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last night.  There is a reason that Rod Serling's early death was such a disaster to the arts, and this one of them.  The first of the story's either a descent into mental illness, or a supernatural discovery of dangerous predestination as were many of the episodes of the original series.  The second story is one of those reminders of how much of the mainstream of our culture has changed over time.  Like many of Serling's stories, death is an inevitable process not to be feared, even if there is nothing afterwards, but as one line observes, "like going to sleep after a long and tiring day."  In this Serling captured well the dominant Judeo-Christian perspective of Western Civilization even ignoring the assumption in Daniel 12:2:

Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake: some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt.
The older and sicker you get, the less frightening death becomes: only the prospect of a painful death remains truly frig...

That's the way to take this article published on their own blog. A Pro-Liberty Case for Gun Restrictions

Jay Stanley one of the org's Senior Policy Analysts makes the case.

That is if Governments don't pass Gun Control Laws they'll instead pass other laws such as:
  •  More physical searches
  •  More Surveillance
  •  More databases and watch lists 
  •  More armed police in more situations
  •  More police shootings

And their solution is to push for gun control?

keep the temp from getting to the predicted high, standing by a pot of molten lead, casting bullets, is still damn hot.

And I had an idea.  Several hours after I finished.  Which means it'll have to wait for the next time I can stand to do this.

I shall now head for a shower.

"What do you mean the Native Americans altered the land and cut down forests?!?"
Even so, people in the 1800s made less of an environmental impact on the valley than the people who lived there before colonization. Loughlin and his colleagues compared the pollen species in sediment layers from the last 700 years to the pollen species in layers of lake sediment deposited long before the first people moved into the region thousands of years ago. They found that the period before 1588 was most strikingly different from the original pre-human cloud forest. Even the settlement and cattle grazing since 1819 disturbed the cloud forest less than pre-Columbian agriculture.

It has been difficult to understand exactly how and to what extent pre-Columbian people in Central and South America modified their environment with agriculture, irrigation, and construction. Different cultures left different marks on the landscape, and archaeologists are sometimes still surprised by wha...

Late last night (or early this morning ... I'm retired, who cares?) I did some research on my own website and discovered that mine was an "Anti-Government Website".

This is rewarding on at least two issues:

  1. somebody still reads this blog!
  2. somebody noticed that it's an "anti-government" blog!
I think that anyone who isn't at least a little "anti-government" isn't paying attention.  
Or he is a Democrat ... which amounts to about the same thing.  

Here is an example of how "Government" resolves societal problems.

Here's what I think:
If you want to hurt yourself, shoot yourself in the foot.If you want to REALLY hurt yourself, trust your Government.
Federal, state, county, local; it doesn't matter.   When you trust an anonymous group of professional bureaucrats (is there any other kind?)  to "govern" your personal life, you ha...


Not sure shooting through your own windshield is safe, but he certainly had reason.

Monsoon and weird connectivity

by Joel in The Ultimate Answer to Kings at 18:01, Wednesday, 18 July

Every time we get weather the connection goes all wonky. That’s always been the case and it was much worse back when I depended on the satellite dish. Back then sometimes I lost connection for days. Now I have this smartphone, which also serves as a hotspot for the laptop – which remains my main blogging ‘pooter because it can receive emails and manipulate graphics – and normally that works great even though I can’t pretend I ever understood how it works. It must all run on the same signal, so you’d think either everything would work or nothing would.

Not so, though. The hotspot hasn’t been able to connect with anything all afternoon, but this smartphone by itself works just fine. Tomorrow it might be the other way around.

Evening storm is coming in now and I might lose it all for a while. Time to unplug things and wait out the lightning.

Midweek Links from Living Freedom

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 17:22, Wednesday, 18 July

Claire Wolfe brings us Midweek Links.

Which includes…

  • Who would design — and who would want to use — a system that makes personal financial transactions public by default?
  • So in what way is this not a call for a military coup? Funny how they love “democracy” until the moment it doesn’t produce their favored outcome.
  • Yay for artistic freedom! A Florida government has to make amends to a couple who painted their home to resemble Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.”*

And much more.

JM ProMossberg has certainly been spicing it up lately. From magazine-fed 12 gauge shotguns to drop in match grade AR triggers, the iconic North Haven, CT manufacturer is getting some attention from shooters. While the JM Pro trigger is standard equipment on some of Mossberg’s AR15 and AR10 rifles, it is now available for sale as […]

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ArcflashFor those of us living in a Space Force pseudo fantasy world that involves elements from Firefly, Dune, Starship Troopers and Star Trek The Next Generation (best generation), our days seem to have arrived. Whether or not your coilgun needs involve the protecting the ‘Verse, a working weapon that uses electromagnetic energy to propel projectiles […]

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StudyA new study published by the Small Arms Survey has estimated the number of firearms held by both military and law enforcement agencies around the world. The study estimates the total number of firearms owned by civilian, military and law enforcement agencies to be over 1 billion. While over 857 million firearms are owned by civilians, […]

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You know the rest of the story.  But what if Texas was a country?  7/17/18 CNN:

Plunging drilling costs have sparked an explosion of production out of the Permian Basin of West Texas. In fact, Texas is pumping so much oil that it will surpass OPEC members Iran and Iraq next year, HSBC predicted in a recent report.
If it were a country, Texas would be the world's No. 3 oil producer, behind only Russia and Saudi Arabia, the investment bank said.
As Instapundit points out "I’m so old, I remember a president who said we couldn’t drill our way to lower energy prices."...

Unless it is that he serves leftist causes.  I watched the first few minutes of Borat, and immediately understood why the Kazakh government was upset; all human governments should have been so.  This makes Birth of a Nation look good; that film was also entertaining. 7/17/18 Fox LA reports on a gun store owner who recognized Cohen in disguise and when told he was recognized. Cohen left, realizing that whatever dishonesty he was trying to pull (likely a strawman purchase, a federal felony).

But even Clinton News Network confirms it.  9/15/16 CNN:

Polygraph panic: CIA director fretted his vote for communist...
"I said I was neither Democratic or Republican, but it was my way, as I was going to college, of signaling my unhappiness with the system, and the need for change. I said I'm not a member of the Communist Party, so the polygrapher looked at me and said, 'OK,' and when I was finished with the polygraph and I left and said, 'Well, I'm screwed.'"
Okay, people do stupid things as a kid.  I was a pretty ferocious communist in 6th grade.  I outgrew it by 10th grade.  That Brennan voted Communist suggests he is a slow learner.

Tired of Visiting E/Rs

by Clayton Cramer in Clayton Cramer. at 13:11, Wednesday, 18 July

I have been having some unexplained shortness of breath problems since at least May when a 1.2 mile walk to the convention center where the NRA Annual Meeting was held left me struggling to keep up with an NRA employee wearing high heels.  Last night, the "overly demanding" exercise was 90 minutes of doing the couch potato.  Many of the symptoms were those from before my aortic valve replacement; I spent several sleepless hours deciding whether the post-operative pain of going through that again was worse than calling it a life, and moving on.  Thinking through the effects on my wife, kids, and gun rights, I decided that it was worth it.  (Or perhaps doing the slightly riskier transarterial valve replacement (TAVR), which does not require cutting you open.)

This morning, the shortness of breath problem woke me up.  Walking to the kitchen to prepare breakfast not only exhausted me but produced upper left chest pain.  Nitroglycerin pills solved the pain, so we set out for the St. Al's E/R.  The very concerned, engaged, communicative (can I think of some more positive adjectives?) doctor found an EKG no worse than my last post-...

Houston, TX

by Clayton Cramer in Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog at 13:59, Wednesday, 18 July

7/18/18 KHOU:

Husband shoots home invasion suspect holding wife at gunpoint
The husband managed to shoot one of the suspects in the head. This happened at a home in in southeast Houston near Scott and Airport.

And This Sends What Message?

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 14:00, Wednesday, 18 July

It was Ted Nugent's management that made the decision to not allow guns into the show. The Berglund Center said because it is city owned, it can't keep guns out unless the performers are the ones who request it, and that it was actually in Nugent's contract all along, but was in a sub-contract between Nugent and his promoter that wasn't shared with Berglund Center management until the last minute. [More]
Why doesn't that suprise me?

Welcome to the WoGroll

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 13:47, Wednesday, 18 July

Minuteman.News... [More]

Liability, transparency and accountability needed for gun-toting Iowans [More]
Just the"legal" ones, right?

If things went down as stated, why this guy wasn't charged does seem pretty baffling.  But that hardly means the rest of us need to have our rights infringed and our privacy invaded just to satisfy a bunch of indignant Fourth Estate Fifth Columnists who don't know the difference between fragments and shrapnel.

[Via Mark L]
Leonardo Alcivar, Rep. Stefanik's campaign manager, claimed that the emergence of the video caused Szustak to create a public scene on an Amtrak train. In a tweet with the hashtag #EpicAcelaMeltdown, Alcivar said Szustak was screaming about the video for an hour and a half. [More]
The thing is, Stefanik deserves some uncomfortable public exposure herself.

[Via Jeet]

An interesting read

by SayUncle in SayUncle at 13:05, Wednesday, 18 July

I agree

by SayUncle in SayUncle at 12:59, Wednesday, 18 July

Have 5 guns.

Though I do not have one off site.

Headline win

by SayUncle in SayUncle at 12:57, Wednesday, 18 July

Heh. I wish I’d written that.

Gun Porn

by SayUncle in SayUncle at 12:57, Wednesday, 18 July

“Siamese M16”

Clone Correct...

by Tam in View From The Porch at 15:19, Wednesday, 18 July

Looks like Sig is bringing the .mil version of the P320 to the commercial market as the P320-M17.

Those outside the rather insular world of the gun industry ...

What usually happens to numerically significant firearms is that they get put in a museum and carefully guarded. Not the first Springfield M1903, Serial Number One though! Crazy enough, this particular rifle actually rolled right off the production line and into Army service when it was produced before the war. Originally a rod bayonet version and […]

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I have been having shortness of breath issues for some months now, including after 90 minutes being a couch potato last night.    This morning walking to the kitchen was too intense, and I was having upper left chest pain.  Nitroglycerin took the pain away,  so to the E/R.  The EKG was normal; the treponin level indicated no heart muscle death,  but I am anemic and the incredibly concerned and engaged E/R doctor thought these might be symptoms of that.   Unsurprisingly, the reduced oxygenation of the blood has many similarities to a heart attack.   He is having my cardiologist jump me in queue for an appointment and having me increase my iron intake.

This anemia might be a product of the hernia surgery,  but when I was in Dallas in May,  a 1.2 mile walk left me utterly overwhelmed,  so I think at most the hernia surgery tipped me over the edge.

Culture Shock

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:51, Wednesday, 18 July

That’s why opposition to large-scale Muslim immigration into Europe (or America) also has little or nothing to do with xenophobia, racism (Muslim is not a race anyway) or nativism. It has to do with changing European values. Large-scale Muslim immigration to Europe will do to Europe’s values what large-scale northern-state immigration has done to Florida and what large-scale European immigration did to the native culture of North America. [More]
First of all,if you subscribe to the Bering Strait land bridge theory, there are no "native Americans." But the point is ceded and recalls an argument I've made before:
What I would admit to is being a culturist and an ideologist, noting that some cultures and ideologies are superior at encouraging individualism, liberty, prosperity and innovation over others.

A gun parts entrepreneur believes he has found a way around restrictions that shot down so-called “build parties” in which machine shops would be used to convert “80% lower receivers” into firearms.  Stephen Bozich, has created Armed & Safe Firearm Training Academy, and proposes conducting classes as a way around government-defined “engaged in the business” proscriptions. [More]
The IRS says it's OK. What will ATF say?

A Perfect Storm

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:01, Wednesday, 18 July

Day care worker who tried to kill toddler by hanging him avoids prison as judge cites 'perfect storm' of events [More]
Anyone who can't be trusted with a rope...

It sounds like some can't be trusted with a gavel.

[Via Michael G]

That's kinda cool...

by Tam in View From The Porch at 09:50, Wednesday, 18 July

Magpul has gotten into the sunglasses biz.

They seem to offer blue mirrored lenses, which I'm partial to, and my Wiley X AirRage sunglasses are about wore out. (Sunglasses that rely on tension in the temples plus friction from rubber pieces on the temples to hold on to your noggin eventually get un-tense and non-friction, it turns out. Based on my experiment, this takes about five years.)

I use ballistic-rated sunglasses because I don't want special shades based on whether I'm planning on going to the range that day or not. This way I always have eye pro with me.

The Dogs of War vs. ISIS Jihadis

by Borepatch in Borepatch at 12:18, Wednesday, 18 July

Dog 1, ISIS 0:

The hero Alsatian was accompanying the troops on a training exercise in the north of the country when their convoy of four vehicles came under fire from extremist militants.

One of the SAS cars was destroyed by a homemade bomb and the outnumbered forces were forced to split up and take cover.

With the ISIS fighters pinning the British troops down using two heavy mounted machine guns, an American soldier who was with the group released the snarling dog.
That's like opening a can of whoop-ass, only furrier.
It charged at the attackers, dodging bullets before taking down one of the jihadis and ripping his neck and face.

It then turned its attention to another extremist, savaging his arms and legs in a frenzied assault.

The jihadis, who are thought to have never seen an Alsatian before, fled the scene screaming, allowing the SAS team to call in air support.
Good dog.
The team then m...

Russiagate, explained

by Borepatch in Borepatch at 10:01, Wednesday, 18 July

It's funny because it's true.

American Civilians Estimated To Own 400 Million Firearms

by Matthew Moss in The Firearm Blog at 11:00, Wednesday, 18 July

400 millionIn a new study published by the Small Arms Survey estimates that American civilians own owning just under 400 million guns. Worldwide it’s estimated that civilians own nearly 1 billion firearms, with India a very, very distant second to the US. American Civilians Estimated To Own 400 Million Firearms The report published by the Swiss-based research centre in June […]

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Most Unusual RUGER Products Ever Made: Hand Drills

by Hrachya H in The Firearm Blog at 10:00, Wednesday, 18 July

Most Unusual Ruger Products Ever Made Ruger Hand Drills (4)When your company is in a trouble and struggles to survive, you have to come up with unique solutions and make non-standard decisions if you want to save it from bankruptcy. And gun companies are no exception. History knows many examples of gun companies having to make non-gun products to survive the storm and stay […]

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I am a Holocaust concentration camp survivor. I am one of a rapidly dwindling number of eyewitnesses to the Nazi Holocaust, the most systematic genocide of all time.

I regularly speak at high schools, universities, and community events, sharing my eyewitness account with newer generations of Americans who have no concept of the horrors governments can inflict. I feel a duty to keep alive the memories of millions of Jews who were murdered by Adolf Hitler’s Germany and who cannot speak for themselves.

Today, misinformed students cynically led by progressives are using that event and its rallying call to confiscate guns and turn them over to government–the exact opposite of the core lessons to be learned. This is so fundamentally wrong no justification can excuse it. Naming a book Never Again!–which is a desperate call to arms–to address drug-addled, video-mesmerized, psychotic, murderous classmates –misappropriates and reverses the central messages and lessons of the Holocaust.

In the 1940s, the words Never Again! in German were scrawled on the wall of the Muehldorfer Hart Nazi co...

Well. That’s unacceptable…

by Joel in The Ultimate Answer to Kings at 07:19, Wednesday, 18 July

Getting dressed, and over my second cup I’m getting ready to go out for morning chores. Check to see if my belt knife needs a touch-up, and…

…are you f’ing kidding me? Monsoon’s been on for what? A week? And I’m getting rust.

Time to dig out the Break Free and check the guns over…

Details of Rescue from Thai Cave

by JDZ in Never Yet Melted at 05:57, Wednesday, 18 July

Fox News:

Divers involved in the rescue of 12 Thai boys and their soccer coach from a flooded cave have revealed extraordinary details of the dangerous operation.

A team of more than 150 worked together to free the group from Tham Luang cave, a 6-mile limestone cave system, in an operation that scared even the most seasoned professionals.

New details of the rescue were revealed Monday night on Four Corners, an Australian television series, including how it was decided which of the 12 boys were rescued first.

“It’s one of the most difficult and danger...

Reflections on Powder

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 06:18, Wednesday, 18 July

Flugelman says in comments: 

I had some good results with IMR3031 and Sierra Matchking 168 grain
You're not the first person to report that, but I've always considered 3031 to be a bit fast for the .308.  I've always considered 3031 to be perfect for the .30-30 WIn, and for years, the chant-mantra for reloading was "30 grains of 3031 in the .30-30."  But, even this load will get you in trouble nowadays because about the turn of the century, 3031 changed.  It got a little aster.   We learned that we had to back down to 29 grains for a standard .30-30 load (here, I'm talking about the lever gun load with the 170 grain RN jacketed bullet.)  Of course, the .30-30 shines as a cast bullet cartridge, but we're opening a whole 'nuter wroms when we talk about cast bullets.

I cam to the .308 Win late in my career, simply because I shot so much o it when I worked for Uncle Sam.  It was a commodity, not worth study or reloading.  I simply shot what my Uncle gave me.  But, about 2004 and after finding my pet load, never looked back.  It simply works.  Every rifle I've tried it in gi...



Diamondback Firearms DB15 Semi-Automatic Rifle, 6.5 Grendel, 18″ 4140 Chrome-Moly Free Floating Melonite Finish Barrel, Black Anodized Hardcoat Finish, Adaptive Tactical Performance Collapsible Stock, Two Magazines: 5 and 28 Round Capacity, DB Muzzlebrake, Hexmag Suregrip, 15″ M-LOK Rail, Enahanced Trigger Guard, Mid Length Gas System, No Sights

SF Mayor: ‘There’s More Feces … Than I’ve Ever Seen’ [More]
What, you haven't been going to Council meetings...?

Presumption of Guilt

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 08:33, Wednesday, 18 July

David Hogg: Looks like we’ve found the Russian in this witch hunt [More]
It's illustrative of the kind of government this little sociopath would like to install to deal with those he declares enemies.

[Via Jess]

Terms of Surrender

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 08:28, Wednesday, 18 July

Assault weapon registrations in California are up 43% under new law [More]
And when they decide to ban those and have the lists to enforce it...?

Keep ignoring the obvious, "gun groups."

[Via Jess]

Comments are disabled for this video. [More]
Well, yeah. You don't want to make them cry.

Redefining terms is an old power-grab tactic.  But they have to go beyond that in their Opposite Day "inclusiveness" by excluding traditional definitions as "toxic."

Thus the only acceptable "male" is self-neutered. Until such time as the useful idiots become useless eaters...

[Via Steve T

Boom Times

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 08:01, Wednesday, 18 July

"A bowling ball WHAT?!"  That's the reaction of most people who first see or hear about bowling ball mortars.  Yes, they really do shoot and can launch a bowling ball almost a mile, or a much shorter distance (depending on the powder and angle of elevation).  This is important  if you don't have a long field to shoot in. You can easily drop a bowling ball inside 200 yards. [More]
Yeah, I know-- you don't need it to hunt deer.

[Via Steve T

Half Empty or Full?

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:45, Wednesday, 18 July

Feds Double Down on Gun Control Failures [More]
I'm still waiting to see a "gun control" success.

I'm also still waiting for Bob Barr to apologize to gun owners.

[Via Michael G]

A Fair Question

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:34, Wednesday, 18 July

From WarOnGuns Correspondent Dave Licht in re an email he received from a manufacturer about its sale on "state compliant mags":

Instead of advertising to me every day to buy state compliant mags why don’t these companies cut off police in states that restrict my right to use their standard capacity products?
À la Barrett. Just sayin’
No argument from me...

Chequita Bananas

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:27, Wednesday, 18 July

House Democrats Frustrated With Ocasio-Cortez: She’s Making ‘Enemies,’ ‘Showing ‘Lack of Maturity’ [More]
That's a nice way of saying anyone normal sees a bug-eyed Marxist loon...

It also shows the Old Guard has noticed they've created a monster and that they're being increasingly recognized as replaceable.

Where There's Smoke...

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:10, Wednesday, 18 July

WHOA: Disgraced FBI Official Peter Strzok Grew Up In Iran & His Father Supported The 1979 Iranian Revolution [More]
He does seem to have the "Death to America!" chant mastered...

[Via Wynn A

The Man Who Would Be King

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:01, Wednesday, 18 July

Nationalism and tribalism are resurgent, barriers are being raised and borders reinforced and Soros is confronting the possibility that the goal to which he has devoted most of his wealth and the last chapter of his life will end in failure. [More]
All is not lost. I understand hell has open borders and just about anybody can get in.

[Via Jess]

The chief said he knows his officers who were acting in good faith may not be criminally charged for shooting an innocent person during such a pursuit, but he would expect to be sued and probably lose the civil suit in court. [More]
Hey, it's only money. And it's not even ours.

[Via bondmen]
The state of Missouri has revoked the peace officer license of a former highway patrol trooper who was driving a patrol boat when a handcuffed Iowa man fell out and drowned. [More]
Naturally he wants to keep his career afloat so his lawyer is trying to buoy up that sinking feeling with an appeal.

[Via bondmen]

I’m in some impressive company! Shooting Sports USA recently posted their list of 8 of the best competitive shooting channels on Youtube. On this list are popular powerhouses in the gun community, but there are also some smaller channels that post great content as well. I’m honored to be among them and thank you NRA Family! […]

So here's the text of the petition, interspersed with my comments:

Our names are Amanda and Sophia. One day in science class, we came upon an article on plastic straws. The article stated that Americans use more than 500 million straws a day- and throw them away. That is equivalent to 125 school buses filled with plastic straws. We also learned that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

Well, Amanda and Sophia, one of the first things you should learn is that most of these so-called "articles" are bullshit. If it's on youtube, assume it's bullshit.  On a petition site, assume it's bullshit. Twitter: Bullshit. Any kind of pop-news site: bullshit. The latter are especially bad.  They only want ad dollars. In fact, the "article" you read was written by a 9 year old girl.  As far as studies done by 9 year old girls go, it's probably an A for effort, C for results. As far as an actual science article, F-. About like listening to a Kindergarten choir and thinking you heard music.  When people start believing 9 year old girls are experts on thermodepolymerization and marine biology, we as a society are fucked.

You probabl...


in Of Arms and the Law at 09:24, Wednesday, 18 July

Borat goes to gun store, gets spotted and called out. He's fooled politicians and big-shots, but an FFL spots him the minute he walks in!

John Stormer has died

by Borepatch in Borepatch at 06:47, Wednesday, 18 July

Via Ann Althouse, we see that John Stormer is dead at 90:

John A. Stormer, whose self-published 1964 book, “None Dare Call It Treason,” became a right-wing favorite despite being attacked as inaccurate in promulgating the notion that American government and institutions were full of Communist sympathizers, died on July 10 in Troy, Mo. He was 90. 
Mr. Stormer’s book, published by his own Liberty Bell Press, tapped into a vein of conservative alarm that was still very much present in the early 1960s, even though the Red-baiting era of Senator Joseph R. McCarthy had faded in the 1950s. 
The book landed in the year that the Republican Party nominated Barry M. Goldwater, the conservative Arizona senator, for the presidency, and Goldwater sympathizers l...

The campaign manager for Democrat Tedra Cobb, who is running to unseat Rep. Elise Stefanik (R., N.Y.), left the campaign on Tuesday in the wake of a video where Cobb says she won't publicly state what she actually believes about banning certain guns.
Mentioned this twit before, but it's worth putting up again(bold mine):
"When I was at this thing today, it was the first table I was at, a woman said, ‘How do you feel about assault rifles?' And I said they should be banned," Cobb said in the video. "And I said, you know, people were getting up to go, to go get their lunch because it was a buffet, and I just said to her, I want you to know Cindy, I cannot say that."

Cobb's campaign website includes a page detailing her support for various gun-control measures but does not include any provision advocating for the ban of any firearms. Cobb went on to say that she had been advised by representatives of the gun-control group M...

This morning, the largest newspaper in the state, the Baltimore Sun, reports that Maryland’s Department of Legislative Services calculated that the state would have to levy a 10 percent payroll tax against every business and charge a $2,800 fee for every man, woman, and child in the state to raise the needed $24 billion a year.
As I told a guy years back when he was counting on Hillary! to give him free health care, "It won't be free.  You may not be writing a check to the doctor, but you damn well WILL be paying for it."

The Democrat reaction to the numbers:
Kevin Harris, a spokesman for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous says that it’s “premature” to talk about what kind of taxes or fees would be raised to pay for the plan.
Yeah, wait until the economy is trashed and people are screaming, then talk about the actual costs.  Which I guarantee will be a lot more than their estimate.

Well, crap. Hear about a bullet

by Firehand in Irons in the Fire at 07:05, Wednesday, 18 July

that's said to give very good accuracy in .310 Cadet, check on it, and find that it's made in Australia, and the maker can't afford the costs and mess of getting a license to export them.

Not loaded ammo, mind you, just inert bullets.

Jeez, this is stupid.

The Criminal Justice System Meets Systems Design

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 08:50, Wednesday, 18 July

And the results are not the best. Because systems design and training takes time. And having 2 people verify sensitive information would be expensive! Judge lifts order requiring the L.A. Times to change article on ex-Glendale police spokesman.

Next you will want the .gov to spend money on computer security, or expect judges and lawyers to follow rules cooked up by programmers.

It’s an organized crime case. A Glendale police detective lied about his ties to organized crime. He took a plea agreement.

The plea agreement between prosecutors and detective John Saro Balian was supposed to have been filed under seal, but it was mistakenly made available Friday on PACER, a public online database for federal court documents.

That was done on Friday, by Saturday the LA Times had published a story. The judge wanted the story taken down, but as the defense attorney in the original case noted…

nobody can “unring that bell.”

A clerk made a data ent...

An Attack By An Acquaintance is Still an Attack

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 06:45, Wednesday, 18 July

The gun-hating Left loves to go on about how if you own a gun, it might be used to shoot someone you know. “You say that like it’s a bad thing.” Homeowner shot Travelers Rest man in self-defense, Greenville deputies say.

They were acquainted. He came to the guy’s house. “A confrontation” ensued. He attacked the guy while he was sitting in his vehicle. The homeowner responded by shooting him one time.

Sikkila left the scene and was located later on Pine Log Ford Road. He was taken to a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. He has since been transported to the Greenville County jail, according to online jail records.

So they knew each other. He was a threat, and the homeowner defended himself. That isn’t just my opinion.

A Travelers Rest man is in custody in connection to a Monday shooting that deputies determined was an act of self-defense.

Other stories about known attackers can be found ...

Self-defense in Seattle

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 06:14, Wednesday, 18 July


Germany established their colony of German South West Africa (Deutsch-Südwestafrika, now Namibia) in 1884, as part of its late attempt to become a colonial power to rival the United Kingdom. The soldiers deployed to protect German interests t here were the Kaiserliche Schutztruppen, and they were few in number and armed with a variety of rifles. Most had Mauser 1871 Jager rifles, single shot black powder arms. The best off, however, were outfitted with new Mauser 98 rifles when the German military adopted the G98. A special batch was made for these colonial troops, with a few distinctive features – a bent bolt handle and sights calibrated down to 200m. And yes – they were used by troops mounted on camels!

When World War One broke out, the fighting in Namibia ended fairly quickly, with the German forces soundly defeated by South Africans under General Jan Smuts in the summer of 1915. Fighting in the other German colonies (especially German East Africa, now Tanzania) would last much lon...

From Russia With Love

by Sebastian in Shall Not Be Questioned at 07:19, Wednesday, 18 July

Some of you have probably seen the story of a Russian National connected to an influence operation involving the NRA being arrested on charges of spying. I’ve read the actual criminal complaint against her and it’s hard for me to see how she’s not guilty as hell of what she’s being charged with just based on the evidence found in the complaint. Sounds to me like she even had an assistant in the US (US Person 1) and was also being helped along by (US Person 2), who it seems is connected to the National Prayer Breakfast. Popehat, who has experience as a federal prosecutor, suspects the complaint’s timing was because they got wind Butina was getting ready to flee the country.

While I generally roll my eyes at “based on my training and experience,” the complaint has a number of interesti...

EYES UP: Magpul Eyewear Just Announced

by Nicholas C in The Firearm Blog at 07:00, Wednesday, 18 July

Magpul eyewearMagpul is branching out their lifestyle brand into the realm of eyewear. They have taken their design and materials expertise and applied to to three frame designs and seven lens options. Some models of Magpul Eyewear is available now with more coming soon. Magpul approached their eyewear from a protective design concept. They were designed […]

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Finnsniper 2018 – All the Gear & Firearms

by Eric B in The Firearm Blog at 06:00, Wednesday, 18 July

The annual Sniper Competition in Finland is organized by Ostrobothnia Sniper Association – PohTA. Last year we covered Finnsniper with some very nice photos, like here for instance, as well as a video of 50 Sniper Rifles open fire simultaneously at one target. This year we have almost 30 pictures of the gear and sniper rifles […]

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Eleven years...

Long years.

As a shooter I have progressed quite a bit.  What with all the practice and training.  If this were karate I'd be classified as a very advanced white-belt.

So, hooray for me.

If we were grading my gunsmithing...  Yellow belt?  Maybe Green on the strength of "I've touched a dremel carbide bit to critical gun parts, yet somehow didn't ruin anything... Huzzah!"

Over 6000 posts.  

Science Alert:

The same environmental conditions have unveiled dozens of concealed architectural apparitions in recent weeks, but when eyes were laid on this prehistoric, epic circle invisibly cradled within the Boyne Valley, the sacred truly met the profane. …

“When we saw this, we knew straight away, this had never been seen or recorded before.”

Prompted by the recent archaeological discoveries borne out of the British heatwave, Murphy – who runs the website Mythical Ireland – decided to fly his drone s...


Written by: Greg Ellifritz


I’ve written quite a bit about malfunctioning guns over the years.   I published Criminals and the Guns They Carry.  That article was a study of all the unloaded broken and malfunctioning ...

This month’s installment in our coloring girl series features a little girl who is very special to our Babbs – her granddaughter, Pippi Jean. Of course, that’s not her real name, but let’s just say that this illustration – created by talented Kimberly Kolb Eakin – represents one of PJ’s fav things to do in the summer, and that is … go to the beach. 

Beach Angel Coloring page


Download our Summer WON Coloring Girl PJ’s page ...

August is National Shooting Sports Month! For the entire month, Volquartsen Firearms plans to share photos from their customers and followers that celebrate the passion we all have for target shooting. Their goal is to raise awareness while proudly encouraging shooting and shooting sports as a positive, safe, family-friendly pastime that is enjoyed by millions of Americans.

National Shooting Sports Month

Volquartsen NSSF National Shooting Sports Month #letsgoshooting

National Shootin...

Electra’s Song

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Origa (Olga Vitalevna Yakovleva – or – Ольга Витальевна Яковлева) was a Russian-born singer who made a name for herself in Japan. I first ran across her music when she was tasked with singing the opening song‡ for Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. But her voice had a haunting quality. Sadly she passed away in 2015 at the age of 44 from heart failure.

This is “Electra’s Song” from her 2003 album Era Of Queens.

That opening song, “Inner Universe” can be found at this link. It is the 2nd video in the list. (Only about a minute or two were used for the TV show’s theme.)

What Is SIG and the Army Up To?

by Travis Pike in Gun RSS Feed - Omaha Outdoors at 05:00, Wednesday, 18 July

Hot on the cancellation of the Army subcompact weapon competition we are seeing an odd order from SIG. SIG is already supplying the new XM17/18 to every branch of the military, and hopefully the Space Force. They were, of course, a competitor in the short-lived SMG contest, and are pr...

Prime timNot to be outdone by the 4,000+ mile river in South America, umm, I mean the largest eCommerce site in the world, our friends at Brownells have kicked off a Prime Time sale and charity challenge that ends on 7/20/2018. Although the details are spelled out below, the program is pretty simple: shop for discounted […]

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Apparently folks in Tallahassee don't have a lot of confidence in the "Support Your Local Sheriff" mantra.

Academy Sports pistol thief - who threatened to kill upon his release - released on bond - The Gun Writer:

Jason F. White told Tallahassee police that he tried to steal a Glock 27 from Academy Sports June 29 because he needed to kill someone. The unemployed 24-year-old Tallahassee resident told officers an “unknown man” was threatening him and his children, and that he needed to kill him.
This certainly provides a provocative contrast to the previous story about the Brit who was arrested for attempted murder for firing a paint-ball gun into the ground in front of an aggressor.

"I'm going to take your farm!"British farmer fires paintball gun into ground to warn off aggressive trespasser.
“Close enough. I felt he would lunge at me and strike me with the stick as he was carrying it in a raised position,” the owner said. “He ignored my demand, slowly moving forward. Consciously, I moved the paintball gun to the front, still maintaining its position pointing to the ground. Approximately one metre in front of me, I released two paintballs. They made a popping sound. Then the man stopped.” The owner then called the police.
Arrested for attempted murder!

... and people wonder why eighteenth century Americans revolted against British Rule!

(It's a good thing we did, else we too would be a bunch of wimps with no rights!)

No, I am not making this up.  From the original arti...

Making My Way Through The Hood

by ENDO-Mike in Everyday No Days Off – Gun Blog at 00:16, Wednesday, 18 July

More pro-second amendment raps:

Oh hell yea 🔥.  As I mentioned on Instagram, I think I might rebrand as a...

Train Like You Fight With VODA

by ENDO-Mike in Everyday No Days Off – Gun Blog at 00:08, Wednesday, 18 July

He may or may not be mall security:

Pure gold as always.  Naturally he’s always doing that slide-to-the-eye CAR position.  I bet most people who don’t practice much with this, end up trying it out in an actual high stress ...

Corridor Digital back at it:

Awesome effects, and funny storyline as always.


Tuesday, 17 July


Gun cartoon of the day

by Joe in The View From North Central Idaho at 19:46, Tuesday, 17 July

Tweeted by Sam I Am‏ @nmikel:


His twitter profile claims:

Liberal right, atheist, all around smart guy.

The first two claims seem plausible but the above tweet is conclusive confirmation the third claim is in error.

H/T Jonathan‏ @CorrelA_B.

California voters sometime back, banned magazines exceeding ten rounds and confiscating those grandfathered in under the 1989 ban.  A federal judge had issued an injunction against enforcement of the law because it violated both 2nd and 5th Amendments.  On appeal to the 9th circuit, the panel decided the lower court issued that injunction correctly while the district court hears to case.  Now this in't over; the Cal. A-G will appeal to the en banc 9th Circuit, where I am sure the fascists will overturn the injunction.  For those of you who hate Trump so much that you wanted Felonia Pantsuit to win, this is the long-term result of elections: what super and unelected legislators will decide.

Two previously untelevised Rod Serling stories: Twilight Zone: Rod Serling's Lost Classics.  Remember: if your life starts to resemble a Twilight Zone episode, you need immediate medical attention before it becomes permanent.

Trump's Mistake

by Rivrdog in Nom de plume: Rivrdog at 18:24, Tuesday, 17 July

Did Trump make mistakes with his Finland trip? Not until today. Today he tried to "walk-back" his negative comments about US Intelligence. That's a BAD mistake. Instead of trying to kiss MSM ass, Trump should have realized that he can't EVER play their game, because the objective of that game is PRIMARILY to make him look weak and indecisive, and...

It’s not possible to hate a man like this and not hate those he represents. Issue advocacy voters elected Donald Trump because what he pledged in his campaign resonated with their values and the direction they’re determined to see the country move in. Those who would destroy that vision must first destroy its proponents. [More]
Play domestic enemy games,win domestic enemy prizes.

You don't need to be an Earthling to vote in San Francisco.

San Francisco Department of Elections issues voter registration forms for non-citizens | Monday, July 16, 2018 05:42PM SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Monday the Department of Elections Issued Voter Registration Forms for non-citizens who are eligible to vote for members of the San Francisco Board of Education in the November 6th 2018 election. The measure passed in 2016 with a close vote of 54 percent to 46 percent following two failed previous attempts.
Well, that explains how the people that California has elected its governor.


Heavy Mental Music

by Borepatch in Borepatch at 15:51, Tuesday, 17 July

This is a very different spin on "high and tight", but anything that has Bill Murray fixing martinis is a-OK in my book.  Srlsy.  And it is mid-July after all ...

Hey Bustah!

June 2018 Top Selling Pistols

by Travis Pike in Gun RSS Feed - Omaha Outdoors at 16:03, Tuesday, 17 July

Gun Broker is the eBay of the gun world. They connect thousands of buyers and sellers ...

NEW Black Rain BRO Spec15 .224 Valkyrie Complete Uppers

by Adam Scepaniak in The Firearm Blog at 17:00, Tuesday, 17 July

BRO Spec15If you have not jumped on the .224 Valkyrie bandwagon yet there is no need to worry. The bandwagon circles around regularly about every 15 minutes. There seems to be a new flavor of ammunition, new tricked out firearm, or as is the case with Black Rain Ordnance (BRO), a new complete upper assembly for […]

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A Yemeni Locally Made 14.5×114 Heavy Sniper Rifle

by Marawan Maklad in The Firearm Blog at 16:30, Tuesday, 17 July

Yemen is known to have the highest percentage of armed citizens in the Arab world, with over 60 million weapons including small arms, mortars, RPGs, and even Anti Aircraft Man-Pad missiles.  With a population of 30 million citizens, that means 2 weapons for every person. Obviously, they take their “2nd amendment” seriously. I have previous […]

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Sig Sauer SummerAnnounced just prior to SHOT 2018, the latest Sig Sauer catalog highlighted the release of the M17 P320 pistol to the civilian market. Just six months later, a few select distributors have started preparing for orders.  The RSR Group has item and stocking information while Osage County Guns has descriptions and pricing. Some models might […]

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TFBTV: Mike and the FN 1922 Pistol

by Mike B in The Firearm Blog at 15:00, Tuesday, 17 July

Mike takes a look at the FN 1922 service pistol, built by Fabrique Nationale in Belgium in both 9x17mm/.380 ACP and 7.65x17mm/.32 ACP. A widely successful, but little known service pistol from the inter-war years, which nevertheless served until the 1970’s and 1980’s in various roles in a whole bunch of European countries. ««« GUNS […]

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National Review reports that the Mandalay Bay is suing victims of the massacre there to get a declaration that they are not responsible for the actions of a guest sniper.  While I understand the desire to avoid being held liable for an unforeseeable event, this is among the most anti-PR stunts that I can imagine.   They should be focused on defending themselves from suits that make no sense.  Unless the Mandalay Bay knows something that would make them in some way liable.

It stormed like crazy yesterday afternoon. Storm came out of the north, which I’ve been kind of hoping for because I wanted to see how fixing the north edge of the roof would finally get the front window to stop leaking. For quite some time my assumption has been that the water is exiting through the top of the window but entering up between the roof and the top edge of the siding.

Apparently not. The siding and roofing are now very well sealed but the front window still leaks like a sieve. More than that, the front bedroom window leaks just as badly. This is completely confusing. They’re metal flange windows: They screw to the underlayment and then the siding goes over the metal, there’s lots of caulk at every step, and I simply can’t see any physical way either window could leak. But they both do, about equally badly, implying that I’ve done something wrong in their installation but I can’t imagine what. No way the bedroom addition is leaking from the top of the frame – there’s overlapping metal roofing and a good drip edge. I...


by New Jovian Thunderbolt in New Jovian Thunderbolt at 13:54, Tuesday, 17 July

Lefty colleague thought this funny, because of recent events.  Putting this sticker on the Lada

Back to Basics

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 13:20, Tuesday, 17 July

I started reloading back in 1976, and quickly became hooked.  With three boys and one daughter that likes to shoot, we lived in the country, and my ammo bill was .. interesting.  So, I started reloading for shotgun, then pistol, and finally for rifle.  For a time, back at the turn of the century, I was the managing editor of a webzine called The Frugal Outdoorsman.  In 2003, I penned an article about reloading on the kitchen table.

Today, I recalled a conversation with my daughter.  It seems that the hunting season is approaching and she was inquiring if I happened to have any spare .308 Win cartridges laying around.  the kids have been scamming ammo from me for years, and I make batter ammo than most of what is on the shelves at the stores, for a whole lot less money.

So, I was digging through my scrounging stocks, and found a bag of once-fired brass, .308 Federal Gold Medal Match, that I found at the local Sheriff's office range.  So, I found my hand press, brought tem inside and decapped them.  Then took them out to the t...

It's Easy Enough to Grasp

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 13:44, Tuesday, 17 July

“I don’t understand how you can begin to suggest a half a million dollar donation at this time,” Sam Scarfino said. [More]
Well it's not their money and they're kissing the right rear ends. Seems pretty clear.

Oh I see -- you were making a point.

[Via Steve T

Insult to Injury

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:09, Tuesday, 17 July

The corporate owners of the Mandalay Bay casino filed suit against the victims of last year’s Las Vegas concert mass shooting, claiming it has no liability for the massacre... [More]
And importantly, no duty to protect, "hotel security" notwithstanding...

I gotcher "Russian Collusion" right here

by Borepatch in Borepatch at 06:47, Wednesday, 18 July

— Sal the Agorist (@SallyMayweather) July 16, 2018

P3 Predator HunterNikon has been hard at work behind the scenes because they have a new series of optics that covers the complete gamut of shooting. Everything from muzzleloading, shotguns, rimfire and centerfire rifles are covered. We will make our way through the new Prostaff P3 series today to see if any of these scopes catch your […]

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Pew-Pew's first date with the range

by Carteach in Carteach0 at 10:23, Tuesday, 17 July

I'm not smiling.  You can't prove a thing. See below for what went into Pew-Pew, the fat man's new AR pistol-ish thing. First 110 rounds fired, and not a single tiny hint of a hiccup. Function is flawless, so far. Accuracy is surprising, and pleasing, for an AR pistol.  At 25 yards (Indoor range today), the first group to zero the BUIS went into less than an inch.  Four of the holes

By the way magnesium citrate is a very effective laxative.  This came in a carbonated bottle form with a chemical lemon flavor that should cause every lemon on Earth to stage protests about "cultural misappropriation."  There was literally nothing left in mt GI tract this morning by 6:00 AM.

One of them married a candlemaker and bought a industrial lathe:

Another WA City Poking at Preemption

by Dave Workman in Liberty Park Press at 08:38, Tuesday, 17 July


There's a Word for This

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:09, Tuesday, 17 July

"Extortion." [More]

What Could Go Wrong?

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:41, Tuesday, 17 July

Armed man who took over church released on bail by judge [More]
But it's OK because:
Baker also ordered the 34-year-old to “surrender all firearms to the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office” and that he “possess no firearms of any kind until further order of court.”

[Via Jess]

The Medium is the Message

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 08:47, Tuesday, 17 July

How Entertainment Shows Have Become Vehicles for Gun Control Propaganda [More]
Yes, they are and have been conduits for every ignorant and hypocritical talking point out there, and their volunteer brainwashing subjects walk away considering themselves informed.

[Via Michael G]

NEA Whistleblower: Teachers Unions Setting Stage for a Civil War [More]
This is real.

And th...

0 Degrees of Separation

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:07, Tuesday, 17 July

Accused Russian spy attended 2014 NRA meeting in Indianapolis [More]
OMG, so did I!


[Via Mike H]

Bill Clinton Staffer Wants to ‘Beat The Crap Out Of Rand Paul’ [More]
Oh look: Erasing history.

What a "progressive" idea.

I've met Sen. Paul.  He's a pretty small guy. But he strikes me as disciplined and having a steel core.

I know where I'd put MY money.

[Via ...


by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:37, Tuesday, 17 July

Gun owners face fines up to $10,000 for not locking up their guns under new Seattle law [More]
The good news is anyone will still be able to get their hands on a pitchfork.

[Via Jess]

All About the Benjamins

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:00, Tuesday, 17 July

By declaring gun violence a public health crisis, La-Keisha Jackson says the city would be able to gain access to federal dollars that could help address systemic issues. [More]
Because what has had more of a proven, time-tested impact than tax-and-spend Democrat "leadership"?

[Via Mike H]

“If they have burglaries that are open cases that are not solved yet, if you see anybody black walking through our streets and they have somewhat of a record, arrest them so we can pin them for all the burglaries,” former officer Anthony De La Torre told investigators in 2014. “They were basically doing this to have a 100% clearance rate for the city.” [More]
Speaking of a blacklist, guess what the very first city claimed in Florida is?

Little Big Boss would approve.

[Via J...

Stealing Birthrights

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 08:06, Tuesday, 17 July

CU Boulder students join effort to fight Boulder’s new assault weapon ban [More]
That's forward-thinking and progressive (with no need for quotation marks this time).

Compare to:
Appeals court hears UT professors' challenge to Texas campus carry law
What a betrayal of the sacred obligation "to secure the Blessings of Liberty to... our Posterity." What selfish and cowardly old bastards.

[Via Michael G]...

What They Think Of You...

by Tam in View From The Porch at 09:15, Tuesday, 17 July

Indiana is bracing for a hotly contested senate race this fall, with incumbent Joe Donnelly (D-IN) facing GOP upstart Mike Braun, who won one of the nastiest primary mud-wrestling contests it has ever been my misfortune to live through.

With control of the senate teetering on a knife edge, this race is attracting national attention and a lot of out-of-state dough. In fact, the Senate Majority Project ad below complains that "out of state billionaires" the Kochs...are buying ads to smear our beloved "Indiana Joe". (A recent pro-Braun ad accused Donnelly's family printing business of off-shoring south of the border and dubbed him "Mexico Joe".)

The thing is, the Senate Majority Project has received a couple million from Bloomberg, as well as at least $10M from Newsweb Corp, which is Chicago billionaire Fred Eychaner's company.

So an ad complaining about out-of-state bil...

Shootin' Buddy's theory on redundancy for your carry gun was that you should "find a gun you like, and buy five copies." That way you'd have:

"One on your hip, one in the safe, one at the local gunsmith, one at the manufacturer being overhauled, and one stored off-site at a trusted, safe location."
Commander Zero seems to have a similar eye toward redundancy, and explains it here. Go read.

Humongous Suppressors by Hausken of Norway

by Hrachya H in The Firearm Blog at 10:00, Tuesday, 17 July

Recently, I came across a Norwegian suppressor manufacturing company called Hausken. By visiting their website you will find several suppressor offerings which mostly utilize a reflex design where the suppressor is partially telescoped over the barrel – pretty typical design for the European suppressors. At first, it doesn’t seem that there is anything interesting there […]

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It is especially inappropriate for the majority opinion here to apply intermediate scrutiny rather than strict scrutiny to D.C.’s ban on semi-automatic rifles. No court of appeals decision since Heller has applied intermediate scrutiny to a ban on a class of arms that have not traditionally been banned an “incidental” regulation. It is equivalent to a ban on a category of speech. Such restrictions on core enumerated constitutional protections are not subjected to mere intermediate scrutiny review. The majority opinion here is in uncharted territory in suggesting that intermediate scrutiny can apply to an outright ban on possession of a class of weapons that have not traditionally been banned.

Gun bans and gun regulations that are longstanding—or, put another way, sufficiently rooted intext, history, and tradition—are consistent with the Second Amendment individual right. Gun bans and gun regulations that are not longstanding or sufficiently rooted in text, history,and tradition are not consistent with the Second Amendment individual right.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh
October 4, 2011

Until recently I’ve had a long and relatively happy relationship with Amazon*. Then I got a smartphone and it all went to hell.

Naive and unknowing, I made the mistake of logging on to Amazon with a second device, which triggered some security bot. Now I can’t use either my laptop OR my smartphone on Amazon without inputting a second security code emailed by Amazon’s bot – except the emails the bot sends me are invariably BLANK. Which is not a big help.

Maybe – probably – it’s just my comically outdated software. Maybe … I don’t know. I’m sure an eleven-year-old would sort this out without breaking stride. I have officially reached fogeydom. It’s all downhill from here.

Curiously Amazon has no problem whatsoever with the tablet computer Big Brother gave me in April. So now I do the small amount of online shopping I do using t...

New Frontier Auction, July 21, 2018, 3:00 PM MST, Loveland, CO,

Lot 249: Buffalo Bill Cody’s Colt 1860 Army
Estimate: $50,000 – $80,000

This Colt revolver comes with approximately 15 pages of documentation and provenance, and additional research done by noted expert R.L. Wilson. Lineage on this revolver attributes only four previous owners. Mr. Wilson wrote a definitive book on Buffalo Bill memorabilia of which this was an item of focus. The revolver is a standard Model 1860 Colt Army, shipped in 1868, with factory nickel finish. All legends are sharp. The rebated roll-engraved Naval cylinder scene is nearly 100%. Frame and barrel markings ar...

The Left Needs Therapy

by JDZ in Never Yet Melted at 07:20, Tuesday, 17 July

Guns Are A High Calling

by The Uninvited Ombudsman in Page Nine at 05:00, Tuesday, 17 July

It’s Not Controversial -- It’s Virtually Holy

Alan Korwin

This article originally ran in the JPFO Bill of Rights Sentinel, Ed. 13

It’s easy to feel a certain degree of guilt about advocating for gun rights and the Second Amendment.

The amount of mud-slinging, criticism and abuse “regular” people heap on you, when you speak of guns is so enormous, it can weigh you down. It is difficult to bear. The constant berating, denigration and antagonism. The non-stop belittling. Endless bombardment by the so-called mainstream media, about crime and society’s psychos doing bad things, it makes it tough to see the forest for the trees, to stand up for what’s right and just and good.

Yet the brilliant Founding Fathers, the ones who ensconced the right to arms in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution must have had some method to their madness. And it turns out it wasn’t madness at all. It was brilliance.

They realized that no matter what they did about the lowly common man, the even lower common criminal was going to be armed. The d...



Christensen Arms A4 Single Action Semi-Automatic Pistol, 9 mm, 4″ Stainless Steel Match Grade Barrel, Stainless Steel Finish, Black Cerekote On Slide, G10 Grips, Two 9 Round Magazines, Zippable Soft Case, Match Grade Tunable Trigger, Skeletonized Hammer, and Trigger, Checkered Front and Rear Strap, Adjustable Raised Night Sights


The Nuclear Option

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:21, Tuesday, 17 July

Two workers from the Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory lost an undisclosed amount of plutonium and cesium from a rental car parked overnight in a San Antonio, Texas, hotel parking lot in a neighborhood known for car break-ins and other crimes, according to an article published Monday by the Center for Public Integrity. [More]
And we're worried about these guys...

[Via ...
It was an attack on gun-rights leaders and it was done in a similar fashion to "Borat." Besides Philip, Sasha Baron Cohen tricked, lied to, and set up a host of people, including Larry Pratt, Trent Lott, Dana Rohrabacher, Joe Wilson, and Joe Walsh.  [More]
Sorry, but if you know there's a trap, why walk into it so thoroughly? Selective editing and playing along cannot explain away this:

I talked about this yesterday -- and its Alinsky Rule 5 implications -- with Mark Walters on Armed American Radio.

Mark is correct. It's an uncomfortable conversation. I wish those prompting it had not made it necessary.
Arizona Cop Beats Up Blind Man in Bathroom, Arrests Him, Because He Accidentally Ran Into Him [More]
No word on what happened to the minky?

[Via Jess]

Mystery as IDENTICAL letters appear in 21 newspapers across 12 states slamming Trump's Supreme Court pick – and they're all signed by different people [More]

And they'd have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for those meddling Deplorables!

[Via Jess]

“What stunned me is the number of positive calls I’ve received and 85 to 90 percent have come from women,” Smith says. [More]
Why does that not surprise me?

And "Dame" Jane Goodall's involved? I wonder if this was her idea...

[Via Jess]

The Choice is Clear

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 05:53, Tuesday, 17 July

NRA endorses Colyer over Kobach, who touts backing of another gun group [More]
They had me at "hunting heritage."

[Via bondmen

Band-Aid on Avulsion

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 05:43, Tuesday, 17 July

Feds send additional funding to U.S. Attorney’s Office to combat violent crime in St. Louis [More]
Well then, mission accomplished!

[Via bondmen

...are prior restraint infringements without due process... [More]

Is he really stupid enough to think the mob will be satisfied? Or that this will slow the young worthies down one bit?

[Via bondmen...

It’s such a simple question… What’s the most efficient type of drill someone could do when they go to the range? The answer? Whether it’s for competition or self defense, if you want to make the most of your range time you have to put some thought into it. Here’s my answer from behind the […]

Independence Day – we like to call it “The 4th of July” – we celebrate it with family cook-outs with hot dogs and burgers on the grill, and close the day out with sparklers and fireworks. But, when was the last time you or I really stopped to consider the deeper meanings of this day? What too many of us don’t know is that July 4, 1776 wasn’t the day we gained our Independence from English rule – it was the day we declared (and knew that we must fight for the right to have) our freedom. Too many of us have become so separated from our nation’s historical origins that we only know July 4th as an extra day off from work, when in fact it was the day that our Forefathers set out to do the hardest, most perilous, and dangerously life-threatening work. 


ASM826's post yesterday looked back on the race to the Moon nostalgically, as a lost age of engineering and an opportunity squandered.  I'm not so sure.  The Moon race was an anomaly in American history, a massive engineering project divorced from financial return.  The great projects from the 19th and 20th centuries all were focused on profit and growth - the Erie canal, the transcontinental railroad, the Interstate Highway system.  Project Apollo stands out as the oddball.

There's no mystery about why we never went back.  I wrote about this nine years ago.

Monday, July 20, 2009...

In what has become an annual Independence Day tradition, this year’s class of Publius Fellows headed from the Claremont Institute to the West End Gun Club in the San Gabriel Mountain foothills for a day of shooting, learning about the Second Amendment, and consuming mass quantities of barbecue. So what is a Publius Fellow, you […]

to have real problems with Mueller & Co.  I think I mentioned before how he was involved in that screwed-up investigation of the anthrax attacks; I pulled that article up, doesn't this sound familiar?
Much of what authorities discovered, they leaked anonymously to journalists. The result was an unrelenting stream of inflammatory innuendo that dominated front pages and television news. Hatfill found himself trapped, the powerless central player in what Connolly describes as “a story about the two most powerful institutions in the United States, the government and the press, ganging up on an innocent man. It’s Kafka.”
In their own depositions, both John Ashcroft and Robert Mueller, the FBI director, said they had expressed concern to underlings about news leaks that appeared to single out and smear Hatfill. Both, however, denied any knowledge of who specifically was doing the leaking.

Throw in the mess before that mess with ...

Texans Are Still Armed…

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 06:52, Tuesday, 17 July


Attack Of The Lesbian Activist Squirrels!

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 06:38, Tuesday, 17 July

Adaptive Curmudgeon brings us Attack Of The Lesbian Activist Squirrels!.

An on-going serialized novella. Lesbian squirrel harness the power of Swedish disco to erase common sense. When drone strikes, trans-species raptors, and a racist bear all fail to stop them, two brilliant college dropouts in a Subaru are mankind’s last hope. We’re probably doomed.

Chapter One: Bear Encounter
– In which a skunk and bear mount a protest.

Chapter Two: Lesbian Squirrels
– In which the secret of Swedish disco is revealed.

Witness The Power Of Abba

Chapter Three: Road To Portland
– When you have no savings and no life plan you must go to Portland.

and more

And while I admit I’m not finished, so far so good. (As noted it is broken down into manageable chunks.) Enjoy.

JusticeSmall town cops: big fish in a small pond who will F#$k you up for disrespecting thei...

FESAC and the Rights of European Arms Collectors

by Ian McCollum in Forgotten Weapons at 06:27, Tuesday, 17 July

Today I am joined by Mr. Stephen Petroni, chairman of FESAC – the Foundation for European Societies of Arms Collectors. FESAC is an organization set up to advocate for and protect the rights of European arms collectors at the European Union level. Here in the United States many people shrug off gun collecting in Europe as a lost cause when in reality American and European collectors have a lot to learn and gain from cooperation, as do collectors within each nation in the European Union. Just as the US is a collection of states with widely differing gun laws, so is the EU a collection of nations with diverse laws and regulations. If we want to promote the preservation of military history worldwide, we must work together worldwide to support each other.

Day 2 of Prime Day: More Gun/Tac Gear Discounts on Amazon

by James Reeves in The Firearm Blog at 07:04, Tuesday, 17 July

Click here to see the Day 1 post – many of yesterday’s deals are still active. Amazon’s annual blowout sale, “Prime Day,” kicked off at 3PM EST yesterday. Prime Day is open to only Amazon Prime members and offers a number of deals from almost every Amazon product category. I’ve combed through the deals to […]

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US Army Seeks Future M240 Manufacurers

by Matthew Moss in The Firearm Blog at 07:00, Tuesday, 17 July

The US Army Contracting Command, New Jersey, has issued a sole source notice to find potential future manufacturers of the Army’s 7.62x51mm M240 general purpose machine guns. This is an exercise in market research as the Army try to identify potential sources for future M240 production. The sole source synopsis explains that the result of the […]

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A G3 patterned self-loading rifle with a collapsible stock has recently been observed through numerous online sources with Houthi fighters in Yemen and with an Al-Aqsa Brigade fighter in the Gaza strip. The rifle in question is a 7.62x51mm NATO G3-patterned rifle that has been modified to fire what would appear to be rifle grenades through […]

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The craft-modified bullpup PKM design that has popped up in different iterations (albeit sparingly) throughout Syria, Yemen and Libya takes its roots in the Russian 7.62x54mmR Pecheneg PKP GPMG that became popular within the Russian Ministry of Interior due to the need for a beltfed weapon system that could be compact as possible. Originally the Pecheneg […]

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Happy 30th birthday to the movie that made so many people want to own a #Beretta 92
July 15 1988 was the official release date of the movie #DieHard

— BERETTA (@Beretta_USA) July 15, 2018

I wasn't so much into guns then.  And I wouldn't own a pistol for a dozen years.  Young skull-fulla-mush in college.

Despite all this youth and inexperience, and what I picked up in the Corps via osmosis, I had Distinct Opinions on what gun I wanted if I was to choose a pistol for my very own.

I'd like to think in my abject ignorance I was still semi-rational....


By David Crane david (at) defensereview (dot) com July 16, 2018 Last updated on 7/18/18. A relatively new sunglass company called Gatorz Eyewear has a very interesting aluminum-framed ANSI Z87+ ballistic eyepro (eye protection “flagship” model called the Magnum Z, and it’s pretty impressive looking on multiple levels. First, the Magnum Z is aesthetically pleasing ...

The Solution To the Russian Problem

by mzmadmike in The Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse at 21:54, Monday, 16 July

Robert Mueller must be convicted of treason and executed.

Liberals may now close the window and scream about how insane I am, maintaining their belief in Trump's Russian birth certificate and the Easter Bunny.

Mueller indicted 12 Russian intelligence officers for developing software, under orders from their leadership, in Russia.

Not for using it against us, which still wouldn't be a crime (since US law does not apply in Russia), though it might be an act of war.


And in the process he's exposed them to the world. They effectively can never leave Russia without a diplomatic discussion and guarantee of their safety in any nation they might stop in.

Now, anyone capable of basic rational thought (apparently, not-liberals) realizes this is a precedent for Russia, and any other nation, to likewise file charges against any and all of our intelligence community.

Or, really, anyone at all who has done anything that is restricted.

My wife contracts to a defense contractor who produces products for aerospace. She has in fact had Russian sites taken down, sometimes simply by calling the host and saying, "Hey, this se...

Tikkun Olam

by Carl Bussjaeger in The Zelman Partisans at 00:00, Tuesday, 17 July

The Zelman Partisans recently received an inquiry about liberal Jews and tikkun olam.

Y.B. ben Avraham addressed this back in 2014:

Gradually setting aside their fundamental belief in Torah, and longing for Geula, many Jews focused on secular, social action, to satisfy their ingrained drive for Tikkun Olam. After many, many centuries of exile, poverty, suffering, and death, many thought the Enlightenment (and the Jewish variant; the Haskalah) was the correct path. Perhaps, they thought, ‘this’ was the way to bring about the coming of Moshiach?

For all that I pen many of the columns here, I am not a Jew. Faith comes hard to me; even a belief system that has successfully maintained an identity for thousands of years. Nonetheless, I admire the strength of will that maintains in the face of adversity, and I see things that have happened to Jews as a cautionary tale; what has been done to one group — the Shoah, for instance — can be done to any other group, if they do not stand fast. And I admire the Maccabees for… standing fast.

Nor am I a scholar. But...

Because firearms are not a public health issue July 13, 2018 Media Update from Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership News: Here is our next update about DRGO activity during the past 4 weeks. We were asked a lot of questions about the AMA’s new (old) stand for gun control, in spite of all the reasons […]

Monday, 16 July


7/14/18 NBC San Francisco:

San Francisco Mayor London Breed, in her first one-on-one interview since taking office, said homeless advocacy groups that receive funding from the city need to better educate the homeless to "clean up after themselves."  
"I work hard to make sure your programs are funded for the purposes of trying to get these individuals help, and what I am asking you to do is work with your clients and ask them to at least have respect for the community — at least, clean up after themselves and show respect to one another and peopl...

7/14/18 UPI reports that while same-sex marriage improved health care coverage:

However, after analyzing 16 years of government data on Americans' health, Gonzales and colleagues found it wasn't associated with improved health among gay men.
"For example, mental health was not improved, and there were no changes in negative health behaviors such as cigarette smoking or heavy drinking," Gonzales explained.
As regular readers know, I have found that surveys of LGBTs find 2x-8x the rate of reported childhood sexual abuse.  And CSA increases substance abuse and mental illness rates among both strai...


And she assumes she’ll be getting all this largess from…who? Slaves?

Or maybe I’m misreading her, and she thinks she’ll marry some sugar daddy then spend her life eating bon-bons because she carries paradise in her crotch? That’s not the way that works, either. Maybe once, but not any more. Between taxes and inflation everybody’s on the clock now. Oh, maybe an outlier like Melania Trump can pull it off, but dear Avery can’t.

Nope. Sorry, hun. Get used to it…

…and twice on Sunday, if you get your wish and the socialists start winning elections.

My newest piece is up at on the continuing bias in entertainment television. The piece starts this way:

Does anyone care to speculate on the shopkeepers fate had he pulled the poor young man in and told the Trinitarios to go away? And why would citizens have a duty to try and save anyone when law enforcement does not? [More]
Talk about an entirely created-by-government problem they're using as an excuse to seize even more control...

Prime Day Deals 2018

by Greg Ellifritz in Active Response Training at 18:00, Monday, 16 July

Today is “Prime Day” on  For members of their excellent “prime” service, they are discounting thousands of items sitewide.


It’s kind of like the sales you would see on “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday.”  Some really good bargains are available.  You have to be an Amazon Prime member to get the bargains.


I’m going to list a few of the deals that I think you folks may like.  I’ll be updating this post throughout the day (and into tomorrow) as new items are constantly going on sale throughout a 30 hour time period.  Check back a couple more times today.  there is a good chance that the deals will have changed since your last visit.


Some of the items have limited availability.  Once the set number is sold, the sales stop.  Some of these deals may be expired by the time you read this page.  Make sure to check the price before you hit the “buy” button.


All of these bargains are affiliate links.  That means this site gets a small commission (between 1.5% and 6% depending on the item) on every item you purchase.  It ...


by Sheila Stokes-Begley in The Zelman Partisans at 20:49, Monday, 16 July

July 4th, American Independence day when we think about the resolve of American patriots, give thanks for their foresight and courage. We review what they went through and the tools that made victories possible.

Washington & Guns, lots of guns. Good plan.








And both of those things, Washington and guns were lacking in Poland on July 4th 1946. Poland has been in the news a lot as of late. For those that don’t know it, Jul...

RIP 9/21/2011-7/11/2018

by Tam in View From The Porch at 19:15, Monday, 16 July

I think it was about six years ago that Bobbi and I walked into Target's camera department...well, it was just like an aisle or an aisle-and-a-half by then...and saw a display for a new and unfamiliar camera from Nikon.

It took interchangeable lenses, but not regular Nikon lenses. The back and top of it were nearly devoid of controls, like a compact camera. There was what looked like a mode dial, but it was mostly unfamiliar hieroglyphics instead of the normal "PASM".

There was a position with a movie camera icon, so that was video. And there was a green camera icon, which I guess would be automatic scene selection? Program mode? Who knew?


2015 NGSARConfirming our report back in June that the US Army’s future Next Generation Squad Automatic Rifle program has identified five current contestants and awarded opportunity notice awards to facilitate prototype development. Back in June Miles reported that five vendors had passed the theoretical feasibility phase of the NGSAR program with the specifications submitted by the vendors […]

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Update SVD Chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum (15)About a year ago, we reported about the SVD rifle chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum. This rebarreling project was done by the Sureshot Armament Group, a company well known for making different accessories for the SVD platform. In order to give a more in-depth explanation, Valentin Vlasenko, the owner, co-founder and chief engineer of the company, published an article […]

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Liquid Refreshment

by Joel in The Ultimate Answer to Kings at 14:15, Monday, 16 July

Thanks to a cash infusion from Big Brother I was able to fill all the gasoline cans.

Next Monday if all goes well I’ll fill my two empty propane bottles. then I’ll be stylin’.

Had a bit of an unexpected shot to the kidneys on the way to D&L’s this morning…

I knew the south wash ran a little Friday evening. What I didn’t know was that it ran a lot last night, and cut a channel right through my road. Sometimes when the morning light is wrong you can’t see that drop-off until you’re falling off it.

Check this out…


Illinois Gov. Rauner Signs ‘Waiting Period’ Bill

by Dave Workman in Liberty Park Press at 15:20, Monday, 16 July



by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 16:10, Monday, 16 July

Zach and I have been experimenting with burgers on the new griddle    We've eaten (different) burgers for both lunch and dinner.  Excellent both times.

Tomorrow, Quesadillas.  We'll have another grandkid over here, and I don't know anyone who doesn't like quesadillas.

Next week, we'll have yet another grandkid who likes veggies and seafood.  I can't want to try something like Brussels sprouts (for example), and maybe cook a nice piece of salmon.

I can see that this griddle and I are going to become very good friends

Speaking of NRA

by SayUncle in SayUncle at 14:28, Monday, 16 July

If you read just a bit of this, the implication is that the NRA is somehow tied to Russian election meddlers. But, basically, she’s a member and met a few NRA folks at a gun rights festival.

NRA Polling

by SayUncle in SayUncle at 14:24, Monday, 16 July

Interesting polling data from Pew. So, let’s see. US adult population is 249,485,228. 3 in 10 own a gun. So that means 74,845,568 say they own guns. Of those 3 in 10, 19% say they’re NRA members. So, 14,220,658 people are NRA members? Or, rather, some number of people think they’re members.

“a leading gun control advocate”

by SayUncle in SayUncle at 14:03, Monday, 16 July

Who I’ve never heard of. One Avery Gardiner, Brady Campaign Co-president (honestly, I’d kind of forgotten Brady still existed), drops the big lie regarding Kavanaugh:

What we know about his stances is through the opinions hes issued on assault weapons. A challenge to DCs ban on assault weapons went before him and two other judgesall three were [appointed by] Republicans. The panel split 2-1 to uphold the law, with Judge Kavanaugh as the dissenter. He thinks assault weapons are within the scope of the Second Amendment, which puts him way out of step with the Supreme Court and circuit courts that have considered this issue. [The Second Amendment] protects the kinds of weapons that were in common use at the timein 1791, when the Second Amendment was adopted. Those are [former Supreme Court Justice Antonin] Scalias words. Judge Kavanaugh just uses the first part of that phrase, in common use and leaves out the at the time part.

Perhaps she should read the ...

Something must be done

by SayUncle in SayUncle at 13:55, Monday, 16 July

This is something. So it must be done.

My Photographs of Food Always Suck

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 16:22, Monday, 16 July

Or I would have posted something.

  • A prime bone-in strip steak. (none of this “choice” stuff everyone is trying to foist on you.)
    Rare – bordering on medium-rare.
  • A salad
    • three kinds of lettuce plus radicchio
    • one radish
    • pepperocini
    • a little onion
    • sun-dried tomato
    • a bit of peeled and sliced cucumber
    • sliced, black olives
    • half a small avocado
    • cilantro-lime dressing
    • a sprinkling of chopped walnuts and hearts of hemp
  • Cabernet Sauvignon


My photographs – via phone or whatever – always look like something from Lileks’ The Gallery of Regrettable Food.

Usually like something out of Meat! Meat! Meat! Also Meat!. (You don’t need to see that!)

Ballistic Advantage AR-15 Enhanced Receiver Set

by Hrachya H in The Firearm Blog at 16:00, Monday, 16 July

Ballistic Advantage AR-15 Enhanced Receiver Set (1)Ballistic Advantage has introduced a new AR-15 upper and lower receiver set. The company calls this product Enhanced Receiver Set. Although these receivers may look like billet ones, they are actually made of custom forgings. As the company says, these receivers: “deliver billet aesthetics in a forged package“. Ballistic Advantage Enhanced upper and lower receivers are […]

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Buy it at Ventura Munitions: We shoot Armscor .223 Rem 62gr FMJ ammunition from a 10.5″ and 18″ AR15 into Clearballistics ballistic gel to measure velocity, penetration, expansion/fragmentation, and retained weight. If you aren’t already subscribed to us, you’re missing great content! Click here to subscribe. 10.5″ Penetration: 15″ Retained weight: 51.4gr Neck: […]

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Level III+ Armor Stopping .50 BMG Bullets ... Is it Possible (1)After a long break, Jerry Miculek resumed creating and publishing videos on his YouTube channel. There is no doubt that most of our readers know who is Jerry Miculek and that the content he creates has an overwhelmingly high level of coolness. In the latest video published on the channel, Jerry tests a Veterans MFG […]

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Gun and Tactical Gear on Amazon Prime Day

by James Reeves in The Firearm Blog at 14:42, Monday, 16 July

Note: I am still looking and adding deals as they pop up, so check this article often or email me at James@TFB.TV if you see an awesome deal. Amazon’s annual blowout sale, “Prime Day,” kicked off at 3PM EST today. Prime Day is open to only Amazon Prime members and offers a number of deals […]

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The second phase of constipation was bad enough for me to drive to the E/R last night.  I was concerned that they might regard this as not a real "emergency."  The intake nurse had spent nine awful days after a tonsillectomy, so they took it seriously.  After an X-ray to rule out bowel obstruction they gave me what I hope will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which loosened the logjam enough to reduce my pain and nausea enough to go home and sleep badly, a giant improvement over no sleep at all.  They also have a medicine that reverses opoid-induced constipation. 

I am still bloated and uncomfortable with some pain, but I can hear gurgling noises that suggest the factory is beginning to operate again.

If I have not already told you, avoid getting overweight, which is apparently a cause of umbilical hernias.  I spent too many years enjoying food in excess, with very high costs now.  The surgery diet, however, knocked off five pounds but bloat has kept my waist size unchanged.

 And a 40 shots without reloading double action pistols from the 1870s:


by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 13:00, Monday, 16 July

I'm going on Armed American Radio at 4:20 Eastern to talk about Sacha Baron Cohen's set-up of some of our gun rights guys.

Go to the AAR website and click "Listen Live."
How ex-Horizon exec kept ties to company AND became Phil Murphy's gun guru [More]
More quid pro quo, Governor?

Dang, my back itches again, Bill...

Ethics, Opposite Day "progressive"-style...

[Via Roger J]

DRGO July Updates

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:40, Monday, 16 July

Via email:

Here is our next update about DRGO activity during the past 4 weeks.
Check out the site for more.

At Amazon

by SayUncle in SayUncle at 13:54, Monday, 16 July

They see him trollin’

by SayUncle in SayUncle at 13:53, Monday, 16 July


Gun Porn

by SayUncle in SayUncle at 13:52, Monday, 16 July

OOCQOTD: "Saying "I LIKE GUNS" should not be ollie ollie oxen free for being a dick, no matter how famous you are."
— Tamara K. (@TamSlick) July 16, 2018

Trivial Pursuit...

by Tam in View From The Porch at 10:51, Monday, 16 July

On the top of the stack in the Reading Room is Osprey's US Cold War Aircraft Carriers: Forrestal, Kitty Hawk and Enterprise Classes.

I was idly skimming the section covering CVN-65, the Mobile Chernobyl, and noticed that it named the ship's skipper at the time it was commissioned: Vincent P. de Poix. Dude was a fighter pilot in the South Pacific with VF-6 for a little over a year in '42-'43.

Think about this as a metric of the speed of technological advance in the 20th Century: The first captain of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier got his primary flight training in a fabric-covered open-cockpit biplane. When he was born in 1916, the unofficial air speed record was 134mph in a British S.E.4 fighter plane, which is likely rather slower than the first plane to land on the Enterprise was going when it trapped the wire.

As far as the ship he was skippering, it remained in service until the end of 2012. To put that in perspective, the Enterprise's first captain was born during the Wilson administration, before commercial radio was re...

Officer Michael Chesna

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 10:18, Monday, 16 July

Police officer, bystander die from gunshot wounds

Authorities say Weymouth officer Michael Chesna was shot multiple times before 8 a.m. Sunday, and died from the injures at South Shore Hospital.

“You Have Asked Me”

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 12:36, Monday, 16 July

Rammstein is the group most people think of when they hear ” Neue Deutsche Härte.” (Assuming they know that means New German Hardness.) They aren’t the only group that gets that moniker of course, but today’s song actually got some air time on US radio stations DESPITE the fact that it is in German. (Not a lot, because Americans hate the idea of foreign languages.)

This is “Du Hast” from the 1997 album Sehnsucht, which translates into English as “Longing.” Lyrics at this link.

The Turkish firearm component manufacturing company MERTSAV Defense has recently unveiled an under barrel 40x46mm Low-Velocity grenade launcher, as revealed by posts on Pakistan Defense forum. The launcher utilizes an M1913 Picatinny rail attachment system to marry to the 6 o’clock rail on any rifle so equipped. We don’t know too much about the system, but […]

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Strike Industries Glock 17 Slide Prototype

by Hrachya H in The Firearm Blog at 10:00, Monday, 16 July

Strike Industries Glock 17 Slide Prototype (2)Strike Industries has published on their social media pages images of a Glock 17 slide prototype that is expected to hit the shelves soon. Although no details are released concerning the materials, coatings, and design of this slide in general, we can still make some assumptions based on the mentioned images. Let’s see what Strike […]

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Man, you are one of the most obsessed gun nuts I have ever seen—your dick must size of a tic-tac!!

Let’s have an accident real, REAL soon…. you and the rest of your NRA fuckard comrads should do the country a favor and just start offing eachother.

Sheena Hume Jessee
March 25, 2018
Facebook message to Ryan Harris
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

One has to wonder how serious they are about wanting us to change our minds about owning guns when they make it so clear they also want us dead.—Joe]

Because timing!

by Joel in The Ultimate Answer to Kings at 08:39, Monday, 16 July

I have grown dependent on Former Weekender Neighbor L in the past two years because she has a washing machine and (especially) a water softener. I can wash my own clothes – actually find it kind of relaxing – but what our famously hard water does to stumpsocks and underwear shouldn’t happen to an enemy. I have fewer skin problems now, let’s just leave it at that.

Anyway, I got a text from her this morning saying that laundry is off this week because their generator crapped out*. Since we’re well into Monsoon now that would have been a real problem for me due to the time it takes stumpsocks and gelsocks to dry after hand washing but…

…day before yesterday I scored three more socks which puts me just barely over the “enough for two weeks” goalpost. Which is one of the two reasons I wanted at least that many, along with spreading out the wear...

Most people, upon first moving to the desert, are in for a lot of unpleasant surprises. Even I, who had been in a desert or two before moving to the high desert permanently, had quite a learning curve at first and still find things to learn. One of the more delightful positive surprises is how full of hummingbirds the desert is.

Hummingbirds have roughly the same aerodynamics, ecological niche and brain power as bumblebees. They’re attracted to anything red. For example…

I hung this live trap outside the powershed just to get it out of the way. The peanut butter jar cap I use for a bait cup is never lonely. And the birds never seem to figure out what the problem is.

At the RV trailer I lived in for the first five years, I put up a hummingbird feeder and they did not disappoint. Somehow here at the cabin I never got around to it. Maybe it’s j...

Husbands! Heed this wise advice!

by Joel in The Ultimate Answer to Kings at 07:15, Monday, 16 July

Which Handgun Is Right for Your Wife Based on Her Favorite Store?

If you’re anything like me, you’re tired of reading handgun recommendations that can be summed up as “small and pink.” After all, smaller handguns are harder to control, not easier, as many handgun neophytes seem to assume. Pink can be liberating, and no one should be stopped from buying a pink handgun based on someone else’s opinion of the color, but recommending a gun on color alone doesn’t pay due respect to other important factors.

How, then, is one to pick out a handgun for their wife or girlfriend? Easy – by looking at her shopping receipts and figuring out where she shops most. We’ve used a highly scientific formula to match guns to shopping habits, making your task easy and fun. Ready? Let’s go!

Yeah, it’s a clickbait nonsense listicle. But it’s unusually funny, and I can’t actually disagree with most of those few elements about which I have some knowledge. Except: Matching Wal-Mart and S&W? Naw. Where&...

I live only a mile from a station.  I'd commute on the Metro!

This was over a dozen years ago.  Maybe 16?  The DC subway system was still acceptable back then.  Now it's a death trap, I wouldn't ride it on a bet.

So when the trains stop running during the coming illegal strike, well, at least no one will die on a train.  Fewer high speed accidents, too, because traffic will be 5 mph bumper to bumper.

Adriana Ivancich, Hemingway, and friend in Finca Vigia, Cuba.

The life of Ernest Hemingway remains sufficiently fascinating that a new book has appeared, Andrea Di Robilant’s Autumn in Venice: Ernest Hemingway and His Last Muse, chronicling the great man’s not-necessarily-ever-consummated infatuation at age 49 with an 18-year-old Italian countess.

That inappropriate relationship, ironically enough, provided the gravamen of Ernest Hemingway’s worst, only genuinely bad, downright embarrassing novel, ...

Victimhood and Cultural Appropriation

by JDZ in Never Yet Melted at 07:01, Monday, 16 July

Professional victim Yassmin Abdel-Magied.

In Tablet, Claire Lehmann discusses the sudden rise to powerful influence of cultural taboos forbidding criticism of recognized victim groups and the ability of members of such groups to wall off cultural items and artifacts from access by outsiders.

Perhaps the most famous American case occurred in the fall of 2015, when Co-Master of Yale Silliman College Erika Christakis responded with an email of her own to an admonitory pre-Halloween email from the Intercultural Affairs Council — a group of administrators from the cultural centers, Chaplain’s Office and other campus organizations — sent to the ...

Swamp Thing

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 08:54, Monday, 16 July

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Why I am so deeply disappointed by Trump’s Supreme Court pick [More]
I had to take an indirect route because Fox News continues to deny access to Blogger links.

From article comments, it looks like the admirers of the emperor's new clothes want to discredit the guy who doesn't see them.

That said, the judge lost if for me on"immigration." 

[Via Mack H]

A 'Big Loveable Goofball'

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 08:40, Monday, 16 July

Just one wacky antic after another... [More]

[Via Jess]

Gunpowder and primers are the explosive chemical components of modern ammo, and they are difficult and dangerous to make at home. So gun controllers will seize on this and attempt to pivot to “bullet control” in the near-term. [More]
That would be the same "gun controllers" insisting on open borders?

As usual, the only people who will be affected by the "pivot" will be the "law-abiding."

[Via Florida Guy]

Police protected their own; now an innocent woman is dead [More]
Yet for some inexplicable reason, Leonard Pitts Jr. demands they be the "Only Ones" with guns...

[Via bondmen

Outlived Her Usefulness

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 08:22, Monday, 16 July

In rebuke of Dianne Feinstein, Kevin de León wins endorsement of California Democrats in Senate race [More]
Sorry, useful idiot. Being a member of the wrong tribe, you've now become expendable. We're going to see that more and more as demographics change.

Now it ain't a done deal yet and she will not go gentle into that good night, but give it a few years. Meanwhile, this "leadership" purge is a good bellwether for where things are headed.

[Via Dave Licht]

A Silver Lining

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 08:14, Monday, 16 July

Possibly even more concerning with DOJ’s online registration system were the reports of the system’s improper disclosure of personal information to other users. [More]
Then it's a good thing people can't get into the system...

[Via Jess]


by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:50, Monday, 16 July

Gov. David Ige, a Democrat, approved a pair of measures on Monday to make Hawaii’s already tough gun laws even tougher. The bills, SB 2046 and SB 2436, outlaw a host of bump stocks and similar accessories while cutting the time allowed for mandatory firearm surrenders down from 30 days to a week. Both proposals passed the state legislature with broad support. [More]
That says plenty about the majority of the people there, does it not?

[Via George Pace]

The New Normal

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:07, Monday, 16 July

Pedophiles are rebranding themselves as “MAPs” or “Minor Attracted Persons” in an effort to gain acceptance and be included into the LGBT community, according to several reports from LGBT news sites. [More]
20 years from now, anyone who disapproves will be labeled a hater.

Who wants to be there won't be a Disney princess exhibiting ABC Family Values? They'll have "arrived" when they can bully non-pedo "stars" into foregoing appropriating roles.

WarOnGuns Correspondent Jeet sends a related video.

...officers on foot patrol noticed a man that they believed was armed. [More]

Yes, his reaction resulted in the expected. But what was he actually doing that prompted "Submit or else" demands?

[Via Jess]

Forget it Jake

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:23, Monday, 16 July

It's Chi-Town. [More]

Last I saw, the "wounded" was up to 22.

Looks like Snuffy's freeway hijinks produced the expected results.

[Via Wynn A

News You Can Wipe With

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 06:12, Monday, 16 July

An assault revolver with high-capacity magazines and a revolver were recovered at the scene. [More]
Yes, this is from 2014, but it's timeless in illustrating who better to keep the public informed than KCAL Crimesiders...

[Via William T]

Speed Freak

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:44, Monday, 16 July

An Arizona state lawmaker was seen telling a sheriff's deputy he sometimes drives as fast as 130 or 140 mph after he was pulled over for speeding. The deputy said in a report later that the driver claimed to have legislative immunity. [More]
That hardly seems like what speech or debate clauses were set up for. And it certainly raises character questions, particularly about the way this character handles limited power. 

It recalls for me a story I read as a child  about a politician with far more clout who handled things with far more humility and far less arrogance.

[Via Matthew L]...

Unclear on the Concept

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:08, Monday, 16 July

The parade attracted a protestor.

It reminds me of my Facebook profile picture in a "life imitates art" kind'a way:


by Mas in at 07:00, Monday, 16 July

Mass murderers, spurred by lust for publicity from an American media that seems to dance in the blood of the innocent, have done more to bring down hate on legitimate gun owners than any other focal point.  It is important … Read more

Today in History 1969

by ASM826 in Borepatch at 08:15, Monday, 16 July

July 16, 1969, the United States launched Apollo 11.

I consider the Apollo missions to be the high water mark of the United States. The energy the country had coming out of World War II culminated in this:

I remember the summer of 1969, watching these events play out, and thinking that there was no limits to what we could do.

"We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard."
--John F. Kennedy

When you leave Cuba for the first time, you discover many things that you had been blind to,” said Yaili Jiménez Gutierrez, one of the doctors who filed suit. “There comes a time when you get tired of being a slave.”

Which would help explain how the rape gangs have managed to go on so long with the authorities doing so little: have to protect all the Lords and Ladies of Socialism, y'know.

Add this to the cowardice and PC-at-any-cost attitude...

About that shooting in Chicago

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 09:41, Monday, 16 July

Chicago PD has released the bodycam footage of the shooting. Body camera footage of police involved shooting on the 2000 block of East 71st street. The Tribune has listed a graphic content warning.

The video at the link above does show him getting shot.

Second City Cop – who gets the hat tip – has the 2 screen grabs that are of interest. One shows the gun, and maybe even a spare mag. The second shows his hand on the grip in preparation for drawing.

USA Today says that there is also security camera video showing he was armed.

Protests continued Sunday evening. A few dozen demonstrators who gathered near the scene of the shooting were unmoved by the police video.

You can’t please some people.

Early screaming (calmness? rationality? So 20th Century!) was that he was unarmed. The video proves otherwise, but why clutter...

Some Self-defense Ideas Are Better Than Others

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 08:12, Monday, 16 July

Some of these are old, and few are new. One or 2 may even make sense.6 Self-Defense Gadgets That Seem Like A Terrible Idea

I think the canes that are a combination with a taser are interesting.

Why Shouldn’t Senior Citizens Have Electrified Canes?

Having trouble figuring out what to get Grandma this upcoming holiday season? Are the consarned scruffy-haired teenagers on her block getting lippy as she shuffles back from the IHOB? Is her gossipy neighbor’s leg-lifting Pomeranian encroaching on her prize petunias? Sounds like Nana could use a good zappin’ cane.

There are 2 models to choose from.

But this one is just a little weird. A robotic spider dress.

Wipprecht, a self-described innovator in “the emerging field of FashionTech,” has partnered with Intel Edison to construct a fetching arachno-bodice that has the ability to express the wearer’s inner feelings in the subtle way only an H.R.-Giger-esque mechanical abomination can. For instance, if you breathe h...

Flashy PR stunts involving untested technology when peoples’ lives are at stake. Not everything should be used as a PR stunt. Elon Musk’s Thai Cave Rescue Grandstanding Explains What’s Wrong with Tesla.

1. Sometimes, Established Experts Actually Know Something

People who are experts in a specialized field—like, say, cave-diving—generally are not idiots and don’t need a Silicon Valley guy to come swooping in to say, “Well, actually, here’s how you really do it.” In fact, a big emerging story from the cave rescue is the crucial decision of Thai officials to hand control to a team of foreign cave divers after one of their Navy SEALs died during part of the rescue mission.

Someone with no knowledge of the caves – and no knowledge of submersibles – built a submersible, tested it for a few minutes, and expected everyone to worship him as a hero. In reality, the sub wouldn’t have fit through the cave where it needed to, no one was willing to risk the lives of a bunch of school...

OSS “Stinger” Covert Cigarette Guns

by Ian McCollum in Forgotten Weapons at 06:27, Monday, 16 July

During World War Two, the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) was the primary US clandestine operations organization. It was responsible for making all sorts of unique weapons, including these “Stinger” cigarette guns. They were single shot disposable .22 Short pistols.

The first pattern was contracted and manufactured entirely by the OSS, and 25,000 of them were manufactured early in the war. They proved to have a myriad of minor to moderate problems, though, including failures to fire and burst barrels. A second version was produced by the Ordnance Department in 1944, with a strengthened and improved design, and 25,500 of those were made.

I have not found any documentation of these being actually used, but then again not much documentation exists on the use of any OSS weapons. These sorts of things were often provided to infiltration agents who might never be heard from again, or dropped to partisan or resistance groups who weren’t exactly writing field reports on their ...

Alexey Sudayev’s AS-44 Rifle

by Hrachya H in The Firearm Blog at 07:00, Monday, 16 July

Alexey Sudayev's AS-44 AK's Contender in Trials (1)Alexey Sudayev, a designer mostly known for creating the PPS-43 submachine gun, was also participating in the assault rifle trials which ultimately resulted in the adoption of the AK rifle. Recently, Kalashnikov Gun Magazine published a video showing and telling about Sudayev’s entry into the trials – the AS-44 rifle. Let’s take a look. AS-44 is […]

Read More …

The post Alexey Sudayev’s AS-44 Rifle appeared first on Th...

Pashtun Names for AKs in Pakistan and Afghanistan

by Vladimir Onokoy in The Firearm Blog at 06:00, Monday, 16 July

This is the first guest post by Grigory, author of “Kalashism” blog: Grigory is a passionate gun enthusiast and spent his entire career working in Russian military-industrial complex in various capacities. He travels a lot, mostly to the Middle East and South Asia, and has a unique perspective on a lot of modern small arms […]

Read More …

The post Pashtun Names for AKs in Pakistan and Afghanistan appeared first on The Firearm Blog.


Well, right now Brownell's has pages and pages of replacement parts.

Well, no.

Just the two items.

But we know for a fact that they use parts with the same source as other guns.  The front sight is the S&W M&P style.

So, a replacement spring for, well, any of the springs... You just gotta know what to order from where for another gun.  Hopefully.  For most or all of the parts.  Finding that out is the trick.  It'll come eventually. 


by The Uninvited Ombudsman in Page Nine at 05:15, Monday, 16 July

The lamestream media told you:

All these crazed permit holders carrying dangerous loaded semi-automatic handguns that spray bullets are nothing but bloody danger waiting to happen on our streets. The whole idea is just a gun-lobby scheme to sell more guns and make the gun manufacturers richer at the cost of our children's lives. If it was legal we would have the whole batch of them lined up against a wall and shot, which would be a good thing, they are just devil's pawns, if the devil was real.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

As gun owners know, CCW-permit holders are in the smallest demographic group for the commission of crime of virtually any ambulatory group of Americans. Self-educated and supremely conscious of the dire ramifications of using firearms in any situation, they are extremely reluctant to draw a firearm and use it unless it is absolutely necessary and justifiable. So-called news-media experts didn't get the memo.

Firearm trade magazines carry regular columns detailing the common and righteous use of firearms in self defense, and though these t...

Stop the Space Force?

by The Uninvited Ombudsman in Page Nine at 05:00, Monday, 16 July

It's already there -- think of this as a branding exercise

It's basically a budget request, bureaucracy, some logos and hats

Military branches will fight for control

Astronaut pilots hailed from the service, right?

The lamestream media told you:

Trump is out of his mind, wants to add a new branch to the military, start a Star Wars debacle again, spend money we don't have, provoke the Russians, and the Chinese, destabilize the world, violate international treaties, is there no end to the trouble this man can cause?

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

We Already HAVE a Space Force.

The lunatic left wing with their hair on fire about Trump's talk of a Space Force to handle our military interests in space have no clue we're already there.

Our assets in space exceed a trillion dollars already, and life on Earth depends on them.

The launches that get them there, keep them there, repaired, are interming...



Christensen Arms Mesa Bolt Action Rifle, 300 Win, 24″ Hand Lapped Free Floating Button Rifled Barrel, Tungsten Cerakote Finish, Carbon Fiber Composite Stock Black With Gray Webbing, 3+1 Round Capacity, Stainless Steel Seamless Radial Brake, Limbsaver Recoil Pad, Match Grade Adjustable Trigger (2.5-3.5 lbs), Enlarged Ejection Port, Match Chamber, No Sights

Cops found 10 pot plants — and accidentally killed a suspect with a bulldozer, they say [More]
Life imitates art. Sort of.

[Via ...
It was October 2015, and Zieser, an inmate at the Chillicothe Correctional Center, says she was ordered into a utility closet by corrections officer Edward Bearden, who placed his hand on her crotch and said, “Yeah, you like that.” [More]
Reminds me of this:
I smelled the whiskey on his breath. Then he took me. He took me, with the stink of filthy roadhouse whiskey on his breath, and I liked it. I liked it! With all that dirty touching of his hands all over me. 
[Via ...

Speaking Truth to Power

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 05:31, Monday, 16 July

“Being a loud-mouthed c#nt in the ghetto you would think someone would have shot this bitch by now … Selyem also posted a doctored picture of Michelle Obama holding a sign saying, “Trump grabbed my penis.”” [More]
How can this person have been in the system for so long and not realize that acting like reality matters can be fatal to your career?

Plenty of violent illegals will be happy to hear Selyem's masters' priorities mean they'll get a break. I'll be surprised if past cases don't get reviewed for bias improprieties.

Tax and Spend

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 05:21, Monday, 16 July

Nancy Pelosi pals around with convicted tax dodger at Dems fundraiser in Philly | Clout [More]
These people can afford to be generous.

[Via Jess]

2018 Practice Session #16

by Greg Ellifritz in Active Response Training at 03:58, Monday, 16 July

Written by: Greg Ellifritz


My friend Claude Werner recently wrote an article where he postulated most shooters don’t do any real structured practice with their firearms.  They plink or play, but they generally don’t perform drills designed with realistic standards in order to improve performance.  In the article, Claude talked about sharing details and photos of his practice routines to give novice shooters an idea about how they might better spend their practice time.


I think that is a wonderful idea.  I plan on sharing the drills I shoot in my weekly practice sessions.  Hopefully, you will get a little value out of my posts and come up with some new drills to make your own practice sessions more effective.


My stated practice plan this year was to begin each session with the ...

Courtney Nicolson is an outdoor TV producer, hunter, and amateur competition shooter and is our featured in this self-produced video, sponsored by Project ChildSafe. Courtney shares tips for moving across country or driving long distances with your firearms safely and securely.

NSSF-Banner-960x100 Project ChildSafe NSSF

Sponsored by NSSF

  • Research the firearms laws of the states and cities that you will be driving through to make sure that your firearms are both legal and secured properly.
  • Clean and inspect all of your firearms for prev...

Apollo 11 Launch Footage (July 16, 1969)

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 04:51, Monday, 16 July

The launch of Apollo 11 took place on July 16, 1969. For those of you who don’t remember, it was the first Apollo mission to land men on the moon.

This is Saturn V launch-pad footage from that day. 16mm film at 500 frames per second. 8 minutes plus is about 30 seconds of real time. I think it is fairly interesting.

I love that video because there is expert commentary, but not everyone agrees with me. So here’s a link to a video that is a compilation of views from various cameras, including the control room, and the audience on site at Cape Canaveral.

Some stats on the Saturn V:

  • Produced thrust of 34.5 million newtons (7.6 million pounds)
  • Fueled weight 2.8 million kilograms (...

A recent flood of images from the excellent Turkish defense armaments based Twitter account Aybars have revealed that Turkish infantrymen are receiving the latest variant of the 7.62x51mm NATO MPT76 as a Designated Marksman’s Rifle. To be clear, this isn’t the first time that the new Turkish service rifle has been configured and issued in […]

Read More …

The post Turkish Marksmen get an Upgrade: The MPT76 DMR Variant appeared first on The Firearm Blog.


Hello Internet!
In This Episode:

-Erin and I discuss dog deterrence and nasal lavage;
-the Main Topic is the importance of youth gun safety training, with a few stories of kids who found guns in surprising locations;
-The Egghead talks about what equipment is best for outfitting your Ham Radio Shack;
-I brings us a patented Audio Fisk of Rock and Movie Star Henry Rollins,
-David discusses New York State gun laws, including the infamous SAFE Act;
-and Steve talks about equipment failure while on surveillance.

Reminder: we will give away a C-5 Lower from Frontier Armory on July 18th as a Thank You to our Patreon Patrons. If you’re reading this on Monday, you still have time to become a Patron!

You didn’t know that we have a Patreon? Join now for the low, low cost of $4/month (that’s $1/podcast) and you’ll get to listen to our podcast on Friday instead of Mondays, as well as patron-only content like blooper reels!

It's not "OUR" fault that people who should not own guns have not reliably been caught during Instant Background Checks.

The Infinite Wisdom of the American public has often pointed their fingers at legitimate firearms owners for "Mass Shootings" over the years; but recent information suggests that governmental agencies who are responsibility for updating  the list of forbidden firearms purchasers have not been doing the job; the embedded article points right back to them.

"THEM" .. is the folks responsible for religiously maintaining current information on the Database which registers and tracks felons and madmen.

Report: FBI will add 400 million new records to NICS:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation will add more than 400 million new records to the database used to vet gun buyers, according to a report this week from the Trace. The National Data Exchange, aka N-DEx, contains incident and arrest reports, probation and parole documents, according to the report — a trove o...


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