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Oh, Hell.

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 18:44, Thursday, 05 December

I'm going to leave this right here so I ca find it later.

Smoked Sausage and Potato Bake

1 package of sliced Eckrich skinless smoked sausage.
8 quartered Yukon gold potatoes.
1 diced green pepper.
1 diced yellow pepper.
2 tbsps of butter.
1 tsp of oregano.
1 tsp of basil.
½ tsp of black pepper.
2 tsps of olive oil.

Preheat the oven to 375°.
In a pan, arrange the sausage, potatoes and peppers and place the butter over the top in small cubes. Drizzle with olive oil and season on top.
Bake covered for 40 to 50 minutes.
Bonne Appétit!

That sounds pretty good, but I'm going to have to "Cajun" it.  I'm thinking some onion to go with the peppers, and some cheese.  I don't know anything about basil, but a good shake of Tony's over the top wouldn't hurt.

“An effective program,” we are told, “would have to track credit card purchases of guns and ammunition as well as equipment such as body armor and night-vision goggles across multiple retailers. Because why else would anyone NEED such items…? Right? [More]

The embedded domestic enemies keep coming up with new in-your-face infringements they couch in BS terms to mask what they're really after-- and soon, as they terraform...


by Mas in at 15:32, Thursday, 05 December

Sad tidings: the passing this week of Ed Nowicki in Wisconsin.  My career has brought me into contact with literally thousands of cops.  A very few among them deserved the title Supercop. Ed was one such. Nowicki began his career … ...

A Georgia Hardee's is being robbed, a woman screams for help, a man delivering buns retrieves his gun from the delivery truck and shoots the robber.

Unexpectedly, Car Sales Are “Epic”

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 16:34, Thursday, 05 December

US auto sales were epic in November, but that hasn’t stopped speculation about an expensive ‘transformation’ of the car business. November US auto sales came it at a near-record pace of 17.5 million units. Average sales prices were also extremely high by historical standards. The US market is on track to notch another robust year […]

Reader’s Choice Awards Year in Review: BEST Guns, Silencers & Gear

by Adam Scepaniak in The Firearm Blog at 17:00, Thursday, 05 December

reader's choice awardsBelieve it or not, but we have been doing the Reader’s Choice Awards for an entire year with input from all of you! If it were not for our vocal readers like you reading this, this segment would not be the success it has been for the past 12 months! So for that, all of […]

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Today we take a look at U. S. Marines with the Special Reaction Team, Security and Emergency Services Battalion, Provost Marshal’s Office, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton as they sight in on targets using their M40A6 sniper rifles. The photos were taken during their marksmen observer sniper qualification at Range 117A on Camp Pendleton, California, […]

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Concealed Carry Corner: Carrying In Winter Months

by Matt E in The Firearm Blog at 16:00, Thursday, 05 December

Time has flown by and we are starting another winter cycle. Depending on how you feel about colder weather, you’re either excited to carry a larger firearm or you’re trying to figure out how to conceal carry with the extra layers. Now some people will be safe from the great northern cold. Everyone in Florida […]

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I finally have the new credit card processing working. I had to move the websites to a different hosting provider. For various reasons, I am abandoning the domain. Everything is now on

Entry opens to Boomershoot 2019 participants on Wednesday December 11th at 6:00 PM PST. When you sign up, the site checks your name in the list of 2019 participants. It will fail to find you in 2019 if you use a different name with this entry than you did last year. The classic is ‘Robert’ versus ‘Bob’. If you can’t figure out why you aren’t being recognized send me an email and I’ll look up your entry from last year.

Entry for everyone begins on the first day of winter, Saturday December 21 at 9:00 AM PST.

Sign up soon so you don’t have to pay full price and you lose your favorite position (or something close by) to someone else.

Federal Air Marshal Qualification

by Joe in The View From North Central Idaho at 12:10, Thursday, 05 December

I tried this years ago and failed. I should try it again.

Federal Air Marshal Qualification: Test Your CCW Skills

Commonly called the “old Air Marshal (FAM) course,” it was created for Federal Air Marshals in 1992. In cooperation with the Office of Civilian Airline Security, it was developed by a private instructor in the Fort Bragg, NC, area who routinely taught skills to certain units based at that facility. It eventually became the qualification course for all Federal Air Marshals. Those who passed it received their flying orders. Those who failed went back for more training. It was not an easy course. In fact, when senior officers from the Joint Special Operations Command attended and reviewed the course in 1998, their opinion was that those passing the TPC were among the top one-percent of pistol shooters in the world.

I expect I will fail again but I now have easy access to a place where I can practice on the stages I difficulty with.

Motion to Quash

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 14:23, Thursday, 05 December

More in the ongoing NRA/AckMac saga of which DJ Investments says it had minimal dealings and wants no part of. I just like reading about Wayne's house.:


Scrutiny Mutiny

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 13:40, Thursday, 05 December

The Roberts Court would have few accomplishments of greater significance than the repudiation of the tiers of scrutiny and the reassertion of a method of constitutional analysis based on the text, history, and tradition of the Constitution. [More]

Which means he'll make sure it falls back on the most wrong-headed stare decisis abomination he can dig up to reaffirm and fortify it.

Because Dolly.

I look forward to apologizing to him.

Arizona DPS director posts video of himself being let go with warning after being clocked at 90mph [] *

I had a bad experience with a Yavapai deputy 40 years ago who took advantage of the fact that I had no resources or connections and made a false traffic charge.  Nice to see nothing has changed.


Here Comes the Judge!

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 12:59, Thursday, 05 December

A state investigation into a Northern Kentucky judge is linked to complaints that accuse her of demanding sex and money in exchange for preferential treatment. [More]

Sounds like she was bangin' more than her gavel...


Pete Buttigieg, in Spanish, Promises Free Healthcare for Illegal Aliens [More]

How generous he is with other people's money!

Tell me that won't buy him some foreign influence in elections! But the good kind that Democrats approve of...


Dark Victory

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 12:50, Thursday, 05 December

Out of state “dark money” fueled Colorado’s 2018 election; AG Weiser among beneficiaries despite transparency pledge [More]

All whores care about is money and who gives it doesn't matter surprises anyone?


Paying Inside

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:54, Thursday, 05 December

Suspect in alleged robbery attempt at gas station killed by customer [More]
Loudmouthed family members demanding their pound of flesh in 3...2...1...


Invasion of the Body Snatchers

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 12:13, Thursday, 05 December

Baltimore Mayor Warns Of Body "Snatching" White Van Targeting Young Girls To Sell Their Organs [More]
Or as screamed in the original:
Look, you fools, you're in danger! Can't you see?! They're after you! They're after all of us! Our wives, our children, everyone! They're here already! You're next!

But it's not his fault.

What is it with Maryland "officials" and white vans?

When Second Count

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:22, Thursday, 05 December

In an online chat, the boy “said he had researched police response times for the area and found that it would take them 15 minutes to get there, maybe 45 for SWAT. He said he would throw pipe bombs into each classroom before he got in a shootout with police and killed himself with his shotgun.” The implication should be obvious—would-be school shooters tend to pick the softest possible targets. [More]

Killers know, even if politicians, professional gun-grabbers, the media, the educational establishment and "progressives" pretend they don't.


The Impossible Dream

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:16, Thursday, 05 December

ATF: 423M guns in America, 1.2 per person, 8.1B rounds of ammunition a year [More]
Gun Buyers on Cusp of Breaking All-Time Background Check Record [More]
Come and take them.


Drones with flamethrowers are a thing you can buy now [More]

Now all I need is one of these...

Today's 15-Minute Activism

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:58, Thursday, 05 December

Shame on You if You Don’t Take 15 Minutes to Do This! ... For the sake of time, focus on your county government and your governor.[More]
I just now got this. It is 1:40 p.m. as I type this line. Let's see how long this really takes:

will be dragged into the street, flogged with a flagrum, and tried for violation of their oath to the Constitution."
Illinois state Rep. Daniel Didech has proposed a law that would require police to screen the social media accounts of potential gun buyers.

If passed, this bill would allow police to disqualify an individual from purchasing a gun and even revoke a currently valid Firearm Owner’s Identification Card if any information on the social media accounts was found alarming.
This being a Evil Party asshole from Illinois, 'alarming' will be defined as "Anything that lets me screw people who don't vote for me, give me money, and/or don't agree with me."

So flagrum, trial, and hanging. 

Next Meme: “Jeffery Epstein’s Banker Didn’t Kill Himself”

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 12:19, Thursday, 05 December

Who was it that first said, “Follow the money?” Jeffrey Epstein’s Long-Time Banker Found Dead From Hanging, Immediately Ruled a ‘Suicide’. Corporate banker Thomas Bowers, who ran the U.S. division of private wealth management for Deutsche Bank AG, reportedly committed suicide last month at the age of 55 by hanging himself with a rope in […]

Insult: Mass. Gun Bill Treats Ownership Like Disease

by Dave Workman in Liberty Park Press at 11:17, Thursday, 05 December


Life in the future

by SayUncle in SayUncle at 08:15, Thursday, 05 December

A flamethrower for your drone.

Sometimes the future isn’t stupid.

News you can use

by SayUncle in SayUncle at 08:14, Thursday, 05 December

Tips for buying your first gun.

I have a much simpler take on it. Buy any Glock (or other black plastic people popper made by Sig, S&W, or H&K) in 9mm that fits you. Buy a case of ammo and a good holster.

This. And also stop dressing like tactical hobos

by SayUncle in SayUncle at 08:08, Thursday, 05 December

Dress Around the Gun Needs to Die.

For work, I’m often in T shirts and shorts in the warmer months. In the winter, I wear long sleeve T shirts and jeans. But I’m in construction. And, with the right holster, I can carry a the Zev without issue. I dress a bit nicer for social affairs and can do the same.

Gun Porn

by SayUncle in SayUncle at 08:01, Thursday, 05 December

I dunno what those are.

Savage Arms MINIMALIST Series Rimfire Rifles

by Hrachya H in The Firearm Blog at 11:00, Thursday, 05 December

Savage Arms MINIMALIST Rimfire RiflesSavage Arms has introduced new iterations of some of their popular bolt action rimfire rifles combined under new series called Minimalist. What these rifles have in common is the new laminate wood stock. The Minimalist series currently includes the Mark II, Model 93 and Model 93R17 bolt action rimfire rifles. Each of these rifles is […]

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Let me know how that works out for you

by Unknown in The Freeholder at 07:38, Thursday, 05 December

(Via Rantingly.)

Democrats, liberals and leftists (sorry, some redundancy there) want to disarm the American people-by force if necessary.

Good luck with that.

17,700,000 AR and AK semiautomatic rifles in private hands. 8,100,000,000 rounds of ammunition produced per year. In 2018, an estimated 7,660,772 total firearms were produced and imported.

The last number kind of makes you wonder about that 17.7 million "assault weapons" number, doesn't it?

I don't know how many households in the US own guns, but if I had to guess I'd say at least half.

Add in the stellar performance of gun restriction laws, registration schemes and the like, and any attempt to snatch American guns is doomed before it starts. This is as it should be.

That doesn't mean the gun grabbers are going to quit. What it means is that they are going to redouble their efforts. The conspiracy theorist in me says to watch for another spree shooting ev...

In Other Words, They'e Spoiled Brats

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:35, Thursday, 05 December

Elizondo agreed with the characterization of the protest as “the college-version of a toddler’s meltdown,” adding he is “constantly stunned by the childish behavior of my peers, who are voting-age adults attending what is supposedly one of the most prestigious colleges in America.” [More]

And if you think they're bad, you ought to see who's "teaching" them.

About the only silver lining I can see here is if TSHTF for real, there will be plenty of soft target cannibal food that'll be easier to go after and reach than to come after those who will not go gentle.


Binge and Purge

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:26, Thursday, 05 December

FBI never completes hundreds of thousands of gun checks [More]

Blaming it on the "purge" is one way to sneak in a permanent registry. We're supposed to sympathize with the" not enough manpower to impose prior restraints on everyone" argument?

'Out of the Weeds' My @$$.

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:20, Thursday, 05 December

If you refuse to accept the reality that immigration – both legal and illegal – is permanently damaging our Republic, then there will be nothing to save. [More]


The last time one of the "Saviors" engaged on this, he clammed up as soon as it was pointed out how wrong he was.

That's hardly the first time.

This is what those who presume to be our leaders attempt to trivialize with stupid, dismissive "weeds" remarks.

The challenge remains open, not that any dare take it without non-sequiturs and equivocation.


by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:50, Thursday, 05 December

Presidential Candidate Michael Bloomberg Will Announce Gun Control Policy In Aurora Thursday [More]

And maybe afterward, dinner and a little candlelight...


The End of America?

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:30, Thursday, 05 December

I read the articles but have not read the book. Perhaps it addresses my concerns.

It's nice to read hopeful thoughts that peaceful separation is possible. I'm at a loss to find a historical ...

Spring Break

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 08:49, Thursday, 05 December

Whether the court of appeals correctly denied a preliminary injunction where petitioners failed to demonstrate a likelihood of success on their contention that devices known as bump stocks, which permit users to fire a semiautomatic rifle repeatedly with a single pull of the trigger, do not qualify as “machinegun[s]” under the National Firearms Act, 26 U.S.C. 5845(b). [More]

To save you some time: We declared them legal. Then we said they were illegal with a spring. Then we said they were legal without a spring. Now we say they're illegal without a spring.

And we still won't tell anyone if they were used.

So f*** everybody we lied to, including past inspectors and courts where we've testified under oath based on how we were feeling at the time, and help us uphold executive-directed bans that we all know the Democrats will use to go after all semi-autos when they take the White House.

[Via Stephen Stamboulieh...

Deal.Happy Repeal Day. [More]

I'm sure I don't have to point out the parallels.

The rot started long before my generation, "OK, Boomers" bigots. And your turn in the barrel will come sooner than you think.

Who Will Help Me Bake the Bread?

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 08:20, Thursday, 05 December

A question I am often asked and often ask myself is, “Why is it that we continue to do nothing?” [More]
Good question.  I've asked it myself on more than one occasion.

But hey, Molon Labe!

Here's the agenda referencing "the Resolution to better Order the Militia by protecting individual rights to keep and bear arms." If I can find the resolution itself, I'll come back and post a link.

It's not without precedent.

Tangentially related, I'll be working on Part 2 of my "militia" thoughts over the next week.

[Via Vince D]

Bully for Them

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:10, Thursday, 05 December

Viewers Savage ‘Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer’ Claymation Special Over ‘Bullying’ Concerns [More]

Of course, "progressive" bullies never feel the problem lies with them.

"Progressive" homosexuals would evidently rather homeless people freeze and starve. [More]

Note the Salvation Army didn't tell Mayor Pete his participation wasn't cordially welcome. And notice there is no Rainbow Ringers alternative.

I always give a dollar. I've taken to telling the volunteer it's money I won't be spending at Chick-fil-A.

I'm still waiting for the big, brave Christian-bashers to sue an Islamic bakery or go after Muslim cab drivers.

No shore leave for you!

by Tam in View From The Porch at 07:53, Thursday, 05 December

"China will ban US warships and military aircraft from making stops in Hong Kong in the wake of Washington passing legislation supporting the territory's pro-democracy protesters, the country's Foreign Ministry said Monday."
Well, it's not like it's been a friendly port since the handover anyway.

As spicy as things have been getting in the South China Sea, I'm surprised we haven't had any big incidents yet.

Peloton’s Xmas Commercial

by JDZ in Never Yet Melted at 09:35, Thursday, 05 December

Peloton’s little holiday advertising spot surprised the company when, instead of being pleased at the idea of the husband getting his wife a $2245 exercise bike, lots of women interpreted the gesture as a domineering and insulting expression of Sexism.

At least, comedienne Eve Victor’s Twitter response is kind of funny.

when my husband gets me a Peleton for Christmas ……..

— Eva Victor (@evaandheriud) December 2, 2019

Great Writers Who Owned Great Guns

by JDZ in Never Yet Melted at 07:07, Thursday, 05 December

Papa Hemingway looks down the barrels of his .577 Westley Richards Double Rifle.

Sporting Classics points out that Turgenev owned a Joseph Lang, Hemingway the above Westley Richards, and Karen Blixen (Isak Dineson) a Rigby.

Russian author Ivan Turgenev, whose efforts to free the serfs produced the Sportsman’s Sketches, bought a Joseph Lang gun. Ernest Hemingway acquired a Westley Richards while Isak Dinesen, famed for her farm in Africa, was gifted a John Rigby.

“Turgenev had discovered the existence of the gunsmith Joseph Lang, of Cockspur Street,” wrote biographer Pat...

Black Pearl (Nothing to do with the Johnny Depp movie)

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 08:59, Thursday, 05 December

While looking into the sailing tech being developed for the 36th America’s Cup sailing series, I tripped over something interesting. Black Pearl Yacht. The Black Pearl is a superyacht, 107 meters long, 15 meter beam (width), with a draft of 7 meters (depth) and a mast height – above designed waterline – of 75 meters. […]

Meridian Defense Corporation Apocalypse AK Series: DEATH

by Hrachya H in The Firearm Blog at 10:00, Thursday, 05 December

Meridian Defense Corporation Apocalypse AK Series DEATH (660)Behold the Death, the fourth and last horseman of the Apocalypse. Meridian Defense Corporation has released the last rifle in their special project themed after the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. MDC launched the Apocalypse series of AK rifles back in November 2018 with the introduction of the first rifle, Pestilence, followed by the War and Famine […]


There are literally just a few weeks left, we travel into the year of 2020 and a new exciting decade. JP Enterprises, Inc. out of Hugo, Minnesota, just revealed a new rifle called the JP LRI-20 – Semi-Monolithic Long Range Precision Rifle. Judging the looks and specifications it looks like it’s prepared to rule competitions for […]

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US Palm: Still on the Comeback Trail?

by Will P in The Firearm Blog at 07:00, Thursday, 05 December

US Palm website landing pageIn August of 2017, TFB reported that much-beloved maker of AK mags and other parts/accessories, US Palm, was sadly going under. After a hiatus of a year-and-change, in September 2018 TFB also reported that they appeared to be setting up for a resurrection with the help of Century Arms – eliciting joy from many AK […]

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The post US Palm: Still on the Comeback Trail?...


Well, in the first place an armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life. For me, politeness is a sine qua non of civilization. That’s a personal evaluation only. But gunfighting has a strong biological use. We do not have enough things to kill off the weak and the stupid these days. But to stay alive as an armed citizen a man has to be either quick with his wits or with his hands, preferably both. It’s a good thing.

Robert A Heinlein
Beyond this Horizon
[This is the longer version of the famous quote. For my comments on this observation see my previous posting of the short version.—Joe]

Good they use units

by New Jovian Thunderbolt in New Jovian Thunderbolt at 03:30, Thursday, 05 December

Until recently I was using numbers of NICS checks as a sign of how healthy gun sales were.

But that's no longer reliable.  For example, Chicago cops run a NICS checks when they want to harass someone legally carry CCW.  So Illinois has more NICS checks than Texas.  I bet they don't have more gun sales than Texas.

I am not the only one to notice, and when folks report on the health of the gun selling retail industry they now also talk about units shifted, along with NICS. So, good.

“As far as I’m concerned, we’d better be ready to give something up now. I’m talking about us as NRA members and the gun-owner community,” said Recob, interviewed at his family business, Recob’s Target Shop, just weeks after a Florida high school massacre set off a new round in the country’s unflagging gun debate. “Hopefully, the NRA will act like adults and let it happen,” he said. [More]

I came across this old story and have one question: Why are these gunkapos still in business?

Round Two

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 06:24, Thursday, 05 December

He “leaves us no choice but to act,” she said. [More]

Back at'cha.

Nothing Succeeds Like Success

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 06:39, Thursday, 05 December

It wasn’t immediately known what type of weapon was used or how many shots were fired. Chadwick said that was part of the investigation. Personal weapons are not allowed on base.[More]
Just like the Navy Yard and Fort Hood.

At least in all three cases, the killers had extensive background checks.

I love testing products, so when the opportunity came along to try out a new scope, I said, “Yeah!” Although Crimson Trace is widely known for its lasers and red dot sights, it has stepped into the rifle scope arena in a big way. Affordable and quality built, this the CSA-2624, 6-24x56mm Crimson Trace riflescope impressed me enough to use it for my upcoming cow elk hunt. 


Ah, holiday parties

by Borepatch in Borepatch at 04:45, Thursday, 05 December

Gunfight: The Battle Over the Right to Bear Arms in America has, interestingly, been accused of being both NRA propaganda and wildly anti-gun. The varying reactions to this book suggest that author Adam Winkler has at least tried to take a balanced approach in his discussion. This book gives an excellent panorama of the gun […]

How to Live Off-The-Grid in a Camper Year Round

by M.D. Creekmore in Making Sense of Manliness at 06:36, Thursday, 05 December

Reading Time: 12 minutes

Can you live full-time in a travel trailer? Yes, you can. The main drawback is limited space but with a few simple hacks and downsizing, you can defi...

Disgusting greed

by TPOL Nathan in The Price of Liberty at 05:00, Thursday, 05 December

A small city in Northwestern New Mexico demonstrates one of the many evils of government, especially in 21st Century North America.

This particular evil is GREED. Which leads directly to STEALING.

Let me explain:

The city has had a 3% excise tax on motel room rentals for more than 20 years. According to a radio broadcast on KENN, the town is now considering strongly doubling that tax to 6%. (This is on top of sales taxes of the city, county, and state.) When added to state and other local taxes, that means that a room rate of $39.95 will cost close to $50 – for tourist, businessman, or persons forced from their home due to fire, flood, etc. In the past, the money has been used (so it is claimed) to pay for promotional advertising of the city: getting people to come visit and stay at those motels and hotels, eat at the city’s restaurants, and such touristy things. Of course, what that REALLY means is that the tax pays for the salaries of bureaucrats (who run the tourism promotion program and manages contractors who actually DO the work), and goes to the contractors: a variety of private businesses who...

With Friends Like This…

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 06:19, Thursday, 05 December

Oklahoma is also not New Jersey. Tulsa Police Say Fatal Shooting At Apartment Complex Was Self-Defense. [Tulsa PD] said Alfred Guy, who was high on PCP, went over to a friend’s apartment to ask for a ride. When the friend said no, police said Guy attacked his friend. The friend pulled a gun and shot […]

Good Guy With a Gun, Stops Bad Guy With a Gun

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 05:58, Thursday, 05 December

That’s how they usually get stopped. Bread delivery driver stopped armed robbery at Hardee’s, sheriff says. And Georgia is also not New Jersey. The sheriff’s office said the suspect, identified as Damario Kentrell Parrish, jumped across the counter and pointed a weapon at an employee, demanding cash. [SNIP] When Parrish began to leave, Chilton grabbed […]

The Left Hates Free Speech

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 05:39, Thursday, 05 December

No surprise really. Professor Demands Censorship. Thomas J. Main is a professor in New York City. Of course he is. As Stacy McCain does, I give Thomas Jefferson the last word. Permit me to quote a Virginia slave owner: “Truth is great and will prevail if left to herself … she is the proper and […]

This capping breechloader was patented in the UK by William Terry in 1856, and adopted (in limited numbers) by the British military in 1860. Approved for cavalry use, it was issued to the 18th Hussars, and also bought by a variety of colonial organizations in New Zealand, South Africa, and elsewhere. In addition, it was used to some extent any the Confederacy; both J.E.B Stuart and Jefferson Davis had Terrys in their possession when taken into custody.

Mechanically, the system is a bolt action, with a two-lug, rear-locking rotating bolt. It uses a paper cartridge, the base of which is a thick greased felt pad to provide obturation. Not more than 20,000 were made between 1860 and 1870, when the company shut down. Unlike the Sharps (for example), Terry’s system was not really able to be converted to use metallic cartridges, and so sales dried up as the self-contained metal cart...

Early on Tuesday, the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association (NYSRPA) vs. New York City. Unfortunately for those hoping for a big decision in favor of gun rights, it seems unlikely. While I was not able to get a seat in the gallery, based on […]

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We are so glad you’d like to try ice fishing. One of the biggest benefits of ice fishing is enjoying time outdoors with your family during the winter months. Once you have decided that you want to learn how to ice fish, it’s easy to get started.

take-me-fishing-ice-ice fishing

If you are ready to bundle up and take to the ice with hopes of catching species like walleye, crappie, lake trout, perch or bluegill, follow these easy steps to get started ice fishing:

  1. The first step to take before planning an ice fishing trip is to purchase a fishing license that is valid in the state where you will be fishing.
  2. Check the ice fishing regulations that apply to the state and waterway where you will be fishing. Knowing how to properly identify each different type of species that you catch while on the ice is an important part of learning how to ice fish.
  3. Use ...

Wednesday, 04 December


CZ-USA debuts its very first chassis rifle; the CZ 457 Varmint Precision Chassis chambered in 22 LR. 

CZ 457 Varmint Precision

Ready for competition right out of the box, the CZ 457 Varmint Precision Chassis is built on an aluminum chassis and weighs in at 7 pounds. The rifle is available in two different barrel lengths, with a 16.5-inch and a 24-inch version. The adjustable Luth-AR stock can be configured to fit nearly any shooter, comfortably.  Likewise, the trigger is adjustable for weight, cre...

TFB’s Top 10 Sci-Fi Movie Guns Part II: Electric Boogaloo

by Luke C. in The Firearm Blog at 17:00, Wednesday, 04 December

Sci-Fi Movie Guns Part IITFB’s Top 10 Sci-fi Movie Guns PArt II Welcome back to our Sci-Fi Movie guns series where we explore and discuss various weapons used in sci-fi movies and TV shows. This week we’re going to dive deeper into the weird and interesting movies ranging as far back as the 70s all the way up to […]

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Over two years ago TFB were one of the first to report about the upcoming IWI Tavor 7 in 7.62×51 mm. In Today’s Photo Of The Day we’re going to take a look at a Canadian, Non-Restricted, IWI Tavor 7, with a 20″ barrel chambered in 7.62x51mm. The color is OD Green, my personal favorite, but […]

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Wheelgun Wednesday: An Intimate Look at the Colt King Cobra Target

by Adam Scepaniak in The Firearm Blog at 16:00, Wednesday, 04 December

colt king cobra targetWelcome back to another edition of TFB’s Wheelgun Wednesday where we feed your addiction for revolvers! For those who are first joining us, this is a weekly reoccurring series where TFB discusses new wheelguns, potential modifications, old wheelguns, shooting opportunities, and everything related to double-action/single-action goodness. Chances are there is someone here at TFB who can offer you […]

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Which sounds like TMI, I know. But we got a bit of sun, which means I could use my clothes iron which pulls almost as much power as a powersaw, which means…

…I could patch a couple of new holes in my winter britches that have bugged me all week. I don’t know why this keeps happening, but begin to suspect it’s time to invest in some new heavy pants*. Hell, this time I had to cover a hole in the older patch. Of course I say that this time every year, and just settle for more patches.

Once I have the patches stuck to the pants, I fire...

A libertarian cop…

by TPOL Nathan in The Price of Liberty at 15:29, Wednesday, 04 December

I’ve known a few libertarians who were cops, or retired cops, over the years. They’ve been good, very good, for the most part – a few were fakes (fake libertarians, not fake cops!) but it was obvious from the git-go.

Lew Rockwell just published a great story by a libertarian cop (now retired) which is worth reading. John Baeza tells a simple story and shows that it is possible to serve the public without sliding to the dark side. Although he doesn’t point it out, he explains one of the major ways in which law enforcement agencies are corrupt: they think that they exist to make money.

I recommend taking a few minutes to read, and sharing it with others.

Failing Infrastructure: Australian Edition

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 12:22, Wednesday, 04 December

We actually have two stories from Down Under. First, we consider construction issues on a recently constructed dam. Wasted water: Buried Paradise Dam reports finally released. The dam in question, the Paradise dam in Queensland, Australia, was only built in 2006, but apparently there are questions about how it was constructed. However, the original construction […]

The mask slipped

by SayUncle in SayUncle at 09:38, Wednesday, 04 December

Seems after Bobby Francis went on about taking guns from people who hadn’t misused them, the Democrats are pulling away from the gun control talk. Bobby, you weren’t supposed to say that out loud.

But gun ownership is on the decline

by SayUncle in SayUncle at 09:31, Wednesday, 04 December

The NSSF has some interesting numbers for us:

The estimated total number of firearms in civilian possession from 1986-2018 is 422.9 million, according to data reported in the ATFs Firearms Commerce Report in the United States 2019 report and including the preliminary 2018 Annual Firearms Manufacturing and Exportation Report (AFMER) figures.

17,740,000 Modern Sporting Rifles are in private ownership today. (Those are rookie numbers – Ed.)

More than half (54%) of all rifles produced in 2017 were modern sporting rifles. (much better – Ed.)

I don’t know who this Ed guy is.

Gun Porn

by SayUncle in SayUncle at 09:27, Wednesday, 04 December


McSally Forth Again

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:23, Wednesday, 04 December

[Right tab]Jeez, it seems like we just got done with some industrial-strength snake-tonguing, and now we get this bit of noncommital weaseling.

I've always found "Rest assured" has pretty much the same effect as "Trust me."

I'm not assured and I won't rest.

MEMRI also reported that Iranian Quran expert Abolfazl Bahrampur said on state television on Nov. 26 that protesters should not "merely be killed," but "should die in agony." In an interview on Iran's Channel 1, Bahrampur said according to the Quran, the protesters are waging war against Allah and should be "crucified." "...Which means That they should be hanged, 'or their hands and feet on alternate sides shall be chopped off.' [More]

Monopoly of Violence made possible by Commonsense Gun Safety Laws TM!

Driving Force

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:21, Wednesday, 04 December

Hillsborough bus driver Schnaider Prophete calls the rider who saved his life his guardian angel. But he also told the transit agency’s board of directors Monday that he could’ve protected himself if he and other drivers were allowed to carry guns on board while working. [More]

What kind of bastard would tell him "No"?

Just a Wild Guess

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:03, Wednesday, 04 December

What is going on? Fears of school shootings hit eight Wisconsin high schools in three days. [More]


Come Now and Let Us Reason Together

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:55, Wednesday, 04 December

NRA Asked Anti-Gunners the Name of the SCOTUS Case They Were Protesting. Their Responses Are Amazing. [More]
Which is why "debating" an ignorant, angry and bigoted mob is a waste of time...


When Black Friday Comes

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:49, Wednesday, 04 December

FBI posts big Black Friday gun check numbers; second-largest single day in program history [More]
And no brawls...?

So the problem might not be with gun owners?


The Company They Keep

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:43, Wednesday, 04 December

Convicted Pedophile Used In Mueller Investigation Indicted For Funneling Millions In Illegal Contributions to Hillary, DOJ Says [More]

If this doesn't prove we need to impeach Trump, nothing will.

Anybody know if Vegas is giving odds on this guy being Epsteined?



by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:38, Wednesday, 04 December

Pete Buttigieg Nods Along as Pastor Claims Mexican Illegals are Reclaiming Stolen Land [More]

Will they still be offering scalp bounties against the ones they "stole" it from?


No Reasonable Expectation of Privacy

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 13:53, Wednesday, 04 December

DMVs across the country are selling data that drivers are required to provide to the organization in order to obtain a license. [More]

And to think the Kiwis give licensing and registration data away for free.


LAPD officer under investigation for allegedly fondling dead woman’s breasts [More]

Maybe he just dropped by for a cold one...

[Via ...

On-Duty Police Officer Handcuffed Woman & ‘Brutally’ Raped Her, Causing Injury, Documents Say [More]
"[A] maximum penalty of up to 10 years’ imprisonment..."?

I wonder what a "civilian" would get for doing that to an "Only One"...


We're the Only Ones Absolute Enough

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:44, Wednesday, 04 December

Daughter of police chief in Starbucks cup scandal says he’s ‘absolutely a pig’  [More]
A line from "Sunshine" comes to mind: 

He can't even run his own life I'll be damned if he'll run mine.


Thoughts on the history of the AR-15

in Of Arms and the Law at 11:06, Wednesday, 04 December

Right here. His thought that the AR-15 popularity was due to an act of Bill Clinton (and not the signing of the "Assault Weapons Ban," either) is interesting.

WA Gubernatorial Candidates’ Forum Next Tuesday in King County

by Dave Workman in Liberty Park Press at 11:29, Wednesday, 04 December


Blast From The Past – The Walther PP

by Matt E in The Firearm Blog at 11:00, Wednesday, 04 December

The Walther PP is one of those guns that many people today look at like its not impressive, but this little gun has quite the history both in gun world and in my personal life. The Walther PP is a small simplistic handgun that’s influenced quite a few pistols throughout history. My personal Walther PP […]

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The post Blast From The Past – The Walther PP a...

CAA Introduces MCK Gen2 Conversion Kits

by Hrachya H in The Firearm Blog at 10:00, Wednesday, 04 December

CAA Introduces MCK Gen2 Conversion Kits 111CAA USA has introduced the second generation of their MCK (Micro Conversion Kit) handgun conversion kit/chassis. Although visually it may look similar to the first generation, the MCK Gen2 has a number of (eight, to be exact) design changes that should actually improve the overall performance of the package quite a bit. Here is the […]

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The p...


Extending gun-free zones to include child care centers. Banning high-capacity magazines. Creating a licensing system for ammunition sellers.

With the Washington Legislature starting back up in January, gun-safety advocates, led by the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, are planning a fresh push to pass new firearms restrictions.

Joseph O’Sullivan
November 22, 2019
Gun-free zones, licenses for ammo dealers: Gun-safety advocates reveal agenda for Washington state
[“Gun-safety advocates”? The NRA is a gun safety advocate organization with thousands of gun safety instructors nationwide. It is unlikely these people have ever even taken a gun safety class let alone taught such a class or advocated for anything other than restrictions on the specific enumerated right of the people to keep and bear arms.

The deceptive language is intentional and very telling. They know the...

Virginia SB 16

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 06:04, Wednesday, 04 December

I don't know if you've been paying attention, but the Virginia legislature is considering a draconian bill that would severely limit the gun rights of citizens in that state.

Virginia State Senator Richard Saslaw has introduced SB 16 in a prefile ready for 2020: it expands the definition of “assault weapons,” among other things. It also has no “grandfather” clause. Will it lead to confiscation? IF confiscation could even occur, considering gun owners in Virginia aren’t likely to roll over and give their guns back.
I haven't done a deep dive down the rabbit hole, but I was mildly curious, and find that one of the provisions is to limit pistols to 50 ounces, unloaded.  Like many of you, I know the fine distinction between a pistol and a revolver, but that 50 ounce limit got me to pondering, so I grabbed a handgun and headed for my decidedly un-calibrated scale.  Basic math tells me that 50 ounces is 3 lbs, 2 oz.


…so hey! Let’s expand the program with UNIVERSAL background checks!

Gun background checks are on pace to break record in 2019

200,000 checks on Black Friday alone. Enough to arm the United States Marine Corps.


FBI never completes hundreds of thousands of gun checks

So it makes PERFECT sense to double or triple the number of background checks! Right?

Why is it that the .gov is the only entity that when it fails at something it doubles-down?

Much Ado about What, Exactly?

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 08:40, Wednesday, 04 December

GOA Praises Introduction of Home Defense and Competitive Shooting Act [More]

One question: Does it stand a chance in hell without Congress significantly changing?

Actually, two questions, this one prompted by the bill title: Why do just about every gun group and "friendly" politician continue to avoid the obvious?

I Have to Be Honest

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 06:17, Wednesday, 04 December

“I have to be honest: I don’t have any idea why it’s a partisan issue nationally. [More]
Yeah, it's a mystery to me. too.  Dolt.

Considering the background of Wilson, the governor and most of the Utah legislature, and considering the views of the church on "refugees," it seems fair to ask if they are using the powers of their office to impose a religious agenda here.


by Mas in at 06:00, Wednesday, 04 December

Sociologist David Yamane has become one of the strongest voices of reason in the polarized debate over American gun ownership and usage.  I’m proud to call him a friend and a graduate. Here’s his latest, which will be the final … Read more

Rare Turf

by Tam in View From The Porch at 06:26, Wednesday, 04 December

So, a pastime of mine is using Google maps to explore towns in this great land of ours. Sometimes it's just out of idle curiosity. Sometimes I'll go so far as to imagine relocating there.  "Where are the cool neighborhoods? Where's the place where you can walk to the brewpubs and decent restaurants?"

One thing I've noticed is that there are not many places where you can walk to both a grocery store and good eateries in a neighborhood of single-family dwellings. The restaurants and grocery stores are usually not located in the same neighborhoods. It makes me appreciate the walkability of Broad Ripple.

Nerd memes

by Borepatch in Borepatch at 07:26, Wednesday, 04 December

This cracks me up, since it's Meme to the power of Nerd squared.

It reminds me of the difference between the temperature scales (Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin), explained from a practical perspective:

0° - You're cold.
100° - You're hot.
0° - You're cold.
100° - You're dead.
0° - You're dead.
100° - You're dead.
Yeah, I'm a nerd

just on this:
5. The FBI’s Systemic Forensic Fraud in Crime Labs

In the early 1990s, Dr. Frederic Whitehurst, an attorney and chemist who worked at the FBI as a Supervisory Special Agent, noticed troubling practices in the in the bureau’s Investigation Laboratory.

There were “alterations of reports, alterations of evidence, folks testifying outside their areas of expertise in courts of law,” said Whitehurst. “[Really] what was going on was human rights violations. We have a right to fair trials in this country… And that’s not what was going on at the FBI lab.”

In 1994, he blew the whistle on the “systemic forensic fraud” he witnessed. Nothing happened. So he took his case to the Department of Justice. The FBI didn’t like that. Whitehurst was eventually chased out of the Bureau, but not before winning a $1.16 million settlement.


This is going to get sporty

by Firehand in Irons in the Fire at 06:23, Wednesday, 04 December

Protesters in southern Guangdong province, China, took to the streets last week to demand the communist government not build a polluting crematorium near their town, adopting slogans common to the Hong Kong protest movement, Time magazine noted on Monday.

The Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily, which openly supports the anti-communist movement, reported the use of slogans such as "revolution of our times," which China considers seditious hate speech, and "just like you, Hong Kong!" in Guangdong. As China heavily censors coverage of the Hong Kong protests and bans all statements of support from the few permitted social media sites in the country, the adoption of the Hong Kong movement's slogans and tactics is a sign that people within Communist China are informing themselves regarding the protests through unapproved means.
Since they've got a lot less in the way of 'get news out' I'd imagine the PRC army stomped all over the place.  Be...

Midweek Link Roundup

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 07:22, Wednesday, 04 December

Wombat-socho from The Other McCain starts us off with In The Mailbox: 12.03.19 (Leftovers). EBL: Elizabeth Warren – I’m An Indian Too Twitchy: Lauren Duca Shames The Left For Their White Supremacy As Kamala Harris Drops Out Next up, we have Bacon Time with Wednesday Linkage. Victory Girls Harris Campaign Finally Runs Out Of Gas […]

Self-defense In The People’s Republic of Chicago

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 06:19, Wednesday, 04 December

Austin, in this case, is a neighborhood in Chicago. Man shoots would-be robber in Austin. About 4:45 p.m., he was exiting a business in the 5200 block of West Chicago Avenue when he was approached by two men, one of whom pulled out a handgun and demanded his property, Chicago police said. The man, who […]

The Media Admits That a Court Order Isn’t a Magic Spell

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 05:59, Wednesday, 04 December

They still miss a lot. Restraining orders ‘just a piece of paper’ without a plan, advocates say. Still, they told the truth, even if it was by accident. A sad story of a woman and her children killed by her estranged husband after she spent a day getting a restraining order. The day before she […]

New FX Hybrid Slugs from FX Airguns

by Eric B in The Firearm Blog at 08:00, Wednesday, 04 December

I don’t have an airgun, but I have a few friends with FX Airguns and they tell me how accurate they are, even at fairly long distances. That’s not how I remember the airguns from my childhood! You had to use fairly large targets – or go a lot closer – to be able to […]

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The post ...

Two DL-44 blaster builds with AR-15'sThe Star Wars saga and its characters have entertained and inspired several generations of people, firearms enthusiasts among them.  Episodes IV, V and VI (as well as sequel episodes) had easily recognizable surplus firearms, despite the addition of extra parts fastened to them for a more space-age look.  One of those surplus firearms, the Mauser […]

Read More …...

Last year SIG Sauer introduced the commercial version of their M17, the US military’s new service pistol  – the Modular Handgun System. Now SIG Sauer have announced the introduction of the P320-M18, the civilian variant of the compact M18 which is the US Marine Corps’s newly adopted sidearm. SIG Sauer recently celebrated successfully shipping 100,000 […]

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The post ...

Essentially the Soviet response to the H&K MP5 covert briefcase, the KGB invented this briefcase in response to a need to covertly carry an AKS74U while guarding high-level dignitaries. Unlike the MP5 briefcase, the AKSU case is designed so that it simply camouflages the rifle in plain sight, allowing a user to easily deploy the […]

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That's a nice sentiment.  The Freebeacon noticing that even super Lefty Dem primary candidates are either avoiding talking about the gun control they want to avoid scaring away voters, or are no longer running because they scared away voters.

But the true test will be how scared Dem majorities in Virginia are.  Will they pass their dream gun control measures?  Pass a watered down version?  Be stopped cold by the minority and constituent outcry which includes their Democrat constituents?

Bloomberg is a little distracted by his Prezzy run in the meantime.  He might not be as much help.

Kamala Harris Out?

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 04:43, Wednesday, 04 December

It appears that the Democrat clown car has gotten a bit lighter in the run-up to next year's election.  It seems that Kamala Harris, the senator rom California has dropped out of the race.  Okay!  I never thought that she had a snowball's chance anyway. 

Lest we forget:  She was running in the Democrat primary.  Republicans wouldn't have had an opportunity to reject her until after she had won the nomination.  This is a Democrat race.  She has been rejected by other like-thinking people.  And yet, the wags reporting on this train wreck of a Democrat primary can't seem to figure out what is happening, because they don't want to spend the energy to actually think.

Sad about Kamala Harris - she didn’t dropped out, she was pushed out by the sexism and racism of our media coverage. She also faced internalization of both in our base that we still need to grapple with.
 — Amy Siskind ?????? (@Amy_Siskind) December 3, 2019
That is lazy analysis.  Harris is out because her message didn't r...

Last month I wrote “Situational Awareness Skills: Lessen Your Chance of Being a Victim.” For part 2 in this series, I’ve included different ways to “stay frosty” – which, in other terms, means watch your back, stay alert and/or be careful.

Sponsored by Springfield Armory


I'd like to see how that went down...

by Tam in View From The Porch at 05:19, Wednesday, 04 December

What could be more Russian than taking a selfie atop a construction crane?

Graffiti tagging a polar bear.

I mean, I imagine that dreary winter days can get crazy stupid boring out in the ass end of Siberia, but I want to know how that went down. Did they just stumble across it while taking a nap and they happened to have the spray paint with them? It's not like you can just ask a bear to hold still and not kill you while you doodle on it.

Expanding the war on guns…

by TPOL Nathan in The Price of Liberty at 05:00, Wednesday, 04 December

Disturbing news out of Virginia in the war on guns front. The Common Sense Show often stretches things just a wee bit, but this might be the real deal.

It isn’t just an infringement on multiple constitutional rights, it is badly written law that offers opportunities to anyone, especially prosecuting attorneys, to make life miserable for gun owners in the Old Dominion.

A change to an existing (and already problematic) law would make it a felony to carry a weapon (openly or concealed) when protesting or just walking down the street, if there is an “intent” to “intimidate” a person or group.

What we have is a bill proposed in the new, more statist than ever, Virginia General Assembly. Senate Bill 64 states in part:

§18.2-433.2. Paramilitary activity prohibited; penalty.

A person shall be is guilty of unlawful paramilitary activ...

Closed on Sunday

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 05:39, Wednesday, 04 December

OK, I’m going to state right up front, that I don’t care for Kanye West. Well, I don’t know the man; I’m just not a big fan of his music. That said, I had to feature one of the songs from his new album, because it is making SJW heads explode. That album is Jesus […]

Tippman’s Half-Scale .22 Rimfire Browning 1917 Machine Gun

by Ian McCollum in Forgotten Weapons at 05:27, Wednesday, 04 December

In 1983, Dennis Tippman formed a company to manufacture half-scale functional replicas of Browning machine guns – the 1919 and 1917 specifically. He built these as both fully automatic and semiautomatic (the semiauto design being approved by ATF in 1984) as new machine guns could still be registered in 1983. They were chambered for .22 LR rimfire ammunition, making then cheap and easy to shoot. In 1985, he added an M2HB replica, also in half scale, chambered for the .22 Magnum cartridge.

Tippman’s guns were excellent replicas of the originals, including accessories like tripods and even a few .22 caliber belt-loading machines. However, when the machine gun registry was closed in 1986, he left the business, selling it to FJ Vollmer. Tippman would move into paintball markers, and the company name is much better know for those today outside of a small community of machine gun enthus...

Tuesday, 03 December


This Little Device

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 19:28, Tuesday, 03 December

We called it a clicker.

More properly called the M75 firing device, it sent an electrical charge down the line to detonate the M18 Claymore mine, a hateful little device beloved of combat soldiers.  With a daisy-chain of claymores stretched across your front, you could create angst and anguish among those bold enough to cause problems in the wire.

Whether Infantry, Armor, Cavalry, artillery, or any of a host of other specialties the clicker is beloved of soldiers.

Of course, if you were walking the line, you learned to put this little device in your pocket, lest Private Snuffy got spooked an...

Smith & Wesson’s Website Hit with Magecart

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 19:26, Tuesday, 03 December

It happens to a lot of companies, but even so, I want to be extra pissed. Smith & Wesson Web Site Hacked to Steal Customer Payment Info. Gun manufacturers are going to be a target of a lot of people. American gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson’s online store has been compromised by attackers who have […]


She's part beaver!

by Murphy's Law in Lagniappe's Lair at 18:11, Tuesday, 03 December

So the other night was a very good night...such that I got home about 9:30 the next morning. And although I'd texted my neighbor and asked her to let the dogs out, she never saw the text, so I came home to this:

The entire molding strip next to the back door had been ripped right off the wall. Teeth marks were at a level consistent with one Merida.

Accountability in the Chicago PD?

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 18:34, Tuesday, 03 December

Who’d a thunk it? Chicago police commander who had underlings babysit son is demoted by interim Superintendent Charlie Beck. Superintendent Eddie “Special Ed” Johnson was fired for lying to Da Mayor (and the people) about an incident where he passed out behind the wheel of his SUV. And just like that, the dominoes start to […]

Know Your Scope to Know Your D.O.P.E.

by Marcus Hom in The Firearm Blog at 17:00, Tuesday, 03 December

When I teach people about precision rifle shooting I like to explain the rifle is a tool, while the scope is a ruggedized precision instrument.  Each click of the turret only moves the erector assembly about 7/10 of a thousandth (.0007) of an inch. For perspective, a typical sheet of printer paper is 3 thousandths […]

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POTD: Australian Commando Soldiers

by Eric B in The Firearm Blog at 16:30, Tuesday, 03 December

Photo Of the Day – Above you can see Australian Army soldiers from the 2nd Commando Regiment prepare as they fly to a mission in a 6th Aviation Regiment Black Hawk helicopter at Holsworthy Barracks, New South Wales, during counter-terrorism training in May 2019. Below: Here’s a good look at the equipment worn by an […]

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TFB Round Table: The BEST 9mm PCC Rounds for Competition

by Adam Scepaniak in The Firearm Blog at 16:00, Tuesday, 03 December

9mm pccWelcome back to another edition of TFB’s Round Table sponsored by Ammunition To Go! For those who are first joining us, this is a multi-part series where TFB will discuss the characteristics of great ammunition for specific applications. This could vary from big game hunting, plinking, precision rifle matches, small game hunting, or even pistol competitions. Chances are there is someone here at TFB who can offer you […]

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The post ...


NSSF, NRA and supposedly “pro-gun” Republicans are actually undermining one of the key tenets for refuting disarmament laws by advancing the wrongheaded premise that “good gun control,” works, and is a legitimate and effective response. So, the kind they approve of is fine, but if Gabby Giffords and Shannon Watts want it, it’s time for another “sky is falling” fundraising email? [More]
They’re encouraging everybody to not only think that “gun control” works but to think this is about “crime control,” not citizen control...

Yazidi Woman Faces Down Man Who Raped Her When She Was 14

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 12:22, Tuesday, 03 December

No Justice for the Yazidi. Well, maybe a teaspoon’s worth. ‘Do you have feelings? Do you have any honour?’ Powerful moment a brave Yazidi former sex slave confronts the sobbing ISIS rapist who attacked her when she was just 14-years-old while he hangs his head in shame. However, she revealed last year that her slaver […]

What Is Behind Washington’s Concealed Carry Climb?

by Dave Workman in Liberty Park Press at 13:17, Tuesday, 03 December



A reminder

by Joe in The View From North Central Idaho at 10:05, Tuesday, 03 December

Rapid Response

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:12, Tuesday, 03 December

Teachers and staff also reacted quickly as students hunkered down. [More

And the "adults" entrusted with their care did what? Soiled themselves?

[Via Mike F]

The Exception to the Rule

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:01, Tuesday, 03 December

Legal Immigrant Launches Recall Petition Against Gavin Newsom [More]
Yes, 70% Democrat presupposes 30% are not.

My consistent position has been that all delegated government actions must advance the purposes and scope of the preamble. If allowing this or that individual in is determined to do that, welcome.

Why else would I laud this guy?

It depends upon what the meaning of the word "rigorous" is.

And Dr. Veltmeyer sounds more American than 90+% of "native Californians."


Larner has now been added to a terrorist watchlist know as Britain’s “Prevent” program after fears he could become an anti-Islam extremist, the Sun reported Monday. [More]

Well, at least they're not all haters...


Booby Prize

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 11:05, Tuesday, 03 December

Maine man dies after being shot by his own booby trap [More]
Pretty much literally hoist with his own petard...

[Via bondmen...

ICE Catches Alleged Child Sexual Predator Repeatedly Released By Philadelphia Police [More

I wonder if Jim Kenney did a song and dance on those releases...?

And now it's the taxpayers' turn to get abused.

[Via ...

Another lawsuit alleges prison therapist abused inmates [More]

Why the surprise? He told everybody he's the...rapist.

[Via ...
London Bridge hero with narwhal tusk...[More]
Who's got a Latin translation for "Any narwhal tusk in a bridge fight"?

He's lucky he didn't try that here.


Chicago mayor fires city's top cop for 'intolerable' actions and misleading the public [More]

I just realized I neglected to mention this when I posted this.


The Littlest Bigot

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:58, Tuesday, 03 December

Michael Bloomberg’s Anti-Minority Campaign [More

Tell me about it.

Just don't tell Stephanie.

[Via Mack H]

Chinese citizens must now scan their faces to access the internet or get a phone number [More]

There's always the Perseus workaround...

Baking Up a Storm

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 10:10, Tuesday, 03 December

Gibson’s Bakery alleges Cleveland media collaborating with Oberlin College to unseal store clerk’s Facebook records [More]

Well if they weren't racists, those students wouldn't have shoplifted from them. Duh.

Or is holding that opinion along with lower expectations of moral conduct the truly racist and elitist one?

[Via Micha...

First They Came for the Statues

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 09:47, Tuesday, 03 December

Triggered by the slave-owning past of George Washington and Robert E. Lee, a group of Washington & Lee University law students are clamoring for the option of being awarded diplomas stripped of the portraits of the university’s namesakes [More]
That didn't occur to them when they were applying to schools? It seems a bit like complaining about the meal after it's been eaten and the check has been presented.

It does make it fair to wonder how many of the whiners knew they couldn't pay going in.

That they are "law students" at this school is the most significant part of this story.

Many have chosen the 9mm PPQ as their competition or home defense gun. And for good reason. Everyone’s heard about the Walther PPQ and its exceptional trigger. But what a treat to check out the Walther PPQ M2 Q4 TAC! There is SO much to say about this beauty, so let me get started. 

Cautiously Pessimistic

by Carl Bussjaeger in The Zelman Partisans at 11:46, Tuesday, 03 December

Direct marketeer Alan Gottlieb is cautiously optimistic “that the U.S. Supreme Court will “step up to the plate” and expand further on the right to keep and bear arms that is protected by the Second Amendment in the case of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. City of New York.” I’m not. And when Gottlieb says things are good, you know it’s gonna hit the fan.

Post-Heller and McDonald, the Supreme Court has been AWOL on the Second Amendment. Many people thought that would change with the appointments of Gorsuch and Kavanaugh allegedly giving the Court a “conservative” majority. How they figure that with “It’s not a fee, it’s a tax” Roberts beats the heck out of me.

We had a chance to test that theory with the bump stock ban. And they rejected a temporary stay of enforcement. Twice.

Slow learners thought that SCOTUS grant...

it could actually mean that, and we promise this won't be abused, so you really shouldn't hear this case."
NYeffingCity, and all their little friends like Watts, really don't want the Supremes to hear this because it would almost certainly cut into their 'screw with any of those peasants who want a gun' space.  Like this:
Dearing assured the justices that the NYPD would not look askance at "reasonably necessary" stops for coffee, gas, or bladder relief, prompting Gorsuch to wonder, "Is coffee reasonably necessary?" While that remark prompted laughter, Gorsuch emphasized his point: "What's going to qualify? I'm just a little unclear about that."
Sure.  This is the NYPD that, for years, arrested people on a bullshit 'gravity knife' law.  If you believe they wouldn't do everything they could to arrest people(and yank their license) for this, you're an idiot.

Pay careful attention to the second paragraph here:

Hogue’s Legion Tomahawk – First Impressions

by Matt E in The Firearm Blog at 11:00, Tuesday, 03 December

Last week, Hogue came out with their Legion series line of knives and tomahawks. Hogue has been making knives for SIG over the last few years but now they have extended into the Legion series with several offerings in different blade styles and lengths. I was one of the lucky few to receive an early […]

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AR500 Armor Introduces MILITIA Steel Ballistic Helmet

by Hrachya H in The Firearm Blog at 10:00, Tuesday, 03 December

AR500 Armor Militia Helmet Steel Helmet (1)AR500 Armor, the company mostly known for making steel body armor and targets, is entering the helmet market. Being specialized in manufacturing products from high strength steel alloys, they have designed a steel ballistic helmet called Militia Helmet. This is a rather unique product on the market dominated by helmets made of composite materials. Although […]

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Quote of the day—Josh Horwitz

by Joe in The View From North Central Idaho at 06:00, Tuesday, 03 December

As I said this morning, the gun lobby has told us for years that guns will keep us free. That simply is not true. The reality is that gun violence confines where we go, how we worship, what we do, and how we live.

Guns do not make us free — they bring death, violence, and injustice. 

Josh Horwitz
December 2, 2019
[Tell that to the people of Cambodia, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hong Kong, North Korea, Poland, Venezuela, and probably dozens of other countries where tyrannical governments inflicted death, violence, and injustice upon their own citizens.

But Horwitz interest in the the facts only extends to the point he can conceal and ignore them in an effort to further his agenda.—Joe]

Conclusions and Relevance  Low-strength evidence suggests that smoking marijuana is associated with developing TGCT; its association with other cancers and the consequences of higher levels of use are unclear. Long-term studies in marijuana-only smokers would improve understanding of marijuana’s association with lung, oral, and other cancers.
TGCT: testicular germ cell tumor....

The 2nd volume of my short fiction collection–and the greatest cover in the history of all books–is out today!  Stories from MHI, Grimnoir, Saga of the Forgotten Warrior, Aliens, Predator, Joe Ledger, and more!

Yes. That is my wife.  🙂

And while you are there, I also have a story in the new Freehold Resistance anthology.  When a planet that has a professional duelist association is taken over by...

Lots of Guns

by Pawpaw in PawPaw's House at 07:05, Tuesday, 03 December

It wasn't a record, but Americans bought a lot of guns on Black Friday.

USA Today reported that, in total, the FBI states they fielded 202,465 requests during the 24-hour period associated with Black Friday, just under the prior record of 203,086.
Not bad.  I was traveling last Friday and didn't get a chance to look at any guns  With the proliferation of internet sales (all perfectly legal through an FFL) I wonder what the total will be for gun trade.  I see emails from some of my favorite merchants that they are still giving cyber deals.

It's enough to give a liberal the willies.

Hat tip to Termite.

The Keystone Issue

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 08:49, Tuesday, 03 December

Abortion, tax policy, deregulation, gun rights, judicial activism … all are critical to maintaining the United States as the type of place where the most people can have the highest quality of life. But if we allow Democrats to succeed in filling our country with people predisposed to vote for big government, over time and election cycles it simply won’t be possible to win on any other issue. [More]


I'm still waiting for a challenger.



A Texas Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer is accused of murdering his wife in a shooting on Thanksgiving evening, in front of their two children. [More]

Don't they give these people background checks before they hire them?

[Via ...


by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 08:17, Tuesday, 03 December

Takeaway from #LondonBridge incident: If law-abiding Londoners could carry firearms legally, it probably wouldn't have happened. Amazing how bold the terrorists are when they know their victims will be unarmed. [More]
The near-universal pile-on was predictable. The sheltered, self-proclaimed superior intellects engaging in it with short-term statistics seem oblivious to Europe being genocidal killing fields twice within the life spans of people still with us. Those who do recall apparently believe that will never be repeated.

Unless we have somehow stepped outside of history, we ain't seen nothin' yet.


Climate Underground

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:57, Tuesday, 03 December

[More]Yeah, good luck protesting against the collectivist violence monopoly you're enabling.

Then again, he is calling for "1960's level activism"...

Do the Math

by David Codrea in The War on Guns at 07:51, Tuesday, 03 December

The Surprisingly Solid Mathematical Case of the Tin Foil Hat Gun Prepper - Or, “Who Needs an AR-15 Anyway?” [More]

Y'know, in all the decades I've owned fire extinguishers, I've never once even come close to having to use one.

[Right click/new tab]Yeah, back Rubio's Intolerable Act.  I'm sure the grade will remain.

Republicans do this because gun owners reward them for it.

A veteran Virginia Beach police officer was shot in the eye with a Taser probe two years ago while helping teach a class on the proper way to use the stun gun. [More]

If they train like this, I'd love to see the number on their "Days without an accident" sign.


Let me translate that for you, Scooter

by Borepatch in Borepatch at 07:18, Tuesday, 03 December

Trump’s Second Term

by JDZ in Never Yet Melted at 08:50, Tuesday, 03 December

HT: Vanderleun.

Romance Novel For Older Women

by JDZ in Never Yet Melted at 08:47, Tuesday, 03 December

God’s in a Bad Mood

by JDZ in Never Yet Melted at 08:45, Tuesday, 03 December

Down and Out in the Bay Area

by JDZ in Never Yet Melted at 07:37, Tuesday, 03 December

Wes Enzinna, in Harper’s, describes the bizarre fringe existence of a millennial bourgeois Bohemian trying to find living space in ever-so-rich, ever-so-f*cked-up Bay Area California.

[T]he year of the Ghost Ship fire, I lived in a shack. I’d found the place just as September’s Indian summer was giving way to a wet October. There was no plumbing or running water to wash my hands or brush my teeth before sleep. Electricity came from an extension cord that snaked through a yard of coyote mint and monkey flower and up into a hole I’d drilled in my floorboards. The structure was smaller than a cell at San Quen...

Breakdown of Order in Baltimore and Chicago

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 08:52, Tuesday, 03 December

So this all started because I was embroiled in a discussion about the general breakdown of order. Looking into the situation in both Chicago and Baltimore, is disheartening. Crime rates are approaching or surpassing levels only seen in failed states, or states still dealing with the after effects of civil war. So maybe our inner-cities […]

A Failure of the Victim-selection Process

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 06:19, Tuesday, 03 December

He thought breaking into a home was a fine idea. He was wrong. Graham man shot during attempted break-in. An investigation revealed that Tristan Antonio Chavez, 22, of Stockard Road, tried to gain access into the home by “beating and kicking the door,” officials said. The homewoner confronted Chavez, and a brief struggle occurred. After […]

Oh, Those Lovable Socialists And Their Interment Camps

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 05:59, Tuesday, 03 December

The names change, but the strategies remain the same. NorCal City Asks Permission to Essentially Incarcerate Homeless Population. So there are a lot of homeless people in California. (It is impossible to build affordable housing, and government programs to do so are just scams.) So the mayor of Redding, California wants to lock people up, […]

Speaking of narwhals

by SayUncle in SayUncle at 03:39, Tuesday, 03 December

Out of curiosity, I looked it up and those tusks are expensive.

Making the switch (continued)

by SayUncle in SayUncle at 02:44, Tuesday, 03 December

I avoid public ranges. However, the weather wasn’t cooperating all week and I had to go shoot the Zev. The range was replete with all the stereotypes. To my right, two older fellas sharing a lane and their groups with their 1911s looked like someone was patterning a shot gun. To my left, some guy who had the tactical look was teaching a young lady how to shoot and encouraging her to get the 1911 instead of a black plastic people popper. Sadly, I left my phone in the truck so no pictures. But after my first mag, the lady to the left said “he can shoot”. Seems its a rare tack that a group looks like one hole (though I had a few flyers).

As to the gun, I purchased an additional frame sized like a G19 for carry. Put it on the gun and went shooting:



by SayUncle in SayUncle at 02:35, Tuesday, 03 December

In VA, there is a bill proposed that, effectively, would ban firearms training:

A person is guilty of unlawful paramilitary activity, punishable as a Class 5 felony if he: 1. Teaches or demonstrates to any other person the use, application, or making of any firearm, explosive, or incendiary device, or technique capable of causing injury or death to persons, knowing or having reason to know or intending that such training will be employed for use in, or in furtherance of, a civil disorder

This goes beyond your average ordinary gun control pipe dreams and is a shot at the culture and education about firearms.

Update: Via Tam and in comments, the third paragraph is new and this seems to target open carry protesters. Here’s the text of the bill.

Darwin got his

by SayUncle in SayUncle at 02:32, Tuesday, 03 December

Booby traps are stupid and illegal.

Where Great Britain Used To Be

by SayUncle in SayUncle at 02:30, Tuesday, 03 December

Self defense and its tools are effectively banned in the UK. So, when a sudden case of Jihad syndrome broke out, a local man grabbed a narwhal tusk from the local fishmonger and got to fighting the terrorist. Also, another guy used a fire extinguisher.

Hats off to you, sir. However, your life would have been so much easier if you weren’t forbidden from owning real self defense tools.

New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. City of New York

by SayUncle in SayUncle at 02:26, Tuesday, 03 December

Yesterday was a fairly big day for gun rights at the Supreme Court. You can read a transcript of oral arguments here.

The Second Amendment Foundation is cautiously optimistic about the case.

Gun Porn

by SayUncle in SayUncle at 02:19, Tuesday, 03 December

H undh K had a history of telling the civilian market to pound sand. That’s changed recently with a host of handguns and, now, a civilian MP5.

Geissele Special Agent Line of Products 660During one of their latest live streams, Bill Geissele, the founder of Geissele Automatics, announced the launch of a new product line called Special Agent. As its name implies, the parts and accessories included in this line are exactly the ones used by the FBI. If you visit the company’s website, you’ll see that these […]

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Bear Necessities: Black Bear Attack Stopped with .45 ACP

by Luke C. in The Firearm Blog at 07:00, Tuesday, 03 December

Black Bear AttackOn Thursday night, 7 November 2019 a little after 11 p.m., at the Motel 6 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Greg Sapp was on the walkway outside his motel room on the second floor. He did not know he would be defending himself from a black bear attack in mere moments. The bear in question encountered Greg […]

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XTech Tactical Releases the Sensor Activated SMART LASER

by Luke C. in The Firearm Blog at 06:00, Tuesday, 03 December

XTech Smart LaserOriginally slated to release in April of 2019, the XTech Tactical Smart Laser has finally been fully developed and is ready to ship. The two-year-long development process has produced the ultimate home defense pistol accessory. The XTech Smart Laser light/laser combo features both a green laser and a 185 lumen LED light combination intended for […]

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What a Booby

by New Jovian Thunderbolt in New Jovian Thunderbolt at 03:30, Tuesday, 03 December

Tam is going on about booby traps, and she is right.  Not a good idea.  Not even after the Zombacalypse.

Dude named Cyr (what a great name.  Cyr.  such a waste.) set up a pistol to shoot when a door was opened.  Ick.  Sick bastard.  Well, maybe familiarity bred some contempt on what might be a nigh branchless family tree, but Cyr got hoisted by his own petard.  In the closest thing you will see to a petard these days.

And this got me thinking...  what would make a good booby trap?

Now don't you finish this blog post and head on down to Home Depot for supplies.  Even the best one is an awful idea.

Trap-door, that YOU trigger, so when someone breaks into the front door, so bad guy rolls down to the basement Bond-villain style?  Maybe.  Maybe bad guy breaks his neck in the fall, too.  You HAVE improved on Cyr in that you triggered the trap.   It w...

Joella Bates is a standout in the world of archery. She recently appeared in my neck of the woods for one of her famous JoCamps, an archery camp tailored to her audience – whether it’s for kids in the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP), women looking to learn to bowhunt, hunters wanting to hone bear-hunting skills, or any multitude of other reasons. This camp was tailored to a local NASP team in Mountain Grove, Missouri.


On November 5th, control of both the House and Senate of the Virginia General Assembly flipped to Democrat control. The Virginia Democrats owe a huge debt to Michael Bloomberg for the millions he poured into the state, and they are returning the favor by pushing extreme, unconstitutional infringements on gun owners. They should have done […]

Climate branding news

by TPOL Nathan in The Price of Liberty at 05:00, Tuesday, 03 December

I understand that “manmade climate change” and “manmade global warming” are being put to rest by the media and the environists.

The new phrase is “global meltdown.”

It is a neat term – “meltdown,” that is. I don’t know if it originated with the nuclear industry or not. It is used to describe a catastrophic failure of a nuclear reactor which runs away – where the chain reaction is uncontrolled.  Not to the point of a nuclear detonation, but to the point of melting the steel, concrete, and other materials which encapsulate and support the reactor. So that the nuclear fuel melts the entire thing down like a soft candle, but one which can take the candlestick or dish with it!

Meltdown implies something that is manmade, but uncontrollable, and is most often used to speak of people who are emotionally devastated and unable to control themselves and their response. Meltdowns are what fragile, emotional, people have – people under great stress caused by other humans. I guess it fits their...

Fake News Gets You Fired?

by Zendo Deb in 357 Magnum at 05:39, Tuesday, 03 December

I thought fake news got you a promotion. She must not have gotten the memo on “keep it believable.” ‘Journalist’ Who Wrote Trump Thanksgiving Lie Fired. “President Donald Trump has been spending his Thanksgiving holidays at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, which he calls the ‘winter White House,’ and this year is no […]

Valkyrie Arms Semiauto M3A1 Grease Gun

by Ian McCollum in Forgotten Weapons at 05:27, Tuesday, 03 December

Valkyrie Arms was formed in 1993 to produce semiautomatic copies of classic military machine guns, and in 2004 they introduced a semiauto M3A1 “Grease Gun”. The M3 and M3A1 are particularly rare guns as registered full autos, and no other semiauto copy has been made, as parts kits are also quite rare, and the stamped construction does not lend itself to economical small-scale production. Valkyrie’s solution to this was to not copy the original production methods, and instead build the guns from a tube and a milled aluminum lower block. This lower blocks contains an AR15 trigger assembly, and the finished gun is closed-bolt and hammer fired. A few original parts were sourced for the project; the magazine release, ejection port cover (modified), and stocks – as well as using standard original magazines.

Monday, 02 December


15 Minutes and a Search Engine

by ASM826 in Borepatch at 20:28, Monday, 02 December

We all know people like this. There was that kid in high school who had to lie to make himself feel cool. He lied about his exploits with his dates, or his car, or how much money he had. The guys that pin on medals they didn't earn are like this. They want to be heroes without the price.

Elizabeth Warren is like this. On simple things, where the truth wouldn't be better or worse, like her ethnicity, she lies. On things that are easily verifiable, where lying can only backfire, she can't help it.  When she was talking about education, she denied that her children went to private school. Because her platform is opposed to charter schools and school choice, she said her kids went to public schools.

Except, her son didn't. For six years, from 6th grade through 12th, he attended the Haverford School. Looks like an excellent school. Their vision and mission statements are lofty. One thing it is not, however, is a public school. Tuition is $39,500 a year.

Every President politician lies. Every one. In today's environment, what I am asking for is a Presidential candidate that is sm...


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