like...

Pray for Joe

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 05:06, Thursday, 21 January

 As Christians, it is our duty to pray for our leaders.  I don't necessarily consider Joe Biden a leader; that term means something to people who have actually led other people.  Joe is more like a government functionary, but that's not the point.

In 1 Timothy 2:1-4 we learn:

First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.

I will pray for Joe Biden, so that I might lead a quiet life, Godly and dignified in every way. Others have noted, as have I, that his vice president is waiting in the wings, probably pulling the strings, but also knowing that her path to power lies through Joe.  It is in our best interests that Joe remain healthy, and marginally sane, so that we will not be  imperiled by a Harris presidency.

I'm sure that dr. Jill is pumping him with vitamins and suppleme...

Comment to Clayton Cramer

by Sailorcurt in Captain of a Crew of One at 05:47, Thursday, 21 January

This is in response to Clayton Cramer’s blog post

The comments on this article over at Volokh Conspiracy demonstrate that we are past any realistic civility…There will be a divorce soon, and I doubt it will be amicable.

I was going to leave this as a comment but his blog is hosted (at least until he’s deplatformed) at blogspot…a google owned entity…and a google account is required to comment. I avoid google like the plague so I wasn’t able to comment there.

Maybe he’ll get a trackback from this and see it here…I don’t know:

I realized that over Thanksgiving. Had dinner with my son and his wife. They were both raised in Christian conservative households but then both families committed child abuse by allowing our kids to attend public Universities. Yes, there are things in life that I regret.

They both graduated not with an education, but with a re-e...

Conscientious Car Thief?

by Sailorcurt in Captain of a Crew of One at 05:00, Thursday, 21 January

I have to say that I agree with the car thief:

Crystal Leary told them she had gone into the store to quickly grab a couple of items and left her 4-year-old son in the car with the engine running.

While she was inside, a man got into the car and drove off with the boy inside.

Leary says the suspect then drove back to the store and yelled at her, threatening to call the police because she left her son in the car. He ordered her to get the boy out of the car then drove off again.

It’s stupid enough to leave your car unlocked. Even more stupid to leave the keys in the ignition with or without the engine running…but if that turns out badly, you’re just losing property.

To do that with your kid in the back is flat out child neglect. And I’d bet this wasn’t anywhere near the first time either. The odds of her leaving the kid in the car with the engine running for the first time ever coinciding with the relatively rare event of having the car st...

How soon they forget – Germany 2021

by TPOL Nathan in The Price of Liberty at 04:58, Thursday, 21 January

Quarantine is a fairly simple and basic medical technique. When someone has an transmittable/infectious disease, you isolate them to prevent them from spreading that disease. It can be applied to someone suspected of having such a disease. It is a very old method, dating back to at least 1617. Pretty clear, eh?

At least until 2020, and now, this year. Now it is apparently a word of vastly-expanded definitions. Among those are confining someone who might have (or doesn’t have) an infectious disease, to prevent them from getting the disease. And shutting down “non-essential” locales, venues and activities in which some people MIGHT transmit or catch a disease from someone else.

With this expanded meaning, “quarantine” for the CCP virus (COVID-19) is an excuse for virtually anything that some one – especially a political or social media mob – things might prevent 99.8 percent of us from getting a respiratory disease. (Which may or may not be serious.) And killing 0.2 percent of the people who get that disease. (That is 1 person in 500 who die WITH or BECAUSE of the coronavirus disease...

No Good Options

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:43, Thursday, 21 January

 Cuomo says New York will have to raise taxes if it doesn't get $15B from federal government [More]

My initial reaction is to ask Tommy Lee about draining New Yorkers even more.

On further consideration, I wonder if it might not be better to keep Democrats from migrating to Red States and fouling the nests there.

[Via Michael G]

The Commission Vanishes

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:35, Thursday, 21 January

 Minutes after Biden took office, the Report of President Trump’s 1776 Commission ... was taken off the White House website.  I am told a Biden Executive Order has abolished the 1776 Commission already. [More]

Gee, why would he do that?

Can we at least get a paean to the 1619 Project in its place?

[Via Michael G]

Liz Cheney undertook a stunning act of political courage last week. [More]

What, pleasing the door-openers to bigger things?

National Review, home of The French Mistake... 


Wyoming state Sen. Anthony Bouchard has announced he will be running against Rep. Liz Cheney in the 2022 Republican primary. [More]


Nuclear Countdown

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:13, Thursday, 21 January

 Democrats poised to rebuff McConnell's filibuster demands [More]

And so it begins

Why did Amazon wait until Biden’s inauguration to offer help with vaccine distribution? [More]

Yul is at a loss...

Under the Influence

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:01, Thursday, 21 January

It's almost like "conservative" Matt Drudge is part of a greater agenda or something...


by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 06:53, Thursday, 21 January

 I hear nervous misgivings from my fellow citizens of Wokeania. I hear concerned whispers about the vicious attacks on trans rights heretics like J.K. Rowling. I hear cautious bitching about the hypocrisy of fashion influencers who scream for the removal of statues of long-dead slavers while accepting large sums to appear in ads for fashion brands that rely on modern-day slavery to stitch their clothes. But very few of them are willing to speak out against this phoniness. I get it. You’re scared of the online abuse, you’re scared of work mysteriously drying up if you have the wrong opinions, but above of all, you are scared of being unpopular. Well, now you have Wokeyleaks. [More]

From the group that still has outrage meltdowns about exposing Hollywood communists in the 50s...

[Via ...

Q&A: Silencers with Kevin Brittingham of AAC & Q

by Ian McCollum in Forgotten Weapons at 05:27, Thursday, 21 January

I am excited to have the opportunity to talk suppressors today with Kevin Brittingham. He has been working with them for more than 25 years, over that time founded Advanced Armament, sold it to Remington, and then founded his current company, Q. He was responsible for the commercial popularity of the .300 Blackout cartridge and his Honey Badger was adopted by various Special Forces units to replace the MP5SD – and that is only a small part of his contribution to the world of silencers. My visit with Kevin was prompted by a book project we are starting about the history of military silencers, which I am very excited about – but we will make a formal announcement of that later on in the process. For now, let’s answer some of your questions about silencers!

01:59 – Why are suppressors included in the NFA?
02:39 – How will additive manufac...

News You Can Use

by Sebastian in Shall Not Be Questioned at 07:49, Thursday, 21 January

Getting off of big tech e-mail. I set up my club as a G-suite customer when Google was a good bit less evil than it is now. While I’ve integrated a lot of our processes in with it, but I wasn’t so foolish as to strongly couple things. Switching wouldn’t be a breeze, but I could do it.

But I do have to admit that Google is very good at doing e-mail. The primary issue with e-mail is spam filtering. Without effective spam filtering, e-mail these days is useless.

I could use Office365 for most everything else. Hell, I could use Outlook 365 with exchange. If you had told me Microsoft would be the less evil tech behemoth 20 years ago, I wouldn’t have believed you. But here we are.

I can easily integrate with anything that does Active Directory. Distribution lists are done in AD with PowerShell, then synced to Google. I can easily just sync to something else. So I may look into that. I’d love to be off Google. Hell, I’d like to be on our own systems, really.

Even though my career is now all about the cloud, I don’t a...

[SHOT 2021] SIG P320MAX Pistol

by Rusty S. in The Firearm Blog at 07:00, Thursday, 21 January

Sig P320MAX Image Credit: Sig SauerTaking Striker Fired Sigs to the Max New from SIG Sauer Inc. this year is the SIG P320MAX. Replete with his logo on the side, this pistol seems to be the evolution of what Team Sig Captain, Top-Tier pistolero and US Army Veteran Max Michel has come up with. Based off the P320 X-Five Legion, […]

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[TFB GUNFEST] Dead Air Nomad-LTi and Xeno Mounting System

by James Reeves in The Firearm Blog at 07:00, Thursday, 21 January

In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves interviews Dead Air’s Field Marshal, Mike Pappas, about Dead Air’s new Nomad-LT (or Nomad-LTi) titanium suppressor, as well as the new Xeno mounting system from Dead Air. From Silencer Shop’s spec sheets: Exclusive to Silencer Shop, the Nomad-LT is Dead Air’s ultra-quiet and incredibly lightweight 30cal rifle suppressor. […]

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[SHOT 2021] Stoeger Condor With Synthetic Stock Now Available

by Matthew Moss in The Firearm Blog at 06:00, Thursday, 21 January

This year’s SHOT Show may be a little different, ok that’s an understatement but as usual, there’s a healthy range of new shotguns being released. Maryland-based Stoeger have announced the addition of a synthetic stocked version of their Condor over/under. The new synthetic Stoeger Condor comes in at $349 (MSRP) making it an interesting option for […]

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 Just my annual physical.  But me and my primary care physician are gonna have words.

I took the day off work yesterday, too, because the pain in my back and thus legs and feet was so bad I didn't sleep well.

I don't like how this treatment is going.  "Let's try this, if that doesn't work, this, and then... I'm out of ideas" is the universal refrain from all these medicos.  

I just want to regain the the physical capabilities and activities of an average 65 year old.  I am 51.

"I bet you got the originators of your problems in the Navy.  You should totally go to the VA."

HELL no.  Too few strories start with "well I went to the VA" and end with "and thus had a happy outcome."  

Pill pusher and back steroid injector re-consult next week.  Neck surgeon follow up the week after.

Free Books- Part 220

by Greg Ellifritz in Active Response Training at 03:42, Thursday, 21 January

Amazon has a tremendous number of FREE ebooks on their website.  You can find thousands of free kindle books on Amazon’s site every day.  These books can be downloaded to a Kindle reader or a free App on your phone or personal computer.  Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can download a free Kindle reader for your computer or phone HERE.  


Here are a few free books that I think my readers might enjoy. Check these out.


One caution….


These books were free at the time I posted them. Prices change rapidly. Please check the price before you hit the“buy” button!


If you cannot see any of the links below, there is likely a setting in either your internet browser or ad blocking software that prohibits “live links.”  If you see a blank page below, check those settings.  I promise you that there are book links actually listed directly below.



Meet Syren Pro-Staffer Megan Watts, aka the “Waterfowl Queen,” on Instagram. We ran a feature on her a while back, but we thought you’d like to hear about why she’s named herself the queen of the waterfowl hunters’ world. 

Syren Shotguns for women, the goal of Syren is to provide products that are designed exclusively for Women. No more compromises.

Sponsored by Syren USA

The WON: You say you’ve been hunting since you were 7. How’d you get started and why?

Megan Watts: I had the fascination for hunting when my dad would come home with a...


Preparedness Notes for Thursday — January 21, 2021

by James Wesley Rawles in at 23:04, Wednesday, 20 January

On this day in 1968, the siege of Khe Sanh began, as NVA regulars surrounded the USMC hilltop airfield near the Laotian border. Fearing a repeat of the French Army’s 1953 Dien Bien Phu debacle, the Pentagon assigned maximum round-the-clock air power to the region, including B-52 bomber strikes, to break the siege. According to the Infogalatic wiki this was “‘the most concentrated application of aerial firepower in the history of warfare’. On an average day 350 tactical fighter-bombers, 60 B-52s, and 30 light observation or reconnaissance aircraft operated in the skies near Khe Sanh.” More than 100,000 tons of …

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Ontario RAT 1 Knife and AccuSharp Diamond PRO Sharpener, by The Novice

by SurvivalBlog Contributor in at 23:03, Wednesday, 20 January

The story is told of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. The bravest and truest of the knights would ride out betimes in quest of the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail was the cup that Jesus drank from at the Last Supper. They imagined it to be a golden chalice studded with jewels. In my version of the story, the Holy Grail was actually something quite different. It was part of an unmatched set of crude earthenware dishes. The disciples had borrowed the dishes from the owner of the upper room in order to set the table …

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The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods

by James Wesley Rawles in at 23:02, Wednesday, 20 January

SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats, and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at the changing of the guard in the District of Criminals (DC). There, on Wednesday, we witnessed the expected thunderous applause of the Democrats. Social Media Bans Threaten Free Speech For …

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The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

by James Wesley Rawles in at 23:01, Wednesday, 20 January

“The worst evils which mankind has ever had to endure were inflicted by bad governments.” – Ludwig von Mises

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Rich Graham with some sound advice:

When I hit play on the video I was crossing my fingers he was going to touch on this… and oh did he ever haha.  Demonstration and all!

The multicam pants with the burnt orange puffer + the olive beanie is a real look he’s serving.  I’m not mad at it.


EDC 5 Hour Energy Potion

by ENDO-Mike in Everyday No Days Off – Gun Blog at 00:00, Thursday, 21 January

This sheepdog really did it:

Wednesday, 20 January


I Despair For My Country

by Clayton Cramer in Clayton Cramer. at 21:17, Wednesday, 20 January

The comments on this article over at Volokh Conspiracy demonstrate that we are past any realistic civility.   There are two separate universes going on in America.   That educated people still imagine Fascism and National Socialism as just more extreme forms of conservatism shows how ignorant even the elites ate about 20th century history and their political opponents in America.   There will be a divorce soon, and I doubt it will be amicable.


Make Straight the Highway

by markfirearmslawyernet in The Law Office of Mark Knapp at 15:18, Wednesday, 20 January

The power of government to move armies also requires the power to maintain roads through the desert. Travel through the regions referenced in the Old and New Testaments depended on straight paths that were made crooked by shifting sand and mountainous terrain. Thus, it took many laborers to carve out the roads and keep them clear. Today the Palestinian controlled enclave of Gaza blocks travel from Israel to Egypt.

New Timney Triggers for Glock Pistols

by Recoil Staff in Recoil at 15:38, Wednesday, 20 January

timney triggers alpha trigger for glock cover

[SHOT 2021] Stoeger Snow Goose Hi Cap Shotgun

by Rusty S. in The Firearm Blog at 17:00, Wednesday, 20 January

Stoeger Snow Goose M3500Stoeger snow goose: a 10 round winter optimized hunting shotgun New for 2021 from Stoeger is a special winter optimized hunting shotgun with an eye towards snow geese hunting.  With the addition of their 10 round magazine tube from their M3K 3Gun Freedom series model, plus other loading and operation features optimized for heavy gloved […]

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[SHOT 2021] SOG Specialty Knives & Tools New Releases

by Giorgio O in The Firearm Blog at 16:00, Wednesday, 20 January

As usual, in this very unusual SHOT Show, we are seeing not only new firearms being revealed, but also quite a few other tools and accessories. Here we take a brief look at the 2021 releases from the American knife brand SOG. Terminus XR LTE 30% lighter than a standard Terminus XR, the Light Edition […]

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Last week I ordered 5 boxes of Hornady .454 round balls from Track of the Wolf. I got my order today, but only 1 box, with the rest cancelled, with a note that they cannot backorder balls.

So I checked out Midway. Hornady .454s are gone, no backorder. They did have Speer in stock so I ordered 10 boxes at $9.99 each.

That should keep me set for a while. I have a Lee .454 ball mold but it's either oversize or the alloy I used last time has some tin in it, because the balls dropped at .456 - .457. That's OK for my Ruger Old Army but unnecessarily hard to load in my Remingtons and Rogers & Spencer.

The online sources for black powder that I've checked have been depleted. I still have a decent supply from a bulk order from several years back.

Percussion caps have also been difficult to buy in the past couple of months. I was able to get a 2,500 count box of RWS #107+ caps last week from Midway, so I'm set for a while. Midway is now out of stock for all caps.

I'm still waiting to receive the percussion cap maker that I ordered at the start of the month from

From Wokeyleaks

by Clayton Cramer in Clayton Cramer. at 12:43, Wednesday, 20 January

A disillusioned SJW exposing their dishonesty:

It’s all PR with no action. When you walk into the lobby of Netflix’s headquarters in LA, you are greeted by a huge megaphone prop with the words ‘Stay Woke’ spray painted across it — this from a company that edits its content at the request of the Saudi Arabian regime

 You didn't need 3 National Guard, much less 30,000.  Pure theater, and telegraphed as same.  

The streets remain quiet between the Capitol and the White House as WTOP reporters @KenDuffyNews @aletweetsnews and @brett_snyder_ continue coverage of the Inauguration

— WTOP (@WTOP) January 20, 2021

"Maybe it's because of the weather?"

The weather has been GORGEOUS.

C'mon, Joe

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 13:18, Wednesday, 20 January

 I didn't listen to Creepy Joe's speech today, I had important things o do.  Whatever I might be doing, clipping my nails, taking a nap, is ore important than listening to Joe Biden.  But, I did read the transcript.

And, one piece of complete and utter bullshit caught my eye.

A cry of survival comes from the planet itself, a cry that can’t be any more desperate or any more clear.

The metaphor doesn't work, Joe, not on any level.  The planet doesn't care about you , or me, or anyone else.  All we are in the final analysis is protein to feed the worms.   This planet looks upon us with supreme indifference and starts trying to kill us from the moment we're born.  The planet is not desperate, nor does it tell us what is going to happen next.  The only thing that mankind can look forward to with any certainty is extinction.

Don't feed me your bullshit, Joe.  It's not presidential.

What can come next? (A Baker’s Dozen ™)

by TPOL Nathan in The Price of Liberty at 11:01, Wednesday, 20 January

With the inauguration of Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris, the apocalypse press is coming on strong. We admit that The Price of Liberty has done our share of dire predictions and concerns. But if it were a contest, TPOL has clearly lost time and again. Here are a few predictions seen just in the past few days.

Read this list, but remember to be courageous, value liberty (your own and others’), recognize that this too shall pass, and never give up!

Intentionally unattributed:

  1. The end of cash in the US (and the world?) to further control the economy and increase the power of the megabanks, thus impoverishing millions more Americans and paying back the megabankers for their support against Trump.
  2. Hyperinflation (courtesy of the $1.9 trillion “COVID relief” bill and whatever Biden-Harris come up with and Congress gleefully passes, thus destroying the US Dollar and toppling it from its status as the world reserve capital.
  3. Negative interest rates to more rapidly deplete our bank accounts – together with the inflation of course.
  4. Sweeping the radio waves and the internet ...

 On Inauguration Day Maricopa County Officials Finally Agree to Audit of Voting Equipment from 2020 Election [More]

Must've gotten the "All Clear"...

[Via Mack H]

Watts She Trying to Hide?

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:40, Wednesday, 20 January

Watts donated a few times this election cycle (2019-2020), and during it used 3 different addresses to do so. Two were home addresses in different states (one from a home she’s no longer at), and another was a business address that is no longer in use by Watts, which was actually associated with her husband and his consulting firm. [More]

Gee. Usually, she's so straightforward...

[Via Michael G]

As a General Rule

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:31, Wednesday, 20 January

 Retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey on Fears of Insider Attack on Biden Inaugural: “I’d be Worried About Gun-Carrying Republican Congressmen Being Near the President” [More]

You know who else was "a highly decorated hero"?

[Via Jess]

Pretender to the Throne

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:24, Wednesday, 20 January

 Why I will not accept Joe Biden as president [More]

Watching his inaugural speech, I couldn't help but juxtapose my recognition of cognitive dissonant happy talk and transparent gaslighting against the reactions of Democrats nodding in agreement -- as if what they were hearing was original, wise and profound. His insincere plea for unity with Republicans was actually an attack since he attributed the differences to our "systemic racism" and made it clear he's pressing forward and we're the ones who'll have to change. 

And the J-Lo preshow made me think of nothing so much as "Taco-flavored kisses for my Ben."

[Via ...

Ready for Your Close-Up, Ms. Harris?

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:59, Wednesday, 20 January

 Obviously, Politico got the memo. The election is over. Trump is out of office. Biden’s cognitive decline is no longer taboo. It can be discussed ad nauseam by the media now because getting Biden into office wasn’t the primary objective of getting him elected. [More]

I'm thinking of hosting some kind of pool...

[Via Michael G]

Latest from Spider & the Fly

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 12:33, Wednesday, 20 January

New Congress Has a Record Number of Democratic Socialists [More]

SMLE MkIII: The Iconic Smelly of World War One

by Ian McCollum in Forgotten Weapons at 13:11, Wednesday, 20 January

In 1907, the British adopted the final major pattern in the evolution of the Short, Magazine, Lee Enfield. Designated the ShtLE MkIII (Short Lee Enfield) at the time, it would be retroactively renamed Rifle No1 MkIII in the 1920s. This new design was simpler and more durable than its predecessors while actually improving the practical accuracy of the rifle. The rear sight protector wings were substantially strengthened, the front sight became a square post, the front sight protectors were opened up to allow more light in, and the rear sight windage adjustment was simplified – while retailing 1 MOA adjustment clicks and 25m elevation adjustments. A new bayonet was also adopted in 1907 for the MkIII. The previous 1903 pattern bayonet was deemed too short, and the British essentially copied the Japanese Type 30 Arisaka bayonet as its new Pattern 1907 – hooked quillion and all....

Federal Announces New Handgun Ammunition for 2021

by JulieG in Blog – Julie Golob at 13:59, Wednesday, 20 January


[SHOT 2021] Winchester SILVERTIP Centerfire Rifle and Rimfire Ammunition (1)Winchester is expanding their Silvertip defensive ammunition line, which used to be only a handgun ammunition brand, to also include centerfire rifle and rimfire categories. The company has released three Silvertip rifle cartridges (.223 Remington, .300 Blackout and .308 Winchester) and one Silvertip .22 LR load. Let’s take a look at the features and specs of […]



Overheard in Front of the TV...

by Tam in View From The Porch at 08:23, Wednesday, 20 January

RX: "Does the Vice President have their own theme music?"

Me: "Yeah, the 'Bucket of Warm Piss Fanfare'."


More of the joys of green energy

by Firehand in Irons in the Fire at 07:29, Wednesday, 20 January

Fast forward to today: The result of all the government meddling is becoming glaringly clear: the country now finds itself on the verge of blackouts due to grid instability, has the highest electricity prices in the world, relies more on imports and is not even close to meeting its emissions targets.

Germany’s rickety and moody power grid now threatens the entire European power grid stability, as we recently witnessed.

The need for “smoothing out” demand peaks

So what solution does Berlin propose today? You guessed it: more meddling and interference, more outlandish bureaucrat solutions. Included among them are shutting down the remaining baseload coal-fired and nuclear power plants, and relying even more on the power sources that got the country into its current mess in the first place.

And new are restrictions as to when power can be consumed by consumers and industry! Energy rationing and targeted blackouts.

Sounds great, right?  But wait!&...

Wow  this is acutally a really good article that points out the whole racist history of gun control with plenty of examples:  The Milford Act, Slavery, how Gun Control was used by the state to go after minorities, and that Gun Control was selectively enforced just to punish people the state didn't like

I mean when this is in the opening section: 

For starters, much of America's gun control today was precisely informed in response to Black activists arming themselves against white supremacists, like ...

Now it does get a bit... well part of what it says about the NRA's history and dumpsterfire is correct but the way it ends...


Climate Change Is Racist

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 07:35, Wednesday, 20 January

 According to Joe Biden's picks for climate change, climate change is racist.  Really.

A pair of top incoming White House environmental aides has blamed "systemic racism" as a driver of climate change in an attempt to justify a government-led economic overhaul.

 President-elect Joe Biden named progressive policy adviser Maggie Thomas as Office of Domestic Climate Policy chief of staff and climate advocate Cecilia Martinez as "senior director for environmental justice" on Thursday. Both Thomas and Martinez have cited racial inequality as perpetuating climate change, arguing that the Biden administration's environmental policy must be centered on "racial and economic justice."

This is complete and utter bullshit. 

Hallmarks of a Democratic Republic?

by Sailorcurt in Captain of a Crew of One at 07:14, Wednesday, 20 January

I’m just wondering: does this seem to anyone to be the kind of attitude you’d expect from a government who truly believes that they are in power by consent of the governed?

The bill – H.R.339 – seeks to “direct the Architect of the Capitol to design and install an appropriate fence around the perimeter of the United States Capitol, including the East Front and the West Front.”

Seems more to me like the actions of a totalitarian government who is trying to exert control over people whom they are deathly afraid may not cooperate or take kindly to being “ruled”.

Just sayin’

An Unsavory Character

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 12:17, Wednesday, 20 January

Lawyer who represented Trump fired by university [More]

That's John Eastman, a regular on GOP squish Hugh Hewitt's radio show, the point being, as "moderate Republicans refuse to admit, is that they are now the new "extremists," making those of us to the "right" of their positions terrorists.

[Via Michael G]

UPDATE-- Looks like The Federalist Society has caved to the national struggle session:
I think that the Federalist Society must take a stand to...

Go Ahead and Jump

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:34, Wednesday, 20 January

 They never seem to realize what they really hate is at the center of that hierarchy, and is themselves. [More]

Why else would they rage against self-defense?

The summer between high school and college I was a lifeguard at a state park beach. We were trained to pull drowning people out who were struggling in a way so that they could not drag us down with them.

That won't work here. And candidly, my incentive to try is shot.

[Via Michael G]

 WaPo Finally Admits Trump DIDN’T Incite Riot With Speech… ‘Planned In Advance’ [More]

Just not on the front page and above the fold...

[Via bondmen]

Thank Your Lucky Stars

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:03, Wednesday, 20 January

 F*** Trump, f*** his whole family, f*** anyone that chose to work with him and f*** every single Trump voter.  [More]

How'd you like to unify and heal with these psychotics?

[Via bondmen]

The Biden Plan for Guns in Action

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:57, Wednesday, 20 January

 At that point, they both started shooting at each other through the door. [More]

He should have had his wife ride shotgun from the balcony.

[Via bondmen]

The Newsraper of Record

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:52, Wednesday, 20 January

New York Times Conveniently Revises History on the 2020 Antifa/BLM-Led Riots [More]

Well, they do put the "D" in "DSM"...

[Via Michael G]

My Kind of Razzmatazz

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:52, Wednesday, 20 January

Chicago weekend gun violence leaves at least 23 shot, 6 killed across city [More]

How many of these disreputable characters are suspects?

Forget it, Jake. It's Chi-Town.

[Via bondmen]

 That’s right, I – a young woman who faces constant death threats – cannot own or possess a firearm for my own personal protection. My 2nd Amendment right has been BANNED. While I have NEVER been convicted of a felony, domestic violence, and I’ve never been adjudicated mentally unfit by a judge, my name was placed in the Federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) and I have been prohibited from ever owning or even touching a firearm. [More]

Not that it should make any difference for anyone who can be trusted without a custodian, but there's obviously more to this. Who "red-flagged" her, and what are the allegations, and might they have a motive other than public safety?

[Via ...

We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:15, Wednesday, 20 January

 WH source: The NRA, Turning Point USA & Patriot Guard Riders are three of many non-militia groups on the list CID / FBI are using to cross reference in vetting for potential "extremists" [More]

That's in addition to these earlier clear indicators of guilt:

I guess I'll forget about shaving for a while...

[Via ...

The Year is Young

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:29, Wednesday, 20 January


South Los Angeles Shooting Victims Surge 742 Percent in 2021 [More]


[Via ...

Bluff Called?

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:33, Wednesday, 20 January

 Richmond Officials, Police Backed Down on VCDL Lobby Day Temporary Gun-Free Zone Declaration [More]

We'll see.

I wouldn't expect on-scene arrests of an armed group. I'd expect one-on-one visits afterward based on video surveillance and statements of defiance for the media. As for the perceived vagueness of the "law," I guess it depends on how confident the Dems in power are about who will hear the cases.

Let's hope I'm reading this wrong.

[Via Mack H]

A Partisan Effort?

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:24, Wednesday, 20 January

 FBI RAIDS Even MORE GOP Lawmakers [More]

Be nice if we knew what for...

[Via Jess]

About That 'Unity and Healing'

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:24, Wednesday, 20 January

“This is what we need now more than ever: an army of citizen detectives. I’m proposing we form a citizen army. Our weapons will be computers and cellphones. We, who are monitoring extremists on the internet and reporting our findings to uthorities. Remember, before the Navy SEALs killed Osama bin Laden, he had to be found. He was found by a CIA analyst working on a computer thousands of miles away.” [More]

Any questions?

[Via Mack H]

Something Must Be Done!

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:18, Wednesday, 20 January

 “Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN-09) has even gone so far as to say that every White man in this country is a potential murderer, that every White man in America should be under suspicion — purely on the basis of being White and male — of planning a presidential assassination”... [More]

Well, then, how 'bout this: WHITE FLAG LAWS...?

 My Client Gets Arrested and Tased in Walmart for Open Carrying then Wins in Court [Watch]

Lost his job as a result and may lose his home...? I hope he ends up winning a fortune.

What is it about Walmart?

[Via Michael G]

Why So Serious?

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:13, Wednesday, 20 January

Biden is a serious man. [More]

Is this guy serious?

Then there's this:

The Founding Fathers were the most serious of men, and not merely because they were brave enough to risk the gallows.

So The Atlantic approves of citizens opposed to being disarmed firing on government troops?

Get serious.

Them vs. Us

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:11, Wednesday, 20 January

 Ken Cucinnelli: Anti-Gun Pelosi Ordered Crew-Served Automatic Weapons on Light Armored Vehicles for Inaugural [More]

Two sets of rules, you know...

It's almost like she doesn't really believe the election was legitimate or something...

I'm reminded of a ...

 Now he’s back behind bars and accused of murdering a 25-year old man who was out walking his dog. Davis and another unidentified suspect allegedly shot Milan Loncar in the chest, even after he cooperated with his assailants as they robbed him at gunpoint in the city’s Brewerytown neighborhood. [More]

I don't get it. Like the grabbers recommend, the victim didn't have a gun and even gave his attackers what they wanted.

I don't suppose there's room in the solution quest for some irrefutable truth...?

[Via Michael G]

Sidney Powell, the high-profile attorney who vowed to "release the Kraken" in a lawsuit alleging widespread fraud in Georgia resulting in a presidential victory for Joe Biden, has voluntarily dropped her legal action less than 24 hours before Biden's inauguration. [More

Convince me her purpose wasn't to disrupt, deceive, divert, discredit, and run out the clock.

As Steven Crowder says, change my mind.



Review: Freedom Ordnance FX-9

by Chad McBroom in Recoil at 10:47, Wednesday, 20 January


[TFB GUNFEST] ZASTAVA M70 With Modernized Furniture

by Doug E in The Firearm Blog at 10:00, Wednesday, 20 January

Zastava M70 AKMZastava Arms USA will have a new M70 AKM configuration coming around in late February 2021. Zastava USA brought their new rifle to TFB’s GunFest 2021 for us to get a good look. The modernized M70 will have numerous new features coming from the factory, such as a specially made muzzle brake, full length, M-LOK […]

Read More …

The post [TFB GUNFEST] ZASTAVA M70 With Modernized Furniture appeared f...

LMT Defense is bringing a civilian copy of the Estonian contract rifles to the US market for civilian purchase as the Estonian Reference Rifle. TFB first reported LMT’s selection by the Estonian military back in December 2018, the contract award was confirmed by LMT in May 2019 and the contract was officially signed in August […]

Read More …

The post [TFB GUNFEST] LMT’s Estonian Reference Rifle Available to US Civilians appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

[SHOT 2021] New Winchester DEFENDER Loads - .223 Rem, 12 Ga, 20 Ga and .350 LegendWinchester has expanded their Defender line of ammunition by introducing a new 5.56x45mm load, 20 and 12 gauge buckshot loads and by adding the .350 Legend cartridge to this defensive ammo family. Let’s take a quick look at each of the new Winchester Defender ammunition offerings. Winchester Defender .350 Legend Although it has always been marketed […]


Maxus II CamoSince prehistory, hunters have covered their bodies and faces in materials to camouflage themselves from their prey. When you’re putting food on the table, you want as many advantages as possible. Combining both of these ideas, Browning has introduced the 12 gauge Maxus II Camo, which comes in a variety of patterns and offers a number […]

Read More …

The post ...


Every Republican now calling for unity is like the abusive husband who beats the shit out of his wife for 4 years, and then, when he’s finally arrested, says, “Baby, if you don’t press charges we can make this work.”

Ellen Meister @EllenMeister
Tweeted on January 9, 2021
[And this, my psychology students, is called “Projection”.

It has been the Democrats who I have been hearing calling for unity.

These people are evil, incredibly ignorant, and/or have severe mental issues.

The Democrats abuse of President Trump over the last four years, and now Republicans in general has been absolutely legendary. And now they want “unity” as they ban dissent, cause Trump supporters to get fired, and deplatform websites that allow the allow free speech?

Good luck with that guys. You’re going to need it.

One measurement of how unified they have made our country are the 10s of thousands of troops in D.C. we have for the inauguration.—Joe]


by New Jovian Thunderbolt in New Jovian Thunderbolt at 03:30, Wednesday, 20 January

The T-Bolt side of the family.  My Father and my Father's Father, and so on.  They come from Germany.  Dairymen and Alpine herdsmen from Southern Bavaria, near Lake Constance.  

The first T-Bolt to come to this country in my line was Sylvester T-Bolt.  My grandfather's grandfather. He was recruited by German communities in upstate New York if emigrate because he knew how to make Limburger cheese and there was a want for that.  His older brother Peter came first.  

But his great Grandfather, John T-Bolt.  He was drafted into the Grand Armee, and he went to Moscow with the Emperor.  And got back.  Which is a feat in itself.

I sometimes wonder what his life was like on that long walk to and fro.  Well wonder no more.  

I had actually read that Tagebuch of a Napoleonic foot soldier, but it has been a while.  Let's see if Gutenberg has it for me. ...

Buh-Bye Kohls

by Midwest Chick in Non-Original Rants at 05:27, Wednesday, 20 January

 Well, the cancel culture is trying to take out the My Pillow guy.  Kohls, Wayfair, Bed, Bath and Beyond and others are cutting ties, mostly likely due to Mike Lindell's support of President Trump.

I was already torqued at Kohls when they were one of the first retailers to jump on the mask bandwagon.  The 'social distancing' measures they put into place in their stores was laughable.  Nothing says social distance like closing down one bank of registers and an entrance to force everyone to stand in line at one end of the store as well as enter and exit through one door.

So I'm done.  I closed my credit card and my shopping portal.  The nice Indian lady in Kohls' credit card outsource center helped me--nothing like outsourcing when folks are begging for jobs here in the US.

Mixing politics with pillows is just a dumb business move and I try not to do business with stupid when possible.

Nothing says virtue signal like forcing people to have a bad night's sleep.

Listening to Rush

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 06:26, Wednesday, 20 January

 I was listening to Rush Limbaugh yesterday, and in one of his sidebars, he talked about a fellow named Mark McKinnon.  I've never heard of him, but evidently he's a mover in Republican circles.  According to Rush, he was the media buyer for the George W Bush campaign.  Evidently he is a behind-the-scene guy 

Mr. McKinnon emailed Rush, and said, in part: " And the project I referred to only has to do with getting the facts out about what actually happened during the election, which, unfortunately, many on conservative media got wrong or distorted.”

So, there is a project in Republican circles to get out the truth about what actually happened during the election.   I'd be glad to see it.

End Of An Era

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 05:34, Wednesday, 20 January

 It wasn't long enough, but today ends the Trump presidency.

His accomplishments were legendary.  Too long to list here, but some are trying to get them all on paper.

I don't know if there was ever an American president so reviled by his critics.  The media detested him, the Democrats vilified him.  As far as I know, he never hurt anyone.

Three years of a booming economy, and one year of pandemic pandemonium.  By the time I eat lunch today, Joe Biden will be the president of the country.  I hope he can read the prompter long enough to repeat the oath of office.

Do I think Joe stole the election?  No, I think it was a perfect storm of pandemic pandemonium and a small number of places who didn't take election integrity seriously.  It may not have made enough difference to matter, but the idea that there was no fraud is patently ridiculous.  So, if we start off with the theme of patently ridiculous,  Joe Biden is the perfect person to install in the office.

I hope that Joe makes it throug...

The Storm is Upon Us

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 06:51, Wednesday, 20 January

Our next legislative session is about to begin and the people are forbidden from participating ... For all intents and purposes, Republicans in the Oregon legislature will have exactly no input into coming legislation. [More]

Get ready to see options at the federal level turn just as bleak.

Oathbreaking News

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 06:20, Wednesday, 20 January


He will take the oath of office on the West Front just before noon and deliver an inaugural address to the nation. [More]
First, he's got to show everyone how pious he is.

Ohio’s Changing Knife Laws

by Greg Ellifritz in Active Response Training at 03:36, Wednesday, 20 January

Written by: Greg Ellifritz


Ohio has some of the most vague and confusing knife laws in the country.  When I teach a knife class, I generally have to take more than 30 minutes to explain the intricacies of the legal requirements in the state.  Despite all that explanation, I still can’t guarantee to keep my students out of jail.  As it’s currently written, any object that could cause serious physical harm or death is illegal to carry concealed in Ohio.


I could stab you in the eye with a sharpened pencil.  That would likely cause “serious physical harm,”  meaning a person could theoretically be arrested for possessing a concealed pencil in my state.  It’s ridiculous.  There is absolutely no distinction between a lethal weapon and a small pocket knife in Ohio.  For more details read my article on Ohio’s knife laws.



In this episode of TFBTV‘s #GunFest2021 coverage, James Reeves talks with Ranko of Zastava Arms about Zastava’s new modular 7.62x39mm M70 as well as new .223 polymer magazines for the M85 and M90 Zastava AKs in .223. Clarification: The M85/M90 polymer magazines have a steel reinforced rear locking tab. The front locking tab is not […]

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Looking for a high-end thermal spotter or thermal binocular? Pulsar keep pushing out new models with higher specifications and those looking for top performance should now be on the lookout for the word “Pro Series“. Two new models join the line-up: the Accolade LRF XP50 Pro (thermal binoculars with Laser Range Finder) and the Helion 2 […]

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Gamer Who Flew Drones For The US Army

by ENDO-Mike in Everyday No Days Off – Gun Blog at 00:08, Wednesday, 20 January

I knew this wasn’t going to be “positive” since it’s a VICE video:

Tough jobs requiring tough decisions when you’re dealing with war.  I’ve seen similar pieces on drone operators, and it always surprises me that it’s almost like they initially assumed they would be exempt from PTSD since they’re not up close to the death and destruction.

I don’t like to get political on this blog (mainly because it’s not something I think a lot about), but I always find it interesting how democrats and Obama enthusiast-cheerleaders in general fully sweep the whole “King of drone strikes” title under the rug like it never happened.


How To Shoot Better… On Camera

by ENDO-Mike in Everyday No Days Off – Gun Blog at 00:00, Wednesday, 20 January

Looking cool is paramount:

1:53 – What plate carrier is that?  Is it some new high speed one all the operators use?  It looks fancy.  I can’t tell what that logo on the top of it is.  UPDATE: Never mind, got it. I turned on 4k and could read ...

Wander Woman – Kansas brought new clinics and events for women last year, and made incredible new friendships and connections during those workshops. One of the most memorable events from the year occurred with an all-ladies Sandhill crane hunt in Oklahoma.

Looking for outdoor adventures that you can experience with other women? If so, Wander Woman is for you. We get women out of the house and into the great outdoors.


Tuesday, 19 January


Telescope Focuser

by Clayton Cramer in Clayton Cramer. at 21:45, Tuesday, 19 January

I have mentioned my work on rebuilding Baby, a 3" f/4.5 Newtonian reflector I started making in the late 1980s, before I realized that I had a more important hobby: preventing fascism in America.  

I have slowly been rebuilding all mechanical aspects of it for several years (probably about one hour a week on average).  I am very proud of most of it. Once I had the mirror cell and diagonal spider properly rebuilt,  i discovered that the mirror that I ground,  polished, and figured to a paraboloid wad actually a pretty decent mirror!  

Of late I have replacing a cheap and crummy Edmunds rack and pinion eyepiece focuser.  I really did not need an enormous focal range, and the work of making a Crayford focuser seemed unreasonable.  So I machined a base of acetal,  then an aluminum focuser tube held in position by a set screw.   This is intrinsically not a precision way of getting a sharp image, so I have put a helical focuser in it.   The drawtube gives a coarse focus and the helical  focuser allows very precise focus.


Preparedness Notes for Wednesday — January 20, 2021

by James Wesley Rawles in at 23:04, Tuesday, 19 January

Today is the birthday of Congressman Richard Henry Lee (1732–1794) — On January 20, 1981, 52 American hostages were released by the Iranian government, following 444 days of captivity, to be reunited with their families. Not coincidentally, Ronald Reagan was sworn in as President, the same day. — SurvivalBlog Writing Contest Today we present another entry for Round 92 of the SurvivalBlog non-fiction writing contest. The prizes for this round include: First Prize: The photovoltaic power specialists at Quantum Harvest LLC  are providing a store-wide 10% off coupon. Depending on the model chosen, this could be worth more than $2000. …

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Simple Heat Treating for a High Carbon Steel Knife Blade – Part 2, by Steve A.

by SurvivalBlog Contributor in at 23:03, Tuesday, 19 January

(Continued from Part 1. This concludes the article.) The blacksmith would heat the steel to a bright cherry red, check it with a magnet, bank the forge fire over the steel, and let it cool in the dying fire overnight, ensuring a very slow cooling rate. A modern heat treat shop would heat the steel to temperature in an atmosphere-controlled furnace and then turn the furnace off until the steel has cooled sufficiently. Another way to do this starts by clamping the file by its tang upright in a metal vise and annealing it with a torch. If you slowly …

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JWR’s Recommendations of the Week:

by James Wesley Rawles in at 23:02, Tuesday, 19 January

Here are JWR’s Recommendations of the Week for various media and tools of interest to SurvivalBlog readers. The focus is usually on emergency communications gear, bug out bag gear, tools, books, and movies–often with a tie-in to disaster preparedness, and links to “how-to” self-sufficiency videos. There is also an emphasis on links to sources for storage food and a variety of storage and caching containers. You will also note an emphasis on history books and historical movies. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This week the focus is on cold weather camping gear. (See the Gear section.) …

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The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

by James Wesley Rawles in at 23:01, Tuesday, 19 January

“He died, as the Spanish phrase has it, full of illusions. He had not had time in his life to lose any of them, nor even, at the end, to complete an act of contrition. He had not even had time to be disappointed in the Garbo picture which disappointed all Madrid for a week.” – Ernest Hemingway, The Fifth Column and Four Stories of the Spanish Civil War

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The last morning

by Unknown in The Freeholder at 10:20, Wednesday, 20 January

Debbie Downer time again.

I fear this is the last morning of the United States I grew up in.

By the time most of you read this, the Imposition of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the two-headed President of what remains of the carcass of the United States will be complete.

President Xi will smile a non-enigmatic smile, I'm sure.

A video I saw yesterday had a National Guard general saying there are 65,000 troops in DC for the event. 

Does it seem odd to anyone that we have never before, in the history of the United States, walled off our capital and posted troops in order to have an inau...


by Unknown in The Freeholder at 21:30, Tuesday, 19 January

And I thought last week was just too weird to pick out only a few weird stories. As 2021 said to 2020, this week has said to last week: "Hold my beer!"

Item 1: After ordering 25,000 National Guard troops to the Capital, the Uniparty realizes that the majority (vast majority, perhaps) of enlisted personnel have political leanings and that they lean toward Donald Trump. Hilarity immediately ensues.

Item 2, A & B: A) A Tennessee school principal is suspended after he questions Big Tech censorship. Several someones complain, and...


CBS News article on how the FBI collected all the telephone numbers that happened to ping the cell towers close to the Capitol during the events of last week. One lady interviewed was out walking and was caught up in a police cordon near the Capitol. She was held there for several hours.

The FBI is contacting every person associated with those phones. 

I post this because it reflects on recent posts about anonymity, privacy, and modern communication. You have no privacy. You have no anonymity. Every action, even something as innocent as going for a walk,  leaves a data trail that can and sometimes will bring you under scrutiny. Your own phone, security cameras, cell phone videos and cameras all leave bread crumbs.

Note her comment about looking out on a sea of people that extends to the Washington Monument. How many people were in Washington for the protest? Were they, in modern day terms, "mostly peacef...

Light blogging because

by Firehand in Irons in the Fire at 17:14, Tuesday, 19 January

tired, disgusted, and worried.  

I did, however, manage to clean up some stuff and get some pruning done.

Here's some toon/meme clearing, at least

How Then Should We Pray?

by markfirearmslawyernet in The Law Office of Mark Knapp at 18:14, Tuesday, 19 January

In 2016, a group of Democrats—Democrats who claim to support the cause of religious freedom within the United States government and around the world—established a Secular Caucus at the Texas Democratic Convention. As a result of their advocacy, the Texas Democratic Party incorporated three resolutions dealing with religious freedom issues in 2016. Democrats in otherContinue reading "How Then Should We Pray?"

Great balls? of fire...

by Midwest Chick in Non-Original Rants at 18:46, Tuesday, 19 January

 So a woman in Britain won a candle that costs $75 and is called "this smells like my vagina".  But when she lit it up, it exploded and showered fire all over the place (a candlegasm?).

I don't have the words really to convey my bemusement at this.


by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 20:21, Tuesday, 19 January

 I didn't see this coming.  When a member of the Squad gets concerned about civil liberties, maybe the other Dems should take notice.  Link here.

With the end of the second decade of the 21st Century, democracy has died, and is replaced by a mobocracy which may swiftly transform into a tyranny. However oblivious and unwilling the observer, it is clearer than ever that government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” does not exist.

Proof? Election, impeachments, revenge, and more. Let’s start with the election.

Many were confused over the 2020 election. The results didn’t make sense. The media proclaimed that Biden won, but people in the real world said Trump won. The election was strange, just like the year. We saw some voters act in bizarre ways, (as they’ve never acted before). In ways different than similar voters in other cities and counties. Now, it seems that Biden won the election where Democrats (and Dominion machines) counted the votes. Strange?  Maybe to me, but not to government officials.  Hmmm.

Truckloads of Biden ballots showed up. Yet, the FBI didn’t notice. Voting machines sent/received vote tallies to/from computers located overseas. Yet, the CIA and NSA didn’t see a thing. Same with...

Model 70 Extreme TrueTimberThe Winchester Model 70 is available in more configurations than there are flavors of Starburst. This year’s SHOT Show brings us a few more juicy flavors. This one, in particular, is the Winchester Model 70 Extreme TrueTimber VSX MB. The Rifleman’s rifle is now more equipped to tackle harsh conditions. Furnished with a Tungsten Cerakote, the […]

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The post ...


What Did Trump Ask Pence To Do?

by Clayton Cramer in Clayton Cramer. at 07:32, Wednesday, 20 January

 I have heard even some Trump supporters ask, "Why did Pence not do what Trump asked him to do in the dispute over the electors?"  American Mind explains what was requested and why Pence did not do it.  Not as a slight to Trump as some of the news media implied but because the law is than clear about what Pence's role could be:

In his letter of the morning of January 6, Vice President Mike Pence asserted that “[s]ome believe that as Vice President, [he] should be able to accept or reject votes unilaterally.” He repeated the claim later in the letter: “vesting the vice president with unilateral authority to decide presidential election contests would be entirely antithetical to [the] design” of separation of powers and checks and balances given to us by our founders. And then a third time, he wrote: “I do not believe that the Founders of our country intended to invest the vice president with unilateral authority to decide which electoral votes should be counted during the Joint Session of Congress.” And a fourth: “It is my considered judgment...

Robert E. Lee’s Birthday

by JDZ in Never Yet Melted at 15:45, Tuesday, 19 January

Today is the 214th birthday of Robert E. Lee, General-in-Chief of the Armies of the Confederate States, and one of the greatest American military commanders ever to pull on boots. This photograph, taken in late February-early March 1864 by Julian Vannerson, is among my favorites. Lee is shown in the Confederate colonel’s coat he habitually wore and the photograph certainly supports the diarist Mary Chesnut’s description of the General as –cold, quiet and grand.

When this photo was taken, Gettysburg was eight months in the past. Lee knows that the gigantic US Army of the Potomac is coming south again. He is consumed with anxiety because a third of his army is detached, away in east Tennessee; his own greatly outnumbered army’s horses, and soldiers, are tired and ill-fed; and the ...

Jus' Sayin'

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 14:25, Tuesday, 19 January

 I stole this from Wirecutter, who stole it for somewhere else.

This is a show of power.  They call in over 25,000 troops and don't even billet them properly.  Of course, 25K is a lot of warm bodies and beds.

Yet, we can plainly see what they think of the troops.  The officers should be outraged.  I made my troops sleep in some crappy places, but I always tried to do better for them than I did for myself.

 Plurality of Brits Support Government Spying On People via Cellphone Tracking to Enforce Lockdown [More]

Is there a term for an entire culture suffering from Stockholm Syndrome?

[Via  An Hour of Wolves]

Stoeger introduced the full-size STR-9 back in January 2019. For the virtual SHOT Show 2021, they have announced a fully-featured version called the STR-9S Combat Pistol. Their aim is for the new model to be an all-around solution for everyday carry, home defense or just some fun at the range. The STR-9S Combat Pistol has an overall […]

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The post ...


Springtime for Biden

by Dave Markowitz in Blog O'Stuff at 11:36, Tuesday, 19 January

 With apologies to Mel Brooks...

America was having trouble

What a sad, sad story

Needed a new leader

To restore its former glory

Where, oh where was he?

Where could that man be?

We looked around

And then we found

The man for you and me

And now it's

Springtime for Biden and America

The US is happy and gay

We're marching to a faster pace

Look out

We'll help save China's face

Springtime for Biden and America

Winter for Trump and Pence

Springtime for Biden and America

Come on, Americans

Go into your dance

No more MAGA

And that's why they call me Kamala

Don't be stupid, be a smarty

Come and join the Democratic party

Springtime for Biden and America

Prancing the new step today

Bombs falling from the skies again

China is on the rise again

Springtime for Biden and America

Drones are striking once more

Springtime for Biden and America

Means that ...

Anonymity, Privacy, Security

by Borepatch in Borepatch at 11:21, Tuesday, 19 January

Maybe you don't have to pick two out of three.  E.M. Smith has a long and detailed post with a bunch of tips, and will be adding to this moving forward:

The Open Software Community has fought hard to maintain some degree of Privacy, Security (even against Government Agents and TLAs), and Anonymity. I’m still fighting that battle for myself, though at a low level as I’m mostly “out of the business” now. It is VERY hard to fight BOTH the Government TLAs and their laws (while complying with them), while also keeping the Black Hats out. Yet that is what we must do to have Anonymity, privacy, and security.

This is the first of many postings to come on this theme. I’m going to move, step by step, through a re-implementation of all of...

This Made My Day

by Clayton Cramer in Clayton Cramer. at 12:39, Tuesday, 19 January


Joe Biden has made no secret of his intention to get us back into the Paris climate accords. It’s high up there on his laundry list of things to do upon taking office—even though the United States leads the world in reducing carbon emissions, despite not being a part of it anymore.

But the truth is, the United States was never actually legally a part of the Paris climate accords. The United Nations describes it as “a legally binding international treaty on climate change,” and it also meets the definition of a treaty under the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, which states that a treaty is “an internati...

Approval Ratings

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 12:26, Tuesday, 19 January

 This is interesting.  The Real Clear Politics  approval rating for President Trump is now set at 40%

By contrast,the approval rating for George W Bush for 2008 was 30%.

President Obama's approval rating for his last year was 50%

Joe Biden is entering office with a 44.5 approval rating.  You wold think that if over half the country voted for him, they would approve of him.  I guess the RCP sample didn't include dead people.  Or fictitious people.  Or any of those other voters who we are not sure were really voters. 

Fine Art Tuesday

by Unknown in The Freeholder at 10:01, Tuesday, 19 January

Italian Landscape, Johann Wilhelm Schirmer, c 1840Johann Wilhelm Schirmer was a Prussian artist and was a leading Romantic landscape artists of his day. He is also noted as a member of the "...

Life in the Igeocracy

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 12:27, Tuesday, 19 January

 While Thousands of Shots Sit in Fridge, Maui Hospital’s vaccine clinic closing FOR 3 WEEKS over 'shortage' [More]

In a way, I'm glad incompetents are in charge of "gun control."

Anybody else have a problem logging in? [More]

I ask because they're not answering their mail:

Our Last Best Hope?

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:57, Tuesday, 19 January


I touched on the danger we face briefly in my last Ammoland piece. I also received the following appeal by email from a longtime pro-RKBA political activist urging us to include Jon Tester and other advocacy groups as well:

Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die?

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:27, Tuesday, 19 January

 Twitter is like a party where everyone is screaming. Not much of a party. Goodbye for now. [More]

I haven't been this upset since Chrissy Teigen threatened to "take [her] talents" elsewhere.

[Via Steve T

Return of the King

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:19, Tuesday, 19 January

 “As governor, I will work tirelessly to eliminate these weapons of war from our streets, keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, and keep our communities safe,” McAuliffe said in a statement. [More]

And guess who's going to help!

Uh-oh. Looks like Kirk is falling short.

This ought to inspire contributors to dig deep!

[Via Mack H]

McConnell, Pelosi, Schumer will join Biden at church before his inauguration [More]

I wonder what the sermon's going to be on...

[Via Mack H]

What are we to make of Tarrio — and, more broadly, of Latino voters inspired by Trump? And what are we to make of unmistakably White mob violence that also includes non-White participants? I call this phenomenon multiracial whiteness — the promise that they, too, can lay claim to the politics of aggression, exclusion and domination. [More]

So that's what we're calling a Bill of Rights culture these days...?

[Via Mack H]

Along with Taking Your Guns

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:46, Tuesday, 19 January

 Virginia is one step closer to potentially abolishing the death penalty [More]

Well we still have a Plan B, right?


[Via Mack H]

 Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s And Wayfair Pull MyPillow Products From Shelves, CEO Says [More]

So when do UPS, FedEx, and Amazon do their part to kill internet and phone sales?

[Via Mack H]

If Wishes were Fishes

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:19, Tuesday, 19 January

 Everyone involved in the suppression of this document needs to be arrested immediately and charged with treason... So now the question remains, with ponly two days left to Inauguration, will President Trump fially act?  [Watch]

Yeah, he'll get right on that, just as soon as he moves his next 4D chess piece.

Anybody else sick of getting their hopes up for Krakens that end up not scaring anybody?

[Via Jess]

A Real Mama's Bo... uh...

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:06, Tuesday, 19 January

 Levine, a male who identifies as female, faced harsh criticism for removing his mother from a personal care home during the COVID-19 pandemic after he had directed nursing facilities to admit people who had previously tested positive for COVID-19.  [More]

"Microaggressions" that could get PJM deplatformed aside, ain't that just like the elites?

[Via Michael G]

Sic Semper Servorum

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:00, Tuesday, 19 January

 Del. Kirk Cox, R-Colonial Heights, a candidate for governor who supports gun rights, said on Twitter that the assault rifle-carrying people who descended on Richmond aren’t protesters, but provocateurs. “They’re not welcome at our Capitol, and they need to go home before someone gets hurt,” he said. “Grateful for our law enforcement officers and their work to keep us safe.” [More]


And I see Democrat enforcers haven't lost their touch.

[Via Mack H]

And the Beat Goes On

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 13:35, Tuesday, 19 January

 Then, late Monday afternoon, Facebook unpublished The Truth About Guns’ page. No warning or explanation was given and we haven’t been able to publish anything to our timeline there since. The matter has been escalated through the usual impenetrably opaque processes, but we’ve heard nothing and have to assume at this point that the Zuckerborg has no intention of restoring the account. [More]

I would think by accepting an account and allowing it to post for years there would be, like, an implied contract, because had the banned party known ideological deplatforming would be used, he would not have put untold hours into posting to build his business, and in maintaining his account. That and it also seems like a virtual easement of sorts...

I dunno. Guess it's a good thing I'm not a lawyer.

The Man with No Name

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:54, Wednesday, 20 January

 A Capitol Hill Police plainclothesman shot the 14-year Air Force veteran and California businesswoman as she was attempting to climb through a broken window pane on one of the double doors leading the Speaker’s Lobby and Member’s Retiring Room – just a few feet from the House floor. [More]

Almost two weeks have elapsed and we still don't know his name?


I got an email a week or so back purporting to ID him and his Facebook account and pegging him as a BLM supporter. I let it pass because I didn't think the case had been sufficiently proven to warrant doxxing someone. Now I'm wondering if that was a mistake and if the cleanup crew has removed all traces.

UPDATE: What's in a URL?


 Virginia Senate Votes 37-1 to Strip Sen. Amanda Chase – Who Spoke at the 1/6 Pro-Trump Rally in D.C. – of Her Last Committee Assignment [More]

So how is that not taxation without representation for her constituents?

[Via Mack H]

WA Legislature Eyeballs Bills to Ban ‘Assault Weapons’

by Dave Workman in Liberty Park Press at 12:48, Tuesday, 19 January


Increasingly, Americans are rejecting America. Including this:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Instead, we’re moving quickly to another foundational ideal, by another author:

All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others

Or to put it another way, the idea was that if we helped the China get rich, its single-party state would adopt our liberal values. But that’s not what’s happening. We’re adopting their illiberal values.

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  1. Reminder from Countertop
  2. ...

Is Social Media Creating Mass Delusions?

by Sebastian in Shall Not Be Questioned at 11:43, Tuesday, 19 January

I’d like to think I’m pretty grounded, but the pandemic has honestly opened my eyes to a number of realities that have made me deeply uncomfortable. It’s been eye opening. The first is that a lot of people I’ve had considerable respect for struggle with reality as times get more difficult. This probably goes double when the pandemic has limited in-person interactions. I’ve been fairly present at my club during all this, at some risk to myself, but even life there has been seriously hampered by the inability to meet and gather in person. Work life, which is a lot of people’s only interaction, is also suffering. I’ve noticed that extroverts are suffering considerably more than introverts. Someone at my club commented at the beginning of all this, when I asked him how he was doing: “Great! I’ve waiting all my life for social distancing.” I might not be quite that stoic, but I’m faring better than most, from what I can tell. But with many people around me going stark raving mad, I can’t be completely sure. I’m probably not the best judge of myself.


[SHOT 2021] Howa Carbon Fiber Stalker: New Sub 5lb rifle

by Rusty S. in The Firearm Blog at 11:00, Tuesday, 19 January

Howa Carbon Fiber StalkerThe Howa Mini Action Gets even lighter New from Legacy Sports International this year is the Howa Carbon Fiber Stalker.  The stock itself comes from a collaboration between Howa and Stocky’s, an American gunstock maker.  Stocky’s has this to say about their newest line up of ultralight carbon fiber stocks: Truly the Next Generation of […]

Read More …

The post ...

[TFB GUNFEST] NEW Aero “Breach” AR-15 Charging Handle

by James Reeves in The Firearm Blog at 10:00, Tuesday, 19 January

In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves speaks with Jeff Carson of Aero Precision about their new Breach charging handle, a charging handle that will be compatible with AR-15s. The breach will be fully ambidextrous and heavy-duty. It will be available in a small and large latch version. James used the Breach for a Thunder […]

Read More …

The post [TFB GUNFEST] NEW Aero “Breach” AR-15 Charging Handle appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

[TFB GUN FEST] The Breach Charging Handle from Aero PrecisionNew for 2021 from Aero Precision is a product that was teased as a prototype back in 2020 – the Breach charging handle. The Breach takes a hard look at conventionally accepted charging handles and incorporates some unique and clever design decisions in order to make for a more effective, durable, and user-friendly charging handle […]

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Quote of the day—Tony Perkins

by Joe in The View From North Central Idaho at 06:00, Tuesday, 19 January

This is not just an attack on free speech. This is an attack on an entire movement of people with the intent of driving them underground—keeping them from getting jobs, having legal representation, and even cutting them off from legitimate financial transactions.

Tony Perkins
President, Family Research Council
The Conservative Purge Is Only Just Beginning
January 12, 2021
[See also Big Tech declares war: ‘Woke capitalism instead of freedom’ and Why Conservatives Are Being Blacklisted.—Joe]

Tangentially related...

by Tam in View From The Porch at 07:17, Tuesday, 19 January

I've always been low-key fascinated by Albania. Any place with Roman ruins, centuries-old hillbilly feuds, and the Accursed Mountains can't help but hold my interest.

There's the distinctive-looking Albanian SKS which is, second only to the East German one, the crown jewel of the insular and lowbrow world of SKS collecting.

In fiction, young Lieutenant Otto Prohaska stumbles into a plot by Serbian anarchists and has to flee homeward across Albania on foot to warn the Archduke. It's one of the most memorable parts of the entire series of books.

For a more factual view, albeit just as darkly humorous, P.J. O'Rourke spends a chapter of Eat the Rich looking at the Albania of the early 21st Century, recovering from a ...

The Tale of the Vanishing Air Force

by Tam in View From The Porch at 05:59, Tuesday, 19 January

Albania's story during the Cold War era is an interesting one. Occupied by Italy immediately before World War Two, it spent the war like the rest of the Balkans, a swirl of guerrilla warfare where bands of partisans, both communist and anti-communist, chased each other and the fascist occupiers up and down hill and dale.

After the war, the Albanian communists came out on top and the country was effectively a satellite of the Soviet Union. Or at least they were until after Stalin died and Hoxha gradually decided he was more communist than the Soviets. After the breakup with the USSR, Albania was cozy with the Chinese for a while until that relationship, too, boarded the last train for Splitsville in the Seventies when Mao kicked off.


After ten years, we're all TJIC

by Borepatch in Borepatch at 07:05, Tuesday, 19 January

I don't think that any single post did more to attract attention to this blog than I Am TJIC, posted this day ten years ago.  TJIC had his guns seized by the People's Republic of Arlington (Mass) for posting about the Gabby Giffords shooting.  There was no better illustration of how vague gun control laws are applied in Blue states.  Now the Congress is promising more of the same* and even Florida has a bunch bad bills under consideration.  Ten years ago it looked like gun rights were ascendent, now it looks like we all may end up like TJIC.  My comment about Heller and MacDonald looks pretty naive right now, as the Republic slips into Banana Republic territory. 

* To answer Sarah Hoyt's question, molon labe is pronounced "moh LOHN la VEH".

(originally posted 19 January 2011)


[Ed: Our esteemed Northern colleague, distinguished researcher Gary Mauser, PhD, graciously offered for DRGO to publish his newest work. We believe the American government would also do well to learn from New Zealand’s experience.] In their December report about the 2019 terrorist attack in Christchurch, the findings of the New Zealand Royal Commission critically undermined […]

Glenn Reynolds admires the new Banana Republic America as exemplified in the post-Stolen-Election 2021 Caudillo Inauguration.

THIS IS NORMAL: FBI vetting Guard troops in DC amid fears of insider attack. “U.S. defense officials say they are worried about an insider attack or other threat from service members involved in securing President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, prompting the FBI to vet all of the 25,000 National Guard troops coming into Washington for the event.”

This is what happens when you define half the population as enemies of the state.

And nothing says “normal, legitimate election” like a swearing-in ...

Folklore Generator

by JDZ in Never Yet Melted at 06:47, Tuesday, 19 January

Is Signal a false flag?

by Sailorcurt in Captain of a Crew of One at 06:54, Tuesday, 19 January

Over the past few days, I’ve seen several columns, articles and comments claiming that the Signal secure SMS system is run by the CIA or a CIA spinoff and/or is owned by Twitter.

Disclaimer: I’m just a layperson and this is based on the limited time I’ve had to research things and my own common sense. I could easily be wrong. I’m just providing you with information so that you can make a more informed decision. Personally, I’m not worried about Signal.

This apparently stems from This Article by a journalist named Yasha Levine.

It’s basically a bunch of “connect the dots” conspiracy theories that rely on innuendo rather than evidence.

First, is Signal owned by Twitter? No, that’s the easy one. That one isn’t a claim made by Levine, but I believe it’s based on a misunderstanding about one of the points he raises in his article.

The Signal Encryption Protocol (upon which the Signal App’s end to end encryption is based) was invented a guy named Moxie Marlinspike. Moxie Marlinspike was one of the fou...

According to the Times, he said she's been completely nonresponsive so far.  [More]

With her backers, she's got options.

[Via Michael G]

 An extremism expert watching the Trump fringes now has never been more worried. [More]

I can't even begin to tell you how many "progressives" I've smacked in the head with a bike lock. 

[Via Michael G]

A Bipartisan Effort

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:16, Tuesday, 19 January

 NM bill would punish firearm instructors if their students later commit violence [More]

You could drive a truck through that "with the intent of" qualifier. You can bet the trainers will have their social media and other accounts scoured by leftist molehill mountaineers to see if they've ever expressed sentiments like you see here every day, or maybe have a "Molon Labe" shirt, quoted Jefferson on "the Tree of Liberty or Tench Coxe on "every terrible implement of the soldier," talked about "the Three Percent," or agreed with Oath Keepers about "orders we will not obey."

Oh, look: The "Republican" teaming up with the "Gun Sense Candidate" is "a life-long member of the NRA and the New Mexico Shooting Sports Association, a member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Mule D...

 The study also showed new firearm and ammunition purchases during the pandemic in response to concerns about lawlessness, prisoner releases and even government collapse. The researchers estimate that about 110,000 Californians bought firearms directly in response to the pandemic, 47,000 for the first time. [More]

So naturally, the eggheads and gunquacks insist it would be safer if the Koreans just came down off those rooftops unarmed.

[Via bondmen...

Numbers Don't Lie

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 08:47, Tuesday, 19 January


Infographic: 2020 Saw Unprecedented Murder Spike In Major U.S. Cities | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Today's "Fun Fact to Know and Tell": Every one of these cities is a Bloomberg Mayor City.

[Via ...

 The Destructive Hypocrisy Of The Political Left Is What Caused The Capitol Protest [More]

That just means they're better at goading the low-hanging fruit into doing something self-defeating than we are.

[Via bondmen]

A Plan Comes Together

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 08:39, Tuesday, 19 January

America, the Prison State [More]

So we've been lied to in order to "justify" tighter controls?

Aw, go on...

[Via bondmen]

A Unified Chain of Command

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 06:13, Tuesday, 19 January

 @JoeBiden's Personnel Chief used to work at a Chinese Communist Party-run think tank flagged by the FBI as a "front group for intelligence collection and overseas spy recruitment." [More]

You think they don't have his resume?

[Via bondmen]

Band of Brothers

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 16:36, Tuesday, 19 January

 The military knows it has a problem with domestic extremists, white supremacists [More]

Looks like there's plenty of blame to go around.

But focusing on that won't purge those who would heed their oaths and disobey unlawful orders, so guess who gets smeared...

[Via bondmen]



by Mas in at 08:30, Tuesday, 19 January

No Magazines in rifleWe are told that s...

[SHOT 2021] Browning SHOT Show Special Firearms

by Hrachya H in The Firearm Blog at 08:00, Tuesday, 19 January

[SHOT 2021] Browning SHOT Show Special FirearmsLike their sister company Winchester which SHOT Show Special firearms we covered yesterday, Browning has also released a number of limited edition guns for the SHOT Show 2021. These guns differ from their standard, catalog counterparts by unique finishes, furniture and configuration options. In total, there are 106 Browning SHOT Show Special guns. Let’s see […]

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Volquartsen Mamba-XPistols chambered in .22LR have been slaying tin cans in the backyard for decades. This, however, is not your Grandpappy’s .22. In the rimfire competition world, few names conjure the feeling of solid, sleek, and precise like Volquartsen. If you are a fan of their previous pistols, you’re going to want to pay attention. Black […]

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Yes, it’s true: B&T will be importing the Haenel CR-223 as the B&T-15. The CR-223 is a semi-automatic gas-operated 5.56×45mm NATO carbine designed by C.G. Haenel in Germany. It’s basically the semi-auto version of the MK556. The CR-223/MK-556 has been in use by law enforcement agencies and German military units since 2017. Now, B&T will […]

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B&T 15 HaenelFor readers that are familiar with the German Army rifle trials, and the Haenel piston operated rifle submission, a pistol version of that rifle is being imported by B&T. Haenel’s pistol version, dubbed the B&T 15 for the importation, should be available by mid-2021. The B&T 15 will feature 100 percent German-made parts and will […]

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And concertina barbed wire can be ordered from Amazon.

You may recall the miniseries Amerika from the 1980s about a Soviet-occupied U.S.  They disable a Soviet tank by slamming a large water truck into it.  Implausible? An M1A2 weighs about 60 tons.  A fully loaded concrete truck weighs about 33 tons.  With 50 mph of kinetic energy I am pretty sure such a collision would shake the tank crew enough to cause injuries and if hitting from the side, damage the surprisingly fragile sprocket, tread, and transmission. 
M1A2 Abrams are apparently pretty secure against Molotov cocktails.  The crew is well shielded.  The intakes for the turbine are now under the turret.  However... the exhaust apparently is not.  ...

Okay, for me, it will always be Raising Arizona.  I saw it on the perfect night.  I was in the mood to receive all it offered.  I hurt myself laughing.

Mel Brooks did two of the contenders.  Blazing Saddles, and Young Frankenstein.

I LIKED Groundhog Day a lot, but not the funniest movie.  There are lots of comedies that have much to recommend them as a movie but aren't laugh out loud funny through the full runtimes.  Big Lebowski is like that.

Caddyshack and Animal House are in the running.

Airplane!, of course.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail for some people.  I loved it.  Not all do.  

Pineapple Express when they shift it into overdrive.  Was not expecting that.  But it puts it on the list for me.

Me Myself and Irene for me.  Though Jim Carrey usually annoys me to distraction.


And Arsenic and Old Lace.

Dystopian California

by TPOL Nathan in The Price of Liberty at 03:00, Tuesday, 19 January

A few months back, Jim Rickards over at Agora put me onto this summary of what California was and has become. I have ties to California: my father and his parents lived in Southern California during WW2 and the last half of the 1940s, and I’ve lived there twice, both times on duty at the now-defunct Presidio of San Francisco: the second time for nearly four years. In the heart of the beast, so to speak. I have recently been in touch with a leader of the CalExit movement, and my wife has family in far, far northern California, around Cape Mendocino. We have friends living almost literally from North to South (east of San Diego). Mama Liberty was a refugee from California, now quite a few years ago.

It is clear that the situation in California is getting more and more dire, unstable, and fearful.

Welcome To The Hellhole California

Jim was providing an extract of a new book called The Stakes: America at the Point of No Return, by Michael Anton, published by Real Clear Books.

Here is the analysis of Mr. Anton, and my own observations.

The ...

How Does it Work: Short Recoil Operation

by Ian McCollum in Forgotten Weapons at 05:27, Tuesday, 19 January

Short recoil is the most common system used today in self-loading handguns, and it also used to be fairly popular in machine gun designs. The basic principle is that the bolt and barrel (in a handgun, slide and barrel) are locked together for an initial travel substantially less than the overall length of the cartridge. After typically a few millimeters of travel, the barrel stops and the bolt or slide is able to continue rearward to extract and eject the empty case. Short recoil can be paired with virtually any locking system, but today the Browning tilting barrel system is most common.

Short recoil has never been popular in shoulder rifle, as the reduction in mechanical accuracy from the moving barrel can be undesirable. In handguns and machine guns, this accuracy reduction is generally below the threshold of relevance.


Preparedness Notes for Tuesday — January 19, 2021

by James Wesley Rawles in at 23:04, Monday, 18 January

Today is the birthday of the late Carla Emery (born 1939, died October 11, 2005). She is well known in self-sufficiency circles as the author of The Encyclopedia of Country Living. (This book was re-released in a 40th Anniversary edition.) January 19th is also the birthday of General Robert E. Lee. — SurvivalBlog Writing Contest Today we present another entry for Round 92 of the SurvivalBlog non-fiction writing contest. The prizes for this round include: First Prize: The photovoltaic power specialists at Quantum Harvest LLC  are providing a store-wide 10% off coupon. Depending on the model chosen, this could be …

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Modern civilization owes its existence in part to the early discovery that iron containing small amounts of carbon could be made much harder than other iron compounds. This substance, iron with between about 0.6 and 1.7 percent carbon and no other alloying elements, was the first predictably hardenable steel and can be referred to as “high carbon plain steel”. Such steels can be made as hard as a file and form the most basic group of tool steels, where tool steel is defined as steel that is able to cut softer steel. The range of these steels include the simple …

The post Simple Heat Treating for a High Carbon Steel Knife Blade – Part 1, by Steve A. appeared first on

SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt

by James Wesley Rawles in at 23:02, Monday, 18 January

This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on migration between the 50 states. (See the Idaho section.) Idaho COVID causes Bogus Basin to lose $3 million in revenue, “our goal is to stay open and safe” o  o  o The big influx:   A moving company migration map.  And here is …

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The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

by James Wesley Rawles in at 23:01, Monday, 18 January

“Pardons and pleasantnesses are great revenges of slanders.” – George Herbert

The post The Editors’ Quote of the Day: appeared first on

Family recreation in nature is one of the best leisure activities that we can share with our kids. Not only because nature is a constant source of inspiration but also because it makes us all feel free. This camping planning guide is great for new campers as well as seasoned campers to help plan your camping trip.

Camping Planning Guide for New Campers Camping Planning Guide for New...

Monday, 18 January


Nothing Says Commander-In-Chief

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 19:21, Monday, 18 January

 Nothing says Commander-in-Chief like being afraid of your own troops.

FBI vetting Guard troops in DC amid fears of insider attack.

And, they want us to believe that this election was fair and transparent.  But'

 And nothing says “normal, legitimate election” like a swearing-in behind 12 feet of razor wire and 25,000 troops that you’re not sure you can trust.

Everything I'm hearing, DC is an armed camp right now, but the troops don't have ammo in their weapons.   Fences and razor-wire around the Capitol.  They are really acting like they're scared.

These are not good optics.  And, the media isn't asking a lot of questions.

18:55 update

by Joe in The View From North Central Idaho at 15:13, Monday, 18 January

If you are regular visitor to ARFCOM you probably already know this. But I got some email from someone a little behind the times so I thought I would update everyone here on the story with the GoDaddy deplatforming of Originally I thought GoDaddy was the hosting provider (as they are for this blog) for Hence when I looked up their current, and functional, IP address and found it belonged to Amazon I was concerned they hadn’t take as big a leap as necessary to escape the purge.

I was wrong. GoDaddy was only the domain registrar. It’s a lot easier and cheaper to get your domain registered than it is to change your hosting provider. They quickly changed their domain registrar (to Epik, the same as Gab) and were up and going again quickly.

It is claimed they have backup plans for other possible issues such as losing their hosting provider.

ARFCOM NEWS has all the details:


Ran Out of Balls

by Dave Markowitz in Blog O'Stuff at 18:04, Monday, 18 January

 (Insert Beavis and Butt Head laughter.)

I had such a good time shooting my Euroarms Remington with combustible paper cartridges yesterday that I decided to make up another batch tonight. I also picked up some MTM Case-Guard plastic ammo boxes for .44 Mag./.45 Colt. I use them for .44-40 and .38-40 but they work well for the .44 paper cartridges.

The two flattened blobs on the right are what a dead soft .454 ball looks like after impacting a steel gong from about 10 yards. I managed to salvage a few, which will be recycled into the casting pot.

The twist over the ball gives me a handle to pull them out. Unfortunatel...

Like sci-fi books?

by Firehand in Irons in the Fire at 18:27, Monday, 18 January

Take a look at this.  And yes, I entered.

This could get real in interesting.  And one more reason to stay the hell away from ANY inauguration event.

If you’re a car…

by Joel in The Ultimate Answer to Kings at 15:23, Monday, 18 January

…and you live a really long time, you might someday manage to look like this Datsun I saw while filling water bottles this morning.

It was ironically parked next to a Fiat so new…


SHOT Show On Demand - TFB Coverage Of The The Industry’s Biggest EventFor the first time in many years, the TFB staff are not on location in the Nevada desert for the third week of January. With all the work, logistics, headaches and potential disasters that come along with each SHOT Show, it really is a great time and we enjoy bringing you comprehensive coverage of all […]

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The Rimfire Report: Hands-On with the American 180 Submachine GunHello and welcome to a special edition of The Rimfire Report! As you can expect from the title of this article it will be on the American 180, specifically hands-on experience with the American 180 at TFB Gun Fest 2021. While at Gun Fest, Blue Force Gear Director of Medical Programs Brad Gilpin brought his own personal […]

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The post ...

LMT Shot CounterLewis Machine & Tool’s Estonian rifle contract has been news for some time, of which TFB has covered, but the LMT Shot Counter technology that was also rolled out with that rifle hasn’t attracted much attention. One reason for the lack of coverage could be the lack of marketability for non-military and police users. However, […]

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The post [T...


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